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Even after the holiday.
Even after the wine, and the meat,
And the crispy-flaked, All American
Apple pie;
The uniform.

Like a well-worn leather glove,
Perfectly, impossibly pressed.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 11.13.2017 @ 10:39 pm


Like a rocketship on its way to Mars,
I move at escape velocity,
Ricocheting off of stars
At supersonic speeds –
My contact with them is brief,
Momentary, before I am flung
By my own momentum
Like a child spinning around a flagpole,
Back into the dark, airy blanket of space,
And onward to the next destination.
With such lack of presence,
I am stoic and alone;
Loneliness, however, never sets a foot
Across the threshold of my subconscious,
For it is alive, awakened to the presence
Of that from whence it came;
In these heavens,
My synapses surge as the memories
That had dulled from thunderous existence
Into static blips, unnoticeable,
Return once again to their former state.
I lay amidst the stardust,
My eyelids growing heavy as they prepare to seal
Me into sleep, before the far away lights
Slide out of view, and I disappear.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 11.16.2015 @ 8:19 pm


You were born in Spring
They said
Which is why you always see
The beginnings of the world,
The dawns of the days,
The buds and blossoms
Even amidst a plain of thorny weeds,
Or hiding in the bogs of darkened marshland.
Yours is not the power to command
Yours is not the power of stoic rigidity
Yours is the wind,
The power to dance amidst the storms
That drive others to hide,
Fearful of the thunder and lightning,
The music of the heavens,
That sing of life being poured anew into the Earth,
Whose golden-haired daughter’s naivete
Birthed the autumn drought and winter chill,
Before we had come to know,
Or perhaps recollect,
What beauty truly was.
So dance in the pools of water,
Your shirt, wrapped and clinging to your skin,
Heavy with the Ocean’s tears,
Happy, sad, and bittersweet,
And celebrate the recollection of unity
As his wisdom seeps from your vision
Landing lightly on your lips,
Drawing others, enveloped in the creation and upholding
Of the elements they claim opposed,
When they are but linked,
Into the clear vision of your direction,
Reminding them of the beauty
That fills the cracks
Which hold their focus,
If only they cease, and take a closer look.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 11.14.2015 @ 11:57 pm


Staunch as an automaton, with all
The intelligence of someone truly living,
You stood among the ranks,
Serving as you best could,
For reasons only you could justify at the time,
Searching for your path among the thousands
That would or had lay down their lives
In the only way we’ve yet to accept
As a valid means of standing in support
Of an icon that we blindly hold in glory,
Discounting opposition,
Whilst shunning those who might
Stand firm against the very vices
We would address and shun if held
Or displayed by others.
Was it merely survival mechanism
That let you wrap your thoughtful mind
Within the boundaries of your heart,
Such that neither functioned,
Such that you might act upon the word
Of one who lived to fight another day,
Using hands other than their own,
Directing bodies in the games of chess
Played with living pawns
Who might survive the journey,
Cross the board,
And themselves become
A coveted king?

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 11.14.2015 @ 12:11 am


Here, in the fleeting moments of now,
Having collected the debris of time gone by,
I stand, gazing at the reflection of one
Who is not who I was or am or will
Be again in the pool of eternity.
Within me, the cracks of darkness expand
Outward from their core,
Structuring the illusion of a presence
With soldered fragments the past
Has only had time to collect and hand off
Before Time has come
And demanded new beginning.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 10.22.2015 @ 6:08 pm


And there upon the lands they formed
Four walls, and gates that proudly stood,
Claiming: “This land is ours, secured
Under the sacrament of He who lives
On high. But by and by
They blindly found themselves
In want of food, for all they grew was coin,
And to the ones who lived without made plea
That they might share with them their own bounty.
Not through penitent kindness did they share,
Those dubbed godless, savage, uncivilized,
But out of simple humanity, long forgotten
In the tides that separated old from new,
Natural bronze from crafted steel.
Yet to no such avail, this kindness given,
But treated apprehensively, as guile.
Retribution was all but undeserved
In the minds of those who quickly, having fed,
Thought best the hand that fed them to be dead.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 12.11.2014 @ 12:29 am


Along the sand
The imprint of your footprints
Still remains,
Buried like the treasures of the dune,
Visible only to those
Who take the time
To expand their sight
From the day to day,
And notice:
One so beautiful as you,
One so lightly treading the sand,
Impacting the earth gently,
Tracing steps that have been
Walked before,
Parallel perpendiculars,
Themselves visible
Only to those
Who take the time
To remember,
One other,
One another.
As the ocean gently
Casts its tendrils about
Your echo,
Implanting your footprints
Into the memory of the earth,
Lips mnemonically turn upright,
Somewhere, tears flow
Meeting smiles espoused
From loving memories,
Implanting remembrance
Of all the joys
Of the days spent,
The hours walked,
The eternities passed,
When we strolled along in happy company,
Implanting footprints on the beach.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 10.02.2014 @ 11:11 pm


