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It was a foggy night and you couldn’t tell unless you had eyes. Brick a smart young boy wondered how people without eyes came along. didn’t they run into walls, and how did they know how to talk to pople. They will never know what they look like.

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She was prepared to win. She had gotten up every morning and ran, for this alone. The metal was the only thing on her mind as she stretched her legs and arms out.
“Are you ready?” her best friend asked

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HE was always there. But he never spoke. From the day she opened her eyes, he was there, but he never left. He never left. He always left.

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I thought the word she said was Smaug, but it wasnt. She was talking about the way it looked outside, and it didnt look like a giant dragon

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She wasnt a little girl anymore, she had trasformed into a falcon. She had brown feathes, she was beautiful. The boy stared at her in aww, he might have been in love.

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“Wasnt this the same one from yesterday” The girl asks you “I already wrote about this”

“It might have been” you reply “I really dont know, because I wasnt here”

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I took a drink of the mineral rich water.
“This is so clean” I say looking at mom “I cant belive it, how did you do it?”

“We bought it from the store, for your birthday” she says happily

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It wasnt a very good sandwitch, it was bland, tasted like bread, and the nothing. Just a bunch of nothing. Why would this even sell? He wondered to himself It is the worst thing ever

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She was like the sun. Standing abouve the world. She was beatiful. “Come to me” She wispered to me, “Come and set yourself free”

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I looked over the horizon, to see batman, he had just flew throught it, I pondered why he would do that, unless, he had the special.
Did he have the special?
Would we be saved?

» Posted By John Hurt On 02.03.2015 @ 8:32 am

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