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The city banker was a very nice and honest man, and also very helpful.

» Posted By Josiah On 11.08.2016 @ 10:02 am


In 6 days God created the heavens and the earth, and on the 7th day he rested and was refreshed.

» Posted By Josiah On 11.07.2016 @ 9:29 am


Even though it was pouring down rain, we still continued to unload the moving trailer.

» Posted By Josiah On 11.02.2016 @ 9:53 am


When you are buying a home or car, you must be specific, or your purchase could be messed up.

» Posted By Josiah On 10.31.2016 @ 11:29 am


During the black plague, thieves used a special oil to protect them from the plague when they looted houses, thus inventing thieves oil.

» Posted By Josiah On 10.27.2016 @ 7:29 am


Overtime, people institute goals into their lives. To help keep them on track and be succsesful in life.

» Posted By Josiah On 10.25.2016 @ 9:50 am


During the fall, our big tree outback changes the color of its leaves! It’s a wonderful thing to see.

» Posted By Josiah On 10.11.2016 @ 7:33 am


After rolling in the dirt, our dog really stunk! So we bathed him and now the smell is gone.

» Posted By Josiah On 10.10.2016 @ 10:36 am


It’s worth it to buy passes for Disney World it’s truly a wonderful place to visit and walk around. My favorite park is Hollywood Studios.

» Posted By Josiah On 10.04.2016 @ 8:49 am


When we went to go on a Disney Cruise, we had to get our passports. Because we were leaving the country. Passports are only good for a few years.

» Posted By Josiah On 09.29.2016 @ 9:30 am


Lint gets stuck to your clothes, is very flammable and can be found in your dryer.

» Posted By Josiah On 09.28.2016 @ 10:20 am


We drove onward to Tennessee from Florida to visit our friend’s new home. It was a long and tiring drive, but after 10 hours we finally made it.

» Posted By Josiah On 09.27.2016 @ 10:51 am


Some jobs require having a degree from college. such as a being a doctor or paramedic.

» Posted By Josiah On 09.26.2016 @ 8:58 am


Safeguarding a flag during capture the flag is frowned upon among most players, and can cause you to be disqualified.

» Posted By Josiah On 09.21.2016 @ 8:53 am


Aprons are an article of clothing worn over other clothes to keep from getting stained.

» Posted By Josiah On 09.20.2016 @ 9:51 am


Salmon are fish that live in rivers, in Alaska. Bears hunt them, and they are pin, and taste good when fried with coconut.

» Posted By Josiah On 09.19.2016 @ 9:15 am


I do not like being drunk. Plus I hate going to the bathroom. Sometimes I play downstairs with my little sister and I laugh like a crazy old man. I do not want to drink too much wine and spend money on just wine because I’ll start to whine all the time.

» Posted By Josiah On 02.24.2015 @ 11:02 am


Shoes come in different sizes< so do frogs all animals for that matter. Small ones, large ones, middle size ones and also to add to the list of shoes animals we come to plants from the tallest trees to the smallest daisies to microscopic plankton float in earths vast oceans.

» Posted By josiah On 01.16.2013 @ 5:48 am


The gum was stuck in my teeth. You know how gum gets when you eat it with something else? Yeah that’s a mistake. Don’t do that.

» Posted By Josiah On 07.25.2012 @ 9:21 pm


Yes, my pistol holder is indeed made out of rare elephant leather. I do enjoy fine craftsmanship no matter the price. I have no concern

» Posted By Josiah On 07.24.2012 @ 6:42 pm


It was quite a large racket. I’d never actualy seen one quite as big befor. I quietly wondered to myself what it was used for.
“What was that?”

» Posted By Josiah On 06.11.2012 @ 7:24 am

The noise coming from the next room was defining. I couldnt sleep. How long had it been since i got a good nights rest. I didnt know, what I did know is that it needed to stop, one way or another. The baseball bat in my closet was beginning to look more and more appealing as the night dragged on.

» Posted By Josiah On 06.10.2012 @ 10:46 pm


The chatted for hours.

» Posted By Josiah On 06.09.2012 @ 7:08 am


He grinded off the rail and back onto the street. He started gaining speed, then he heard the sirens. His first instinct was to freak out.

» Posted By Josiah On 06.08.2012 @ 8:58 am


It was a necessity. To put it simply. He couldn’t do without it. To him, no one could. Honey was a necessity.

» Posted By Josiah On 06.02.2012 @ 2:42 pm


“This is my petition,” she said. She just wanted to tell me how she felt, but I couldn’t hear. She wanted to, but she couldn’t speak. I wanted to, but my selfishness got in the way. We were at a standoff.

» Posted By Josiah On 03.13.2012 @ 12:36 pm


You lift me up. You don’t lift me up. You lift up those who lift themselves, while lifting only those who lift up other. It’s interesting how much lifting we actually do. Children, elevators, egos. Lifted.

What are we lifting?

» Posted By Josiah On 02.25.2012 @ 4:50 pm


Light brown, a bubbly substance tickled my mustache as I poured it down my throat. I looked around me, now able to see for the first time where I was. A party. I knew no one. They were laughing.

» Posted By Josiah On 01.02.2012 @ 12:49 pm


There was a time long a go, when a trophy meant something. When there was a certain honour that went with it. Respect, and dignity. Now all these word mean nothing. Not a damned thing…

» Posted By Josiah On 07.18.2011 @ 10:07 pm


My backpack is blue. It goes with me everywhere I do. It holds all of my most precious belongings. I don’t really know why it is so special to me, but it comforts me. I feel safe when I am wearing it. I lost it once at school and I started crying. There isn’t anything valuable about it, it just means everything to me.

» Posted By Josiah On 06.01.2011 @ 6:29 pm

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