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She studied and worked hard all her life. She lived for challenges, but what now? She had her masters’ degree, a husband, and a well-paying job. Now, she supposed, she could begin the ultimate challenge in life. Motherhood.

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Struggling to see things from her perspective, he sighed and mulled over his troubled thoughts. Girls were impossible, he thought. Especially vampire girls who you have a crush on. He knew she could easily kill him, but that seemed to make her all the more attractive.

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Installing the safeguards, he leaned back in his chair and sipped his coffee. The computer switched over to a new website. The man stared in confusion at the strange new website.

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The bear clamped it’s jaws down on the wriggling salmon and swiftly killed it. The bear trudged over to the shore and quickly devoured his meal.

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He searched the cabinet, looking for the heirloom. He found the box and unlocked it, but to his horror, the centuries old necklace was gone, with a small not left where it had once been.

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He drew his arrow, holding his breath as he aimed. He needed to get this right. He watched as the bride stepped onto the platform to address her guests. “I thank you all for coming today” the bride began. He aimed… “I’m so happy to see all of my friends here to support me today.” and… “Thank you, everyone,” He released and the arrow instantly pierced her heart. With a slight smile, he fled, running along the rooftops before the guards could even realize what was happening. The bride was dead, and his mission was complete. Now all that was left was to return to the sanctuary and claim his reward.

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The crystals glittered around him, reflecting the blood from his wounds around him. With a sigh, he picked up one. “She would love this.” he thought as he gazed at the glistening blue surface, “She always loved little things like this.”

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Journal Entry 4

It all gleamed beautifully in the chest, glorious piles of precious jewels and gold. It took forever to find, but it was worth the wait. Besides, I’m sure a bunch of two-thousand-year-old dead guys won’t mind of I inadvertently borrow a bit of their gold.

Journal Entry 5

They minded.

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She stuck her souffle in the oven, praying that it would at least turn out edible this time. She was about to return to her book when her niece burst through the door, a large dog and mud trailing behind her.

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He whimpered quietly as his body twisted and bent. It hurt, but he sucked it up. A few minutes later, he stood quietly under the full moon, fully transformed into a bloodthirsty beast watching his prey shuffle through the city below.

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The tears rolled down her cheeks, her sobs echoing through the dim hall. She was all alone. Her best friend was dead. She heard a voice behind her, “Hey.” It sounded like… but no, his body was right her in front of her, bruised, bloody… dead.

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The middle child: that’s what he was. He didn’t have the skill of the eldest, nor the youngest’s charm. It was fate. He knew it. No one expected much from the middle child until he began to show his gift…

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The beasts fused into one, a two-headed, growling monster. It snarled as a gripped my sword and attacked, trying to ward it’s snapping jaws away from my friends.

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The baby giggled at his mother, delighted to simply see her face. She smiled back at him and picked him up, holding him close to her.

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He drank gratefully from the bottle, banishing away the heat of the dessert. He handed it back to its owner– a tall, mysterious woman in dark, heavy looking clothes– with a glad smile and passed out.

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Her brush flowed across the canvas. The colors bled throughout the picture, filling it with life. She smiled as she dipped her brush into the paint once more, then let it glide, leaving a trail of vibrant blue behind it.

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The dragon retreated, his mouth smoking and dripping with drool as he turned away in defeat. He took off. The dragon flew back to his mountain as a bleeding, dying mess and was never seen again.

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She felt herself being tossed into the van by the thugs. She struggled till the blindfold came off and looked around. The cold walls around her were gray and dreary, like a rainy day without books.

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She hit the lock with her sword, trying to break the lock. The metal echoed through the ruins, a repeating clanging though the lifeless temple.

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The shop was filled with luxurious sweets. The windows displayed the vibrant pinks and reds of the candy. The scent of sugar filled the small shop in a way that made your mouth water.

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