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Her headband shone across the sea of students in the hallway. He recognised the yellow ribbon and smiled. He pushed his way past the others to see her once again.

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hey manhattan. I remember you. You’re that pretty one, the diamond in the rough. I can’t afford to love you, you flashy little thing. just promise me you’ll remember our little fling.

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put your books down,
put away your pencils.
what I am teaching requires no thoughts or feelings.
just being.

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its your right!!!! not many people have this privilege, so no matter what your color or party, participate. you can’t afford not to.

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it is what most people suffer from. they see with their human eyes instead of their soul’s “third eye”. they think seeing is visual but it is physical. learn to see with your soul, which is simply feeling and letting go…

when will we learn that there is so much more than meets the eye

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Lights flashed incessantly as the tragedy unfolded in front of expensive video equipment that fed hungry networks across the nation. Someone’s worst day had turned into a spectacle for all to watch, as greedy reporters gossiped into their microphones. When cameras stopped rolling all they could think about was their next exploitable story.

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They met while she was on R&R, he showed her around town and soon enough he thought she was the one. but little did he know, that was her specialty. last he heard she still travelling the world, breaking hearts. and she never once lost her luggage

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I handed him the money under the table, he’s provided my entertainment for the night. I don’t plan on existing for much longer; this is my life in shorthand

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no matter how hard i try i can’t seem to find the right lyrics for this beautiful beat. i don’t want another one-hit wonder, oh no darling. i want the type of song you’ll play at your wedding, and no less.

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Memories of us, they haunt me every night when I’m thinking and vulnerable. I wish it could have been better for the both of us, rather than just better for you. Not that I don’t care; I just wish you’d have given as much of your heart as I gave you. Either way, we’d still have gone our own ways

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In the winter cold weather he grabbed her hand for warmth but was struck with the iciness of her gold charms dangling from her wrist. He couldn’t hold on for long

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long, smooth legs emerged from the water and she ran her wet fingers down her hairless, honey-like skin. She glared at him through the peaks of bubbles and even from across the bathroom he could tell that she was thinking about him in that way. her feet lowered beneath the surface, and with a flick of her ankle she splashed him with the first of her intensions…

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“But I dont want to” she murmured. The director glared at her,
“You want to be famous, don’t you?” he challenged
“Yes” she mumbled
“Then the show must go on!”

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The little brats ran around everywhere. How am I ever gonna get used to this? I frowned as I looked at my mother, the biggest smile spread upon her face beaming more than ever.

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too cold. too hard. it will kill me if i let it. but if I don’t… if i stay inside, and just watch it from the window… then it becomes beautiful. it is most beautiful as it melts drip drip drip drip, glistening, and parts of it slither down to the ground and somehow it makes a spring. somehow the grass beneath it grows. but i cannot forget. it is sharp. it is cold. and it will kill me if i let it.

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tables chairs kids study eat play clay pillow bed food i dont know what to say college happy friends, life complicated family problems teen drama computer cellphone money i want to be a journalist or a news achor someday i love my family even though we fight i dont what

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i what i feel when i think about you and her. its what i feel right now since i didn’t make the dean’s list. is a common trait amongst good people. is a bitter learning tool. is never a bad thing.

» Posted By Julienne On 12.21.2010 @ 8:54 pm

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