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They jangled as he walked. His keys, that is. He shuffled and jangled and made his slow smiling way down the row. He locked eyes with the prisoners as he passed. “Having a nice stay, are we?,” he cajoled. There was a mischievous grin on his face always, and it said, “I’m free, and you aren’t.”

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Slow strokes of a brush made of metal and operated by man. There’s a serenity…. a tranquility to it. Watching as blades are dulled making blades short, smelling the fertile loam.

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The angry fire in one’s soul. It’s all consuming blaze burning away the light of reason. It’s fuel? Ignorance and intolerance, a misplaced feeling of possession.

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They sat across from one another, the breeze tossing both their hair and their scents around them. She reached into your backpack to retrieve some hardtack, a bit of jerky, and a small apple. He looked on quizzically as she began to set them out. She beamed back at him, with a hint of mischief in her eye.

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They’d been good together for the first few years, but things had unraveled in that slow way that they do. Like cracks working their way through a sheet of ice, all the small fractures had finally sundered what they’d vowed to each other. Their marriage was over now

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They stood in a near perfect line. It was the calm before the storm, all their senses on overdrive. The adrenaline mixed with the nervous energy to create some sort of emotional tempest. You could hear each man’s breathing, feel your heartbeat in your ears, just waiting for the command.

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He walked down the alley, dossier in hand. The smell of the harbor nearby mingled with the despair he could feel in this part of town. They could really use some rain around here. He pondered how he had ended up here. How many times had he missed an opportunity for change? How many times had he lef

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It was a magnificent day. The sunset was glazing the canals in a violet hue. She was smiling at him as their gondolier sang a musical ode to their bliss. He smiled back and her heart swelled with a burgeoning affection she had only recently realized was true love.

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What a marvelous discovery moonshine must have been. A bunch of men out in the woods, cold, bored, likely violent. And like a gift from the lunar goddess herself, alcohol! From plain old grains and heat. But imagine the first time a still exploded… Suddenly our hillbilly comedy turns tragedy :( But hey, good to drink.

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I already spoke of my enemies once. But it isn’t a topic one gets easily sore of. Enemies are an excellent preoccupation, especially for the idle mind that acquires them. Enemies are the whetstone of your mental faculties. They keep you from slipping, until one day, you aren’t sharp enough.

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Enemies are like paper plates. I like them for cleaning up, but I hate them for being wasteful. I guess the plates are wasteful in a waste management recyclability sort of sense. Whereas enemies waste my TIME. Either way they’re fun to paint on as a crafts project.

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Pour out your heart and soul into whatever you do. Please do. If we all did wouldn’t this world have the best of all of us? I have a feeling that then we’d be much happier people. So when you get up today? Pour yourself your cup of proverbial coffee and enjoy. And go pour yourself into all that you do. And remember, just because liquids fit to containers, you get to pick the container too.

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