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wow steady is really boring like I cant move so what can I do. Also, its six letters so its not very exciting. sure steady is easy but what about unsteady or off balance. life is never steady so why should I be.

» Posted By Jules On 08.01.2016 @ 6:05 pm


tranform into something you care about. something that brings you job but also inspires you to challenge yourself into something more. it’s not who we are in a moment, it’s who we are in a journey and adapatioan and transformation are just tools which allow us to evolve both as human beings, but also members of the universal society of entites.

» Posted By Jules On 05.19.2016 @ 3:01 am


i look at you in a way that burns. it is an old, nostalgic feeling, smoke after the fire. it still hurts and i hate you for it, but it is the very best kind of pain. bitch.

» Posted By jules On 01.18.2014 @ 7:38 pm


gentlemen are tailored suits and smoothed over words and charming smiles and cold detachment and when it comes between a gentleman and someone much less refined, there is no doubt in my mind which i would prefer

» Posted By jules On 12.28.2013 @ 7:54 pm


She couldn’t believe she had t0 follow it. This dot that appeared out of nowhere like some insurance commercial. It had been seven days and she was still following it.

» Posted By Jules On 07.25.2013 @ 1:46 pm


The large iron gate was wrought with spikes and wires running through it. I held my breath, my heart beating a thousand miles out of my tiny chest. I knew it was the right time to escape. Yet something held me back. I looked across the dead barren field, and saw the barely livable shack that I at one time called home.

» Posted By Jules On 07.17.2013 @ 2:07 pm


When Alex and I first met it only took a couple hours for us to become incredibly and unstoppable-y close. Now, three years and two graduations later, I could not be happier or more in love. We fell in love in what now seems like an instant, and now it only takes an instant of daydreaming for me to fall in love all over again.

» Posted By Jules On 06.29.2013 @ 10:26 pm


You have to care for someone in order for them to be your enemy, otherwise they’d simply be a stranger on a different path. Discover the hidden emotion there. It could be love, it could be envy, it could be jealousy, but it’s there to find.

» Posted By jules On 04.29.2013 @ 1:06 pm


Flailing limbs as you fall down the steep embankment. The car hanging at the top rail, will it or won’t it, the screams as everyone around you realizes at the same moment that it will. The sound as it thunks in to Tom next to you, the realization that what started as a fun one word turned in to true stories from your Grandpa’s life.

» Posted By Jules On 02.18.2013 @ 1:03 pm


When Anna lost her real heart, the broken one, the one with a hole, she wasn’t sure that the fake one could ever do the same job. Not just pumping her blood, anything could do that, but could a fake heart fall in love?

» Posted By Jules On 01.23.2013 @ 9:15 am


Choose the fitness, choose the life, choose to waste the time on what was supposed to be a gift. Some days the choices seem far and few between, and some days it seems like they will never come again. Of course history is cyclical and memories are short. You probably made just as many right and wrong choices as anyone else…but what do you know?

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» Posted By jules On 01.15.2013 @ 6:27 pm


» Posted By jules On 01.15.2013 @ 6:27 pm


I was no politician. I wasn’t a scientist or a mathematician or anything that might make my opinion credited. I wasn’t anyone smart or important yet I needed you to hear me properly; I needed you to believe my words. I wasn’t sure how to make them more legitimate so I just repeated them over and over, my voice cracking because I was no public speaker either. ‘I love you I love you I love you’.

» Posted By jules On 01.09.2013 @ 11:33 pm


libraries always have reference books. In life when I am unsure about something, this is where I go. it is my solace, my happy place.

» Posted By Jules On 01.06.2013 @ 6:51 pm


she was looking down the barrel of a gun and the only thing she could think of was that she might have left the tv on at home. “Don’t move, give me all the cash,” he said. What an ordinary way to die, she’d never have thought..

