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Sickness, misfortune, disaster… when something went terribly awry, something far beyond the control of any mortal, every finger in town still pointed towards one shadowy figure. Every voice spoke in hushed tones of fault and power and fear, but it was all tempered by a strange relief, a sort of subdued reassurance in the very act of blaming. It was less frightening for them to assign responsibility to something solid, someone on whom justice could be brought, rather than to accept that some things simply happen. A storm can be crueler than any man and yet you cannot hold it morally responsible. To make a man a storm… he may become a god in the public eye, but even gods can fall. And so every crisis was another black mark against the bogeyman they had created, a soul imagined to hold all sourceless sins, a nebulous being damned to eternal offense. The people were placated by their attributions, but they had no sense of their own responsibility… for myths and legends eventually gain strange lives of their own, and what then, if their child of guilt were to gain awareness of the injustice against it? What then, if their scapegoat proclaimed itself a lamb? Could the people learn to see a different hand dealing, a different hand dealt?

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Her heart was a fortress, a battlement of cathedral spires, soaring spiked and indomitable into the violet skies of her life, spearing every rebel angel that dared approach.
Her fists were cornerstones. Her voice was a thousand calls to war, a thousand shouts of victory.

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A heavyset man in a crisp white suit sat and watched the skytrains rumble outside his office. His desk was positioned directly opposite a grand floor-to-ceiling bank of windows, giving him a perfect view of the metropolitan docking stations, of their elegantly spiraling silver “rails” flowing out into the sky, and most of all, of the trains themselves– strange fluid engines that appeared more molten than machine, technology that blurred the line between automated and alive.
He was pondering this when the room intercom light blinked on, washing the white decor with a deep blue glow, and a splash of hasty clattering static from the speakers.
“Sir,” a voice immediately sputtered into the air, just as shaky as it was awestruck, “–Train #0076 has derailed.”
At this the suited man sat up straight, his eyes widening. “Derailed?” he repeated simply, as if he was convincing himself it was true. He was used to surprise news, but this…
“Yessir,” came the jittery reply.
He let himself sink back into his chair, unsure whether to worry or wonder, especially since the latter was already flooding him. A skytrain derailing was no ordinary situation, nor was it an accident. It was, instead, a rare and incredible incident when a particular train disengaged itself from its winding rail… and began to float along its own invisible path, entirely unprogrammed. To see one derailing a year was incredibly lucky, but the event was so unique– and so important to those who studied such inexplicable technological behavior– that it was constantly whispered about by those inside the industry, and the possibility never left anyone’s head entirely.
To think, that it was happening right now–
“I’ll be right there,” he spoke, and turned off the intercom channel, the only blue left in the room caught in his eyes. They turned to face the windows once more, and then he jumped up from his chair without a second glance, and rushed out the door.

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A soldier clad in gold stood alone, his people huddled in hope and fear behind him, facing the hordes of ghastly invaders now gathered at their city’s doorstep.
He was not afraid. There was a might within him that was greater than any force, any show of vicious strength, any martial grandeur they could throw at him.

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“I don’t really mind when they call us a psycho,” the white-haired boy murmured in the dark, to violet eyes across the room. “You know why?”
“I’ve got a feeling, kid,” the bandaged warrior replied. “Fill me in.”
He smiled, brightly but vaguely, gaze still unfocused somewhere above his knees. “It’s the word root,” his voice glowed. “Greek. ‘Psykhe.’ It means soul. I know that’s not what they’re getting at, there’s a lot of mutation in the word history, but…”
The boy looked up then, visage bright as sunlight scattered across the ocean. “I like it. It’s all about the spirit, the mind, both. Deep down stuff. The real stuff, that burns down in your bones like harp strings. Everything that turns the dark night of the soul into the lightshow of the century. Things like…” he paused, softly. “…Like you.”
The violet one smiled at that, a genuine spontaneous thing, her eyes like neon turned down low.
“Kind of makes the bad days worth it, huh?” she mused.
The boy laughed at that, just as suddenly, just as sincerely.
“Kind of?” His voice was a cathedral bell. “Laurie. With you, there are no bad days.”
She grinned at that, widely. “Psycho.”
“That’s the point!”

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“Sacrificing your own honor in order to honor another,” she growled, “means there’s no longer any ‘honor’ in the equation at all. Do you realize that?”
The boy in the chair was silent, his body crumpled in on itself like a rejected script.

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The flowers were made of