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As she exited the beach house, Rory scanned the ocean view and her eye fixated on the set of footsteps leading to her back steps.

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She looked over her shoulder for perhaps the fortieth time that morning. She could feel his presence like a swarm of invisible flies, hovering, swaying, just out of reach. “Why can’t he find someone else to hassle? What’s so special about me, anyway?,” she muttered. He was her first, and the breakup didn’t go well, but then he got a little scary. Late night phone calls and hangups, scratches of hearts in her car…

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Got any spare change?

A veteran Washington cab driver, grizzled from a long night of out of town arrivals, started his meter on his midnight traveler’s fare and ripped another page off his daily calendar mounted on his dashboard. “January 20th. A day that history will remember. A day I’ll surely remember.”

He ripped January 19th off it’s base with a little victory hum, letting it fall like an autumn leaf on the recently vacuumed cab’s floor. He watched it, thinking how many years he had dreamed of a day when a black man could be as revered and respected as Barack Obama, and given the highest office of power in the nation after his childhood of being spit on and pushed around by whites. Growing up in Alabama, he had seen it all, and had scars on his body that could tell scary stories, stories he promised himself never to repeat to his precious grandbabies as he bounced them on his knee while his daughter made them all supper. Time sure has a funny way of sparing you the details.

“Change,” he whispered to no one in particular, as his last fare stumbled into the hotel lobby. “The glorious sun is rising. Time for a new day. Yes sir.”

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