» Posted By Jules On 01.01.2013 @ 5:18 pm


what does it mean to be female? vulnerable, because we are physically weaker. likely, we become mothers, take care of our children and love them. but there is also a quiet strength, unrivalled by anything else.

» Posted By Jules On 12.31.2012 @ 11:10 pm


Objects are special. Without objects this planet would be nothing. We need objects for everything. Such as, reading, drinking, eating, drawing and so much more. objects complete this world.

» Posted By Jules On 12.02.2012 @ 5:22 pm


there is a ver nice cook. His name is jhonny. Jonny is the best! Everyone loves him. His cooking is amazing. His resturaunt is called Jhonny’s cooking club. He makes everything imaginable! Jonny is loved around the globe for his great cooking. Jonny has an amazing talent. No one could ever beet Jonny the great.

» Posted By Jules On 12.01.2012 @ 1:52 pm

There is a cook. His name is ben. He like cooking pizza, pasta, sushi and lots of other things. Everyone loves his excellent cooking. He has a resturaunt called Ben’s diner. It’s very popular.

» Posted By Jules On 12.01.2012 @ 1:49 pm


soon i’ll be a graduate from high school. soon i’ll be in college. soon i’ll be married. soon i’ll be a mother. soon i’ll be turning 50. soon i’ll be traveling the world. soon i’ll be wrinkly and old. soon i’ll be on the brink of death. soon.

» Posted By Jules On 11.25.2012 @ 3:53 pm


every single day whether you like it or not you learn something. maybe not something you’ll need when you grow up, or maybe it was. maybe you learned how to add. maybe you learned that some people come into your life for a reason. maybe you learned how to cook. maybe, just maybe, you learned something that has helped you grow.

» Posted By Jules On 02.11.2013 @ 1:56 pm


Today was a never ending combination of happy and sad. It was oil and water, but mixed as well as possible. Each hour was a new emotion. I haven’t decided if I like days like this yet.

» Posted By Jules On 10.03.2012 @ 12:55 am


The headphones dangled crookedly on the edge of the table. He wonders at what the years of accumulative damage, having thrown them about, has done to the poor souls of the music within. Ah well. Places to be, things to do, no time to curl up the headphones all proper and tight in their container. Papers to write. Words to spin.

» Posted By Jules On 09.09.2012 @ 10:55 am


Secrets… They ruin friendships, relationships, and almost anything really, but they also help things. They make friendships better to have a friend you can tell your own secrets to and trust them to keep them to themselves. You don’t have to worry about keeping in all your emotions if you have a true friend to tell your feelings and secrets to.

» Posted By Jules On 08.03.2012 @ 11:20 pm


Frankly, I will not stand for carrying all these hats. I DON’T CARE if this is a wedding and people want to dress up and THEN dance like hooligans. AND that’s my last word.

» Posted By Jules On 07.26.2012 @ 8:20 pm


Thing used to make taffy. Salt water taffy from Tennessee is the best. When I go down there with my family me and my dad go and watch them make it through the window. We have been doing that since I was only a few months old. Memories make me want to go back there :)

» Posted By Jules On 07.19.2012 @ 10:13 am


Sonar… All I think of is boats and stuff. I like boats there cool. I’m a captain of a boat! And my friend Ella is the first mate and Alli is the deck boss.

» Posted By Jules On 07.17.2012 @ 8:47 pm


Pretty colorful pieces of art that make any room or party look amazing. The more Decorations the better! I love decorations haha

» Posted By Jules On 07.16.2012 @ 8:01 pm


The bucket and spade sat on the sand empty, as the tide gently ebbed. Sophie grabbed the spade and started digging a hole next to the bucket, this was excavation, not building… not yet anyway that would come later. But as she dug and found water, this is what she wanted to fill the bucket with, not the sand the water from the sea that had travelled under the sand. The hole would have to be sufficient as to stand in and not be seen from the boat.

» Posted By Jules On 07.09.2012 @ 6:04 am

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