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He taught me to read, for that I was eternally grateful. All at once colours were everything they should bel vibrant, resonating in my view, i knew how to think, like I never did. I knew how to dream because of all the mysticval worlds I could set up my transient life in. Suddenly, nothing had to make sense, so everything did

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 11.06.2012 @ 5:32 pm


I refuse this life, it is offered to me on a plate and yet I chooose to elid this course and stumble up and down the rocky mountains, I don’t want to sit and wait for the day that I end up where I know this palce will take me, regretting that I never passed the ridge to take myself somewhere new. The world may offer me one fate but it is up to me whether I shall take it, and I don’t, I refuse, I will take what I want.

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.28.2012 @ 6:29 am

The machine refused the card. There was a slight silence as he looked up at the man’s reflection in the screen ‘ I’ll have another go, probably just tempremental, you would be if soeone was shoving plastic up your arse all day eh….well, maybe not’ he laughed nervously and shook himself off, the knife pressed a little more encouragingly into his back

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.28.2012 @ 6:27 am

When you refuse another person you render them invalid. Why not just let them pass, but move out of the way yourself.

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.28.2012 @ 6:26 am

He pushed her back, there was a look on her face of terror and disgust that seemed to enter through his eyes and push at his heart. In an instanct he regretted laying a finger on her, but it manifested as anger, he struck out again at himself through her, she fell to the ground, clutching her breast where his fist had found her. She looked upwards on the floor, averting his gaze

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.28.2012 @ 6:25 am

I don’t want to be a prude but the way she held herself just looked like she’d rather it was someone else holding her, d’you know what I mean. she just had an air of I’m better than you and have far more slaves than your family could ever wish to, about her, that was quite specific, can you tell I’m not bitter at all.

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.28.2012 @ 6:23 am

Take that off, you look ridiculous. I don#’t know why I even let you come. Lay low will you, if they see you I’m fucking dead, or worse they ,ight take away my bonus at the end of the year. you’re pretty good looking,. what happened there, you used to be a little scrotum of a thing, ok, enough get the van and park it in front of the door, I don’t want them to be able to leave, they’ll sit through it and laugh like everyone else.

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.28.2012 @ 6:22 am

The take was far highger this year, jonathan looked up at the mound and saw it was ready to tumble, he opened the nearby garage door and began to shovel the snow into a smaller pile. He could always sell it, but he just didn’t know how to go about those things, who did he contact, what price would he give it, why would he even want to be involved in that stuff.

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.28.2012 @ 6:19 am

I refuse to leave this place. The palace sings to me, it wants me to stay, I can feel it. it’s voice lilts anf licks at my ears every time I turn around. Its last days are numbered now, I don’t want to leave, the memories are dancing in front of me, no, I’m wading through them, so thick as they are surrounding the dancefloor where Jerry used to dazzle the girls

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Just half, that’s all I wanted, but I was in the wrong place and the wrong time. We were all scared, back then. There was no hope for the future, just fear of the lost opportunities. We didn’t think, we tried not to, it only reminded us of what once was. When the colours were still there, when you could still hear them as they splashed against the walls

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it makes a kind of whirring sound. it’s pleasing to the hear, relaxing, almost. It sounds like it would feel, you’d hope, at least, the guy from the backyard boys came round about 5 minutes after and asked to try it, I said no, I don’t know what you would’ve done, he just looked untrustworthy, and he had a camera with him that just looked more prying than other cameras, so I shut the door on his face

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.17.2012 @ 6:52 am

I’m drifting out, everything blurs and turns an unsettling shade of blue, the kind you see when something is coming towards you at such a speed that everything else around it seems to slow down. I don’t even know how I got here, that old man can barely stand, I could break out, I’m sure of it, if the window wasn’t so high, I would climb straight out and jump to the trees.

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.17.2012 @ 6:50 am

peown! the bullets rush past me as I duck and dive beneath the glitter trees. They shimmer and distract the enemy as they pursue me on foot. I draw the glitter from the trees with the vaccum, switch it to reverse and expel it like a spell towards them, immobilizing them but for a second, I use this time to rig up the satellite and signal for the glitter bomb, they won’t know what hit them.

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.17.2012 @ 6:47 am

smoke it properly, draw it back into your lungs and feel it reach striving into every corner of your body. it fills you like a balloon, pressurising, waiting to be released back into the world anew, take it back with your lips and feel it rush over the rocks of your teeth, then spew it back out ito the cold world and watch it dance before you.

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.17.2012 @ 6:45 am

This marks his territory, the place where he can sit and rest and read all of his stories about the conquests of the green tank, the one that took over the west side of mcdonalds with only a pike and by pike I mean the fish, it was an impressive feat. noone cuold enter beyond those boundaries, and it was his, and he loved it, until the rain came, and washed the ink away into the blotchy paper.

