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The shutters are covered in peeling paint, one hanging, threatening to fall right off. He shutters his eyes, willing away the instincts to imagine ghosts where there aren’t any.

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The vase shattered (in slow motion, it felt to her, but really it was the blink of an eye).
She looked at the pieces, and tears slipped down her face. The pattern seemed much more intricate now than when it was whole.
Sometimes your true self appears only after you’ve been broken.

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“He sees things… through a different lens, that’s all.” Sometimes it comes out more defensively than she intends it to.

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Water. Fire. Earth. Air. Dark. Light.
He thinks, if he had an element, it would be Song. He is most “in his element”, as the saying goes, when he’s on stage. But if he were to go with convention (heaven forbid), he would be Dark. Surely that would make her Light. She has such a glow about her; it makes perfect sense.

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“She’s got you on a leash, you know. Got you *whipped*, man.”
He never listened. Even when the expression was literally true. He knew they’d never understand the games he played with her, so he just kept his mouth shut.

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Had he forgotten?
It was all floating in a sea of nothingness, and he couldn’t grasp the flitting lights that were trapped there. Something important, but he couldn’t call to mind what it was. It was as though he could see his memories breaking away from him, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

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Ice cream scoops! Piled three high on a cone, strawberry and vanilla and mint-chocolate chip. Journalists jockey each other, trying to be first to get “the scoop”. Scoop water into your hands and watch it trickle through your fingers.

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Order: the opposite of chaos. It was what he preferred when, and only when, he was creating music. Sometimes not even then. His friends said he was a control freak and he knew they couldn’t be more wrong. Well, if he was honest with himself, he was, but not to the extent they thought. Still, maybe that was why he let go so completely when he performed in those dirty little clubs. Why he was so spent afterward, yet incandescently happy.

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The club was a textbook case of controlled chaos. If he had it his way, he’d rather far more chaos than control… His sang at the top of his lungs, feeding off the energy from the writhing mass of bodies and giving it back tenfold. Always, in the very back of his mind, a movie reel of images played, some vague, others sharp and clear. Sometimes they involved *her*, and that scared and aroused him at the same time. He’d wonder if she were there, watching him, wanting him. He knew it was a fever dream if he saw her face in the crowd. It was only a fantasy.

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He has an almost mythic aura about him, in everything he does. No one knows why they’re so drawn to him, just that they are. I, for one, couldn’t care less. If I knew what special something he has, it would ruin the mystique.
Maybe. Or maybe I’d love him all the more. My heart’s already full to bursting with love for him. Can it fit any more?

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He carved out a little place in his heart just for her. Sure, it hurt (whoever said love was painless was an idiot), but he hardly noticed after a while. She needed a place to hide, and it was the safest place he could think of.
He didn’t feel so empty now that he had someone to protect.

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*This is the best night of my life.*
His voice was like velvet, floating out across the room, filling the dark corners, touching the ceiling. It spilled into her ears and permeated every inch of her. She’d never felt so alive; she thought her heart might burst from the beauty. Surely she would melt away if he looked at her.
And then he did. And she didn’t. His eyes lingered on hers and she felt him connect. It was so tangible she could almost reach out and touch the line that ran between them.
Promise hung heavy in the air. She knew it was inevitable– somehow, after the show, she would find her way backstage. She would meet him. And maybe they’d be able to put their connection into words.

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The sky is bright blue and cloudless. The waves are tame. He forgot the sunblock, but she says they need to darken their skin. They end up turning pink instead.
Licking their wounds in a cool hotel room, they douse each other in aloe. One thing leads to another…
Sunburn isn’t so bad.

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Without you, I’m nothing. Truly I am. You may try to convince me otherwise, but save your breath. I *need* you. Nothing you do or say will change that.

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The rain washed everything away. It hid his tears. But it couldn’t wash away his guilt, his hopeless love for her. Everything that he wished was gone still hung on him, weighed down by water and time that refused to rewind.

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Smiling hurt him. He did it because he thought he had to, but he never meant it. But one day she smiled at him, so bright it almost blinded him. Something uncoiled inside him, and as he shook her hand he smiled back, a real one.
“My name’s Chris.”
“Imogen,” she said. “Pleased to meet you.”
That was what started everything.

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Harry Potter. Magic. With a little star on top. I’d like one. Candy striped and good for hitting people… at least in Smash Bros.

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Strung along, you’ve got the world on a string, which includes me. A small world but one that loves you fiercely all the same. A world I’m happy to be a part of. I hope you know how many people love you. I wish you knew I existed. I wish we weren’t so far apart, in so many ways. I wish I didn’t love you so much.

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His eyes were hawk-sharp, and she his prey speeding away from him. But he did not follow; he was not hungry yet. It was fear, of a sort, that pushed her away from him and he didn’t want to lose her by moving too fast.

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“Love isn’t science,” he said. “It would be easier if it were, don’t you think? Then you would be strictly attracted to actual girls, as opposed to, say, cross-dressers. Like me.” He smiled, a glint in his eyes as she reacted predictably.
“M-Mariya-kun–! Don’t say such things… I am not attracted to you!”
He laughed then, changed his voice to a higher register. “Please, Kanako-sama. I beg to differ. You’ve said before I’m so *pretty*~”
He walked daintily away, smirking behind his hand while she stood there, blood trickling from her nose.
*She’s so easy.*

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He bowed graciously… and nearly tipped off the stage.
“I told you to stop doing shots during your set,” she said later, more amused than annoyed.
He had a bit of a headache, but he smiled anyway.

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