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I’m afraid of college. As much as I want to run towards it, it seems as if my heart or my head or my something is constantly pulling me in the opposite direction. I’m afraid of change, of everything being new and different. Of me being the new and the different instead of the old and the confident. New beginnings are so bittersweet.

» Posted By Julia M On 09.23.2012 @ 11:18 am


Sometimes things are easy, like science, straightforward and simple and logical. Make that rarely. I wish things were like that all of the time, sometimes. But then I have to remind myself of the other half of science. Of its beauty, of its unpredictability and of its truth. Of facing conclusions we don’t always want to face and admitting that we were wrong and that it’s okay to be wrong sometimes.

» Posted By Julia M On 07.05.2012 @ 5:52 pm


Saturday, maybe things will be different. Maybe I’ll wake up today again and last night will have been a dream. Simply my unconsciousness developing new and devious ways to tortue my consciousness, with stories of friends falling in love and me simply not.

» Posted By Julia M On 06.29.2012 @ 9:16 pm


Plant a seed, plant a piece of hope. When you spread yourself out among others like the many branches of the tree, be sure to spread seeds of hope rather than seeds of destruction, or even worse, than nothing.

» Posted By Julia M On 06.24.2012 @ 3:30 pm


I try not to dwell on things, but then what always seems to happen is because I try not to, I do even more. Reverse psychology at its finest, wouldn’t you agree? It’s why we fall when we cling to our individuality and why that stupid smile always manages to spread across my face despite my clenched lips when I see how brightly the stars shine in your eyes.

» Posted By Julia M On 06.23.2012 @ 3:11 pm


A minute can be infinite or infinitesimal. It can be the world or it can be nothing. With a minute, you can save a life or take one away. Minutes may seem small but minutes turn into hours, which turn into days, which turn into months, which turn into years, which turn into lifetimes. Waste not, want not. So don’t you dare tell me that I wasted my years trying so hard when all I had were minutes.

» Posted By Julia M On 06.22.2012 @ 11:12 am


Fractures are small. So small that you barely notice them. Perhaps that’s why you barely notice me when I get up the courage to slip you a smile or glance at you from across the room and pray that you’re not looking at me. That’s all I am- many fractures stitched together with a wish on a star that I won’t fall apart and slip through the cracks that are me.

» Posted By Julia M On 06.21.2012 @ 8:19 pm


There are so many persons on earth. I mean, when you think people you think of the ones you know. But really, there’s a number so vast that it really seems infinite. To think that there are billions and billions of people you will never meet who exist, who are alive in this moment. Isn’t it incredible? You never really think about the persons you miss out on meeting. You just think about the ones you know and it’s such a sad shame.

» Posted By Julia M On 06.20.2012 @ 12:43 pm


The pits, that rock bottomy place. That’s where I am right now, or at least that’s what it feels like. It’s summer, I’m supposed to be spitting out cherry pits and looking at gross sweaty armpits, not feeling like this, not feeling like I am the pits.


» Posted By Julia M On 06.20.2012 @ 7:32 am


He looked at her with keen eyes. They were full of something-not the kind of something you read about in romance novels or the kind of something that you hear about from mothers and grandmothers. It was a special kind of something. She couldn’t describe it exactly, but it was a kind of something that made her feel safe.

» Posted By Julia M On 06.18.2012 @ 11:23 am


The framework of the soul is delicate. Incredibly so. However, it is strong enough to bear the pain of our existence. The extraordinary toll such a weight is on ourselves, yet the framework bends and groans until it is stable enough to support it. Why? Because it is the foundation in the framework. Without grief, we cannot know happiness. Without hate, we cannot know love. As is the way with yin and yang, the world needs opposites to know the true nature of a thing. So we beat our burdens, beating them back against the tide of humanity.

» Posted By Julia M On 06.17.2012 @ 8:33 pm


I absolutely love the sound of pouring rain. I love it because of the power of nature and the prowess of each drop hitting the ground combined together. I love it because something so singular and so individual is able to come together and make this incredible noise, it makes me feel like even I belong among the raindrops.

» Posted By Julia M On 06.16.2012 @ 6:19 pm


I’d like to meet the mayor, I’d like to tell him or her or whoever they are just what I think of this town. It’s not them, I’d say, it’s just that I feel trapped in this small town, that my dreams are bigger than the number of people who live here and that I could never stand being stuck here for the rest of my life.

» Posted By Julia M On 06.15.2012 @ 5:50 pm


Reduce, reuse, recycle. A series pounded into the youth of today’s world so many times it’s hard to count. Is that what we have become? Instead of making more for everyone, we make less so it’s okay that so and so has nothing, now we only have a little. After all, it’s okay that he doesn’t have a coat, because this one’s old and I’ve had it for ten years- why give it to him off his back, I’m sure someone else, someone kinder and better will give him a new one. Why start over when we can create something from slightly old things? She’ll never know that her journal is made out of someone else’s memories from long ago.

No one will ever know.

» Posted By Julia M On 03.11.2012 @ 9:21 pm


Pop, pop, pop. So easily done, so autonomously, without thought or question or reason or rhyme. I wish life was like a bowl of popcorn, something we could do without thought or worry or wonder.

I suppose then all of the parts of being alive would be gone from life, and we would simply exist.

But wouldn’t it be easier?

» Posted By Julia M On 02.26.2012 @ 11:37 am


An epic love story, that was what she wanted.

It didn’t have to be with the one she married or the one she slept with or the one who danced with her on those lonely nights.
It just had to be with the one was her best friend and slept next to her and kept her twirling under the stars those summer nights.

It didn’t have to be with the one who bought her diamonds or gave her a dozen roses or his letterman jacket.
It just had to be with the one who told her she was more than jewelry and painted her flowers and played her songs and wrote a love letter every day he didn’t see her.

