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‘What is this witchcraft?’, her father chuckled in mock bewilderment, examining the gleaming piece of technology before him. Rosa sighed theatrically but could not hide her smile. The birthday gift seemed to be a success after all, and just for a moment it had seemed like everything was going to be okay.

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wealth of nations
what do i have
what do i want
what is enough
time is
is there really any such thing

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Wealth. He strove for this for so long, forgetting that the trip was what was important, And that we all die we all have zero.

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Again with the stagnation, nation, stag who knows. I once was a young man but never a stag. I once knew a nation, but now i know a stagnation.

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tired he struggled up and up until he could go no more, it was then that he saw the end was near, and without any hesitation he jumped looking down and he entered into the last place he ever expected to find himself.

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The eulogy was short and informal. Gazing around the room, Emily guessed that at least half of the shabbily dressed guests had never even spoken to Colin, and almost certainly none had ever loved him.

She had never felt so very alone.

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I already submitted this about five times! This website sucks.

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A collar is an interesting thing. Back in the old days, collars used to be separate to the shirt. Now, they’re attached to it. In most cases, the shirts have no collars. What would the ancients have thought about us?

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‘Are you involved in this?’

Her tone was high and reverberated around the cramped space, their promise of whispering long forgotten. Her outrage was clear. The fear which Michelle also detected in the accusatory question was only as a result of knowing her mother so well.

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The unsalted butter lay on the table between them, a solitary blemish on the otherwise clear and pristine marble. Brian had already forgotten why he had asked for it.

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Jobs, duties, problems, etc.

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We all think we are deserving. What exactly that is depends. The good, caring, morally upright people of the world think they are deserving of a wealth of pleasures and good fortunes because of their respectable ways.

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I like foreign films

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The falcon hung in the air as it glided through a turn, beautifully defiant in its overcoming gravity with such magnificance. Its eyes searched the ground unseen to those below, and sudennly it dived.

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Oh how I wish I knew how to play. I can remember taking lessons from my uncle when I was very young. I can’t help but wonder how things would be if I could have continued learning. I could be amazing on the instrument right now!

I keep telling me one day I will continue to learn. maybe one day I will!

I would really love to in order to be able to delve deeper into my music…writing and performing. Maybe even teaching it. Who knows what the road ahead holds? I certainly don’t. All I can do is do the one foot in front of the other thing and keep the forward momentum at this point.

I do feel there is a good future waiting for me to arrive into it.

Music will always be a huge part of my life, no matter what the rest of the future holds. I will never be a star. That is not what it is about with me. It is communication for me. Between me & God; between me and others and between my physical me and my spiritual me. That is where it is for me.

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models on a catwalk, catwalk your way through life, work it girl, sashay chantay!! batgirl and cat woman dueling their walks of life out on the cat walk…slinky sexy slurry into the sexy night with g

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I am eligible to do great things through God. He has chosen me to be his servant . I choose to seek one word to reveal what he would like me to do this year, for and through him

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Pleasant Grove. Huh. Like, is there an Unpleasant Grove somewhere? (Likely in Arizona, because not too many pleasant things come out of Arizona. I can say this since I grew up in the deserts there.)

Also, why do people in this county never say “Pleasant Grove”? Or “American Fork”? Yet, they’ll say the full names of the towns out here. Weird.

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“Nothing could compare to that afternoon in the grove,” he thought as he lay on his death bed.

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“Have you no dignity sir?!”
“Well. I guess I do. Why?”
“Only a man with no dignity would walk around here naked as the day he was born!”
“Hey pal. This is a locker room.”
“Well. You need to cover yourself then.”
“In the name of dignity?”
“Yes! In the name of dignity!”

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Merciful. I’ve never felt that I understood the meaning of the word until I saw the glint off the knife in that alley. I was on the other side of the coin now and I was praying for him to be merciful. Coward. That’s what I thought in my head. But I moved forward anyway.

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My dear Aunt Par. She was the most amazing woman I have ever known. We all wondered where she was going the day she walked out the door. Perhaps the backpack filled with her favorite possessions should have been a clue. Now we’ll never know…

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Aunt Emmalynn McGander was an amazing woman. The day she left home with nothing but a knapsack filled with her life’s work over her shoulder is a story my father told us often. I’ll never forget the look on this face each time he told it.

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Toewring high above me was this huge redwood tree. In the top a bird had built a nest and i wanted to rent it for the view. I had never negotiated a rental contract with a bird before.

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I almost avoided today’s word. What is this feeling that if I do this something good will come? Why should I want to avoid a mere sixty seconds of writing? Well I can’t say I know.

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Values. One can have values, and then behave completely differently. Are values the source of anger? Some anger. Anger itself is a strange emotion.

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grateful. Know gratitude. Know salvation. Great saying. Today I’ll try to be more grateful.

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forefront. What is on the forefront of my mind? forefront. fivefront, sixfront … well that doesn’t work. This is a tough word – a non-react-to kind of word.

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I used to think I didn’t have enough personality for radio. I still don’t know what kind of personality I have. Don Rickles amazes me, as do Robin Williams and Jim Carry. Is there room in their world for anyone else? Do they so totally dominate with their personalities?

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