Earnestly, I used to be
Surrounded completely,
Encompassed in a way I only
Ever though possible within
The boundaries of storybooks.
You looked and watched,
But never judged, ever
Being a second sight for me,
A pair of eyes when mine
Would frolic about the world
In their frivolous fashion,
An extra hop in my step
When my legs would
Have normally tripped
Over themselves,
A voice in the back
Of my head reminding me
Not to lose patience;
I had nowhere to truly be,
Nowhere I needed to go;
Reminding me that all
I had to do, was nothing,
For that was all
Any of us
Could ever hope
To truly amount to,
At the time
Of the dust.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 09.19.2014 @ 10:48 pm


Surrounding, a cluster of trees,
Fat from the feast that lay beneath their roots,
Perpetuating the cycle of life:
Sustained, they grow,
Sustained, they sustain,
Conscious or unconscious,
Who can tell?
In their limited view, they possess the wisdom
To ever continue to reach for the heavens,
Which in turn allows those that lie
Beneath them, waking or otherwise,
To do the same.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 09.17.2014 @ 7:07 pm


Indifference, perhaps,
Or anger at an event;
Sadness makes its appearance another way,
Biting the lip, tracing
A line from one end of the cheek to the other,
Extending the blinds to allow the rain in,
In hopes to wash away itself,
Leaving only the bitter sting of memory
Branded by loss,
An sharp yet subtle, icy throb
Against the presently revised
Moments of living history,
Shivering faintly on the surface of the grey
Matter of the brain.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 09.17.2014 @ 1:17 am


Eyeing the world with a careful look of estimation,
She welcomes the unusual, the strange, the uncommon,
Recognizing not out of familiarity,
But out knowing
That we are all familiar
With the unfamiliar,
A truth unlimited to access
If only we stop evaluating selfishly,
And examine the world acutely
From a different angle.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 09.14.2014 @ 8:39 pm


anger looms within
the son of a bitter selfishness
of opinion of the world
of personas that flit and scurry
about with an air of importance
of knowing of the self
saturating the linings
of the chords of the heart
it festers escapes through
the flush the sweat the voice
the silence the thoughts
recollecting understanding
of the other
of existence
of the universe
it coalesces chemically
bonding with the tie that binds
all life to one
releasing itself in droplets
echoing the spray
of the ocean waves
as they crash against each other
each attempting to follow the sway of the moon

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 09.13.2014 @ 9:25 pm


Play me your jingle-jangling sound,
Kick up your feet in an upbeat jig,
That I may throw my cares away,
And twirl all around
The stage, while life courses throughout the day;
Serve me a cup of love, a swig
Of laughter chased by a shot of tears,
That I may live the memories
Of our past present, pleasant years;
Tell me not that our dates are brief,
In ye old Bardic style,
Too well I know how true that truth –
It lingers in my broken smile
That struggles now to keep upright
And stay aglow amidst the gloom,
Now night has come, and brief day passed;
Come, dance with me, as if we were,
In the silent comfort of our room;
Lively, messy, all our own,
Come know that this won’t be the last
Our happiness is known;
Come realize, even apart,
The heart remembers well,
Don’t mourn the ending, love the start,
Your journey is still to tell.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 09.11.2014 @ 1:51 pm


In the winters of California,
Summer clings to the air,
Gesturing welcome to the illusion
Of the tropics.
Blindly, the citizens and natives,
Forgetting the past,
Cold and wet,
Welcome the lack of rain,
Fancying themselves fortunate
To avoid the troubles of snow
Before traveling to the peaks
Armed with heavy coats
And expertly crafted and reinforced
Sheets of wood,
Usable only in the climate they love
To love the pleasures of.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 09.08.2014 @ 10:29 pm


Around the feet, a littering
Of polyhedral pyramids,
The remnants of a game eroded
By time and fortune;
They were not formed by their
Possessors, but claimed
In ancient times,
Themselves ruins,
Desert, barren, empty,
Haunted by nothing more than
The memories of the spirits
That once roamed their catacombs
In their attempt to reclaim humanity.
Now, only the long repeated
Echoes of their wails
Leave faint traces of existence
Tickling the inner ear
Of those that might heed their wisdom.
Watch your step.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 09.06.2014 @ 11:28 pm


To err is human,
To forgive divine,
To take a sign of nature’s call,
But charity
Will see the key
To creating peace for all.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 08.31.2014 @ 11:53 pm


After the hectic day, he fled the scene, drinking whiskey colored the same as the band worn around his finger, itself not a perfect fit, but one he’d compromised himself with.

