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I was startled that it had come to this. I was sitting in a car, somewhere in the mountains, with the girl who was currently the one of my dreams, talking about relationships. Not like past relationships or anything, but what we look for. When does that ever happen? Getting dating advice from the very person you want to date.

» Posted By Jonat On 02.25.2013 @ 5:09 pm


How cool would it be to have mastered something? Anything. To be so skilled and practiced in a particular task or field of knowledge that you’re seen as the authority? It must be nice, to be fantastic at something instead of kind of good at a lot of things. The goal is for writing to be that something, let’s see how that goes.

» Posted By Jonat On 01.10.2013 @ 12:08 pm


Clue was always a fun game. I always enjoyed thinking of the stories that were made so simple by the die-cast pieces and guessed scenarios. Why did Colonel Mustart kill Miss Scarlet? Was in it his character? He was a military man, after all. PTSD will do those things to you. There was so much to imagine in that game.

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Carnival of Errors. That was the name of the place, believe it or not. And it was quite the popular carnival, too. A carnival that celebrated failure. Above all, it was a place that everyone could relate to. People felt welcome at the Carnival of Errors. They felt accepted and above all, they felt as if they belonged.

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One trick pony. That’s what they call a specialized person. That’s why I’ve always wanted to have a general set of skills that I’m above average at, instead of one skill I’m fantastic at. It might cost me a chance at fame or fortune and all that, but at least I’ll be more proud of what I can do. More satisfaction > more money.

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Why has it become so sacred? To party in college. Yeah, I’m sure it’s fun every once in a while, but damn. You know my issue with parties? Not that I’m an introvert, or not that I don’t drink. It’s that no good stories come out of it. Everyone’s interesting personality just comes from alcohol, not character. It always starts with “one time, I was drunk.” Not worth getting uncomfortable for.

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They say something like a festival is a great way to meet people. They’re probably right, if you’ve got the right tools. The best, of course, is the simple ability to walk up to an interesting person and talk to them. Sounds simple. Sounds easy. but it never is, and most of us would completely agree. And it’s a shame, think of the people you’re missing out on meeting because of the simple fear of saying the first word.

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The odds were certainly against him. For one, he was what some would call a loser. He wasn’t exactly a social butterfly, although he could usually hold his own when it was required of him. And, just look at her. she was gorgeous, no, more than that. He couldn’t put to words the way he made her feel. All he had to do was talk to her.

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The heat was on. Time was running out. The hoop was right there, several feet from him, with two teamfuls of people separating the two. This was the kind of mement that defined careers. If he could pull this off, he’d be golden. Set.

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There are a lot of strange things to bring to an art exhibit that demonstrated beautiful ice sculptures, and wrenches are definitely one of them. The shady-looking man sauntered into the warehouse with an enormous pipe wrench, looking about in a way that made most of the patrons uncomfortable.

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the boy arrived at the train station, bag in hand. he didn’t know why he was there, just that he had to be. the instructions had come in the mail a few days ago, telling him to be at kingston and cross at exactly 5:30, and to go from there to the station. he hadn’t wanted to go at first, but it was like a strange compulsion had forced him to.

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The weather was flawless; beautiful skies, pleasant breezes and the soft warmth of the sun. The green fields spread as far as the eye could see, and the tall grass waved uniformly as the wind blew. Popping it’s head up from the tall grass, was a petite bunny, with fur as white and pure as could be.

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