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.17.2012 @ 6:43 am

Just around here, OUCH ok, that was close, but just it’s alittle tender round there, ok, babe, just lie back and let me try ok. His tongue licked around the sides of the car window while the passenger looked bemused. Gerogia looked on, straddling her hand and watching his tongue drag along the chrome surface.

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.17.2012 @ 5:14 am

the cones lined the road like little soldier figurines, they drifted about in the wind, staring straight forward wishing they could join in the riot, but for now they were the guardians of the truck, the truck had broken down on one of it’s long corn gathering expeditions and the cowboys were preparing their attack. They’d asked the indians for help.

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.17.2012 @ 5:13 am

the purple bit is where i like to relax, there’s something about the way the shapes move in there, they seem to fizz about, you can almost feel them going through you, and stroking over the surface of your organs. the red bit is different, totally different. Perverted shades, there, they seem to dive straight between your thighs and are quite disappointing down there, too

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.17.2012 @ 5:11 am

Get out of my hair, what? there’s old woman who’s been living just behind my ear in one of my pigtails all week, I’ve send eviction notices out my ears but she’s just not taking any notice. Frickin’ head gypsies. Well take her down the police station and see if they have one of those shoe horns, well what’s that going to do, you can coax her out with it, bitches love shoe horns.

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.17.2012 @ 5:09 am

You’re in the red, that’s where they all lie, if you want to stand up you’ve got to be in the blue. Here, come here. This is the green bit, what happens here, you caqn fly I think, oops, no, you can just jump. Where are we gonna land? somewhere soft, I hope, have you got the time? Why? Because I want to know when we’ll arrive. Well how high up are we, erm..

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do you even care what I want, do you even think for a second, I reckon, all you know is yourself
selfishness, that’s your definition, I think you have some serious condition, for which there is no cure, you’ll have to take the door and get the hell out of this place, I can’t stand that look on your face,.

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.15.2012 @ 4:35 am

I have ambition, i keep it in a jar, behind the fear, so I can get to that easier,
I keep it far, far away because then I won’t have to use it, I know I have to go through the fear to get to it now, but I don’t know what it is I have to do, or how, how to start.

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.15.2012 @ 4:33 am

I don’t know how it got there, how it came to be, or it’s name,
take it up in my hand, I did, I asked it, from where is it you came
it didn’t answer, it had no mouth, but it felt warmer, somehow.
I rolled it ‘cross the floor, to see if it had direction, it didn’t, it bounced the boards up and down as it came to an end, the sun shone down on it.

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.15.2012 @ 4:31 am

I want that sand, that blue sky, I want the only thing I never got, and I want it now
I can’t wait, I don’t know how.
I want to take myself away from this prosaic, monotonous life
what I’ll do there, no idea, where it’ll be, really, really no idea, but chances are it’ll be hard.

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.15.2012 @ 4:29 am

want is how you get, no, take is the way
but if I take they won’t give back, I hear you naively say
but what else do they know of your desires, unless you make them known,
without this gain you’ll lose your worth, no more than skin and bone, then teach me, teach me to procure these saintly, wonder-traits,
well, then go by a ticket, £60, by the gate.

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.15.2012 @ 4:27 am

What is it? It’s the Sun, it’s sand under your feet with the sun, it’s smooth shells against the balls of your toes on the sand with the sun? It’s just a Twix man, relax

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The gluttony of it, he just passed the stuff through his mouth straight into his stomach i swear he didn’t even want it, well you lost fair and square, yes but I didn’t know I was going to. He’s barfing it up, look! well i don’t want it now, take it to the carwash, they’ll sort it out, I don’t know if it’ll be big enough there, well then throw it from the top of the

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.15.2012 @ 4:24 am

The thing is tall, I don’t know how long it’d take me to reach the bottom, but that’s how I’ll find out I’ll jump, but don’t try and catch me, clouds, I’ll destroy you with my weight, it’s kind but I’ll not be long til I reach them down there, they’re taking photos, perhaps they’d like a close up huh, perhaps they’d like to catch the glint in my eyes

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Where’s the giraffe. It’s over there look it’s beautiful, yeah, quite, I don’t know I kind of prefer the fire hydrant, why on earth would you BECAUSE ITS RED ok man, calm it. so what does it do, sings i think, well? no, well better than me but that’s saying little, ok we’ll take one? fuck off, we’ll take 12, it’ll be a choir, but I , ok, no giraffe.

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.15.2012 @ 4:19 am

I don’t know where the can has gone. I left it at the temple, and the only way I know how to find it is to take it it to the concert hall and scream from the top of my lungs, so what can I do, you’ll have to leave without me, I”d catch you up but the man with the plan has come to an end

» Posted By Joey Nguyen-Thomas On 08.15.2012 @ 4:14 am

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