Was it worth it in the end?

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 08.29.2014 @ 8:54 pm


I’m quite impressed by modesty, in this world of personal exultation. Not the passive-aggressive “I’m-doing-this-because-I-know-it-will-garner-me-attention-in-that-special-way” fashion, but in the true expression of it, which outlines only the greatest level of desire to encompass compassion for and understanding of what lies beyond the self, a realized ego, that can look past its own basal desires and discover the potential glimmering beneath the glistering surface.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 08.29.2014 @ 12:06 am


Crossing the path through the underbrush, he came upon a clearing unlike none he had ever seen, and only, indeed, heard about in the folk tales murmured and muddled by the village over time.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 08.27.2014 @ 12:11 am


Hurricane force hurls
Bodies resisting in vain

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 08.25.2014 @ 7:03 pm


For sale:
One ring. Embossed silver, embedded with diamonds around the rim, a sapphire (his favorite) set in its center.

Never worn.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 08.24.2014 @ 8:21 pm


Even though an adult
Still treated as if a child
So why change doctors?

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 08.24.2014 @ 9:28 am


On starry nights, such as those Keats would see,
I often find my gaze drift to the sky
And wonder at the sights within contained.
I lack the love he longed for in his dreams,
Begged evermore to have against his side,
And yet I know the love of which he sings,
The tunes which spurn through all his vast attempts
At greatness, on through songs in his own verse.
Bright star, you have your place among the kings
Of love: they who rebuked you with terse
Temperaments, believing their own poesy
The best, the tried, the true. And yet it seems
They were the ones lacking in loves claimed
Possessed, as all who might others deride.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 08.21.2014 @ 4:03 pm


Izzflat Mestafiz Romulaxofice
Tawdairy wronurite Constampolofis
Iffyu andiffme canse ewutz isthair
Purqoise megoise tofloase inaire

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 03.02.2014 @ 10:19 pm


He was a proper gentleman, not only possessing an impressively keen aesthetic sense and charismatic nature, but a caring heart. He, unlike other self-titled gentlemen, realized all that had led him to his fortunes, chance and choices alike, and accepted the duty of supporting those that had unwittingly, unconsciously supported him without asking anything in return.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 12.30.2013 @ 10:59 am


By assuming assumptions are rightly correct,
You fail to examine the world circumspect,
Blinding yourself to the truths that you seek
That exist in the real you believe to be bleak.
Beauty is blinding; we’ve fallen in love
With the unreal reality that has served to prove
How easy it is for us to be fooled:
We need only stop thinking, to be easily ruled.
So open your ears and your eyes and your heart,
And hear things unsaid, see things set apart
In the corners of rooms that claim truth to reside
But allow, in bright light, dark shadows to hide.
Reach out to the truth, pursue your true being
Past the who that society wants you to be seeing,
You’ll realize when you do,
There are more just like you,
And that you now have the key
To the hearts that need freeing.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 12.27.2013 @ 2:18 pm


At post, the colonel greets his men,
A drear look in his eye.
The trumpet sounds a revelry.
Before the sun has touched the sky,
The soldiers under his command
Have circled all the base around,
Glowing with the sweat of their own heat,
Following the learned path without a sound,
Save for the rhythmic beat of their own feet.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 12.11.2013 @ 4:25 pm


Through a pinprick in the wall
I see a light to the outside,
A brightness blinding.
And yet, there’s comfort in the dark.
This glimpse of truth might be enough,
Without the maddening understanding
Of the central “Truth” that threatens to invade
As my fingers probe the concave
Aperture, curiouser and curiouser.
The light connects,
And senses flood my mind,
Capturing past, present, and future histories,
As I course through infinities
In time and space,
Breathable, living, for now I understand
The bond that connects us
Is the darkness, lying
In steady wait amidst the infinitesimal
Cosmos between the particles we
Call self, awaiting to be realized,
And finally free at last.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 12.13.2013 @ 1:06 am


One step at a time,
One breath, one motion,
One beat, one drive,
One body, one notion,
One dream, one wave,
One dance to revive,
One path, one pave,
One chance to be alive.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 07.01.2013 @ 8:59 am


Ninety-nine were once let go,
Demonstrating folly
Of the silent war and wall of stone,
Puppetmastering all. We
Now release our own legion
Of colors multitudinous,
To reflect the barriers now gone,
Towards the goal that yet awaits us.

» Posted By Julian Christopher Geritz On 06.29.2013 @ 8:23 am

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