It didn’t have to be with the one who told her she was beautiful or loved the same music or the one who was the hottest boy on campus.
It just had to be with the one who told her she was beyond words and hated the music she loved but listened anyway and the one who had a crooked smile, almost-too-large nose and stars in his eyes.

It didn’t have to be with the one showed her off to his friends or called her every day or kissed her at parties.
It just had to be with the one who was her best friend and thought of her every night and kissed her when no one was looking.

It didn’t have to be with the one who she met at that party or the one she hooked up with over break or the one she loved from afar.
It just had to be with the one who she saw in the library and the one she fought with every day and the one she never noticed.

It didn’t have to be with the one who hugged her or the one who gave her a kitten or the one who quoted Shakespeare.
It just had to be with the one who swept her off her feet and made her feel butterflies and wrote her sonnets.

It didn’t have to with the one who told her she had stars in her eyes or with the one who told her to follow her dreams or with the one who took her to dances in a limo.
It just had to be with the one showed her the stars and with the one who showed her how to dream again and with the one who danced with her under moonlight alone in her old black dress.

It didn’t have to be with the one who she loved from the start.
It just had to be with the one who taught her how patient gravity can be.

It didn’t have to be with the one who loved her from the start.
It just had to be with the one who fell in love with her without realizing he fell.

» Posted By Julia M On 02.02.2012 @ 7:11 pm


The lilies on the side of the river shivered. The cold wind was brazen, it grazed their petals and made them dangerously close to wading. The water was better than the wind; better to drown quickly than feel like sin.

» Posted By Julia M On 01.08.2012 @ 5:36 pm


Slippery, slippery, says the snake.
Slide through, sticky and thick,
It was an oil-filled lake
The gleaming surface of the slick
Was enough to make the most
Coordinated of us
Afraid of doing a pre-swim boast.

» Posted By Julia M On 01.07.2012 @ 12:31 pm


A dozen, so good, so great. A dozen donuts, a dozen eggs, a dozen roses, a dozen. But what about that one that gets left out? A dozen girlfriends (plus that one who got away). A dozen parties (and that one you didn’t get invited to). A dozen heartaches (plus that one that mended them all).

» Posted By Julia M On 01.07.2012 @ 10:02 am


The apron was covered in stains but she liked it that way. Some cooks changed into a crisp, clean apron after they were done in the kitchen, but that wasn’t her style. She wanted the world to see the work she put into her baking. Getting a little dirty now and then was worth it.

» Posted By Julia M On 01.05.2012 @ 3:24 pm


And razor blades. The music heals me, it makes me feel something worth living for instead of tracing the blade over my skin.

I’d never have the courage to press it down anyway.

» Posted By Julia M On 01.02.2012 @ 3:40 pm


Her hair shone in the sun, like that, when the light was just right and the setting sun was barely visible above the horizon. He thought she looked perfect, she thought she looked far from beautiful. The slight gleam of her hair made the black look auburn, he thought. A gorgeous undertone that made him feel special, like he was the only who knew that secret. She thought it made her hair look like it was rusty, tried to hide it by tossing it up into a ponytail.

» Posted By Julia M On 01.01.2012 @ 1:02 pm


The new year seems so full of possibilities right now. It’s shiny, gleaming like an estate on some hill at the peak of an oasis-type country. The outside is majestic and beautiful and strong and it seems like there’s so much to do, so much that’s possible, it feels like you’re on top of the world.

But once I open the door, I have this terribly foreboding feeling it’s going to be a completely different story.

» Posted By Julia M On 12.31.2011 @ 2:24 pm


Be careful, she’s the prickly type. Choose your words precisely when you talk to her because you never know what will make her lash out and sting you with her spikes.

But you know, underneath her terrifying exterior, she’s really quite nice.

» Posted By Julia M On 12.29.2011 @ 1:53 pm


Maybe all you see is a wasteland, but try squinting instead. Maybe you’ll find that sparkle in the desert. Find the beauty of the cactus, see how precious the snake can be. Sometimes we’ve opened our eyes too far and we’re overwhelmed by trying to take everything in. See, squinting can be beneficial every now and then.

» Posted By Julia M On 12.28.2011 @ 4:08 pm


He looked like the chocolate cake he was eating. His eyes were the cherries on top, glistening when the light hit them just right, His nose was the contours of the pile of icing and his mouth was the curve of the perfectly round chocolate piece on top.

» Posted By Julia M On 12.27.2011 @ 1:23 pm


It was as if the scars had been carved lovingly into her skin. Instead of cuts and scrapes they were art, as if the painter had taken up his knife as gently as a brush and drew a picture on her cheek.

» Posted By Julia M On 12.27.2011 @ 9:50 am


Everything is running towards me at once, I can’t move, I can’t think; I freeze. They’re all going to hit, there’s nowhere for me to go, nowhere to turn. So I stand still and relax, I pretend I’m somewhere safe, paradise.

When it hits, for a moment, I feel the world, and then, nothing.

» Posted By Julia M On 12.22.2011 @ 3:30 am


It’s the cusp of the new year. Almost midnight, but not quite. The dusk of the day, of the year, is near. The time to make those last minute decisions, that time when we aren’t quite letting go and we aren’t quite starting anew. That time between the new and old, that time where all colors blend beautifully into the dark.

» Posted By Julia M On 12.20.2011 @ 7:07 pm


You’ll always be my thunder, you’ll always be the one that hits while I wait in anticipation after that burst of light. You are the darkness to his sun, you are the mysterious to his clarity.

You’re everything he’s not.

» Posted By Julia M On 12.19.2011 @ 3:50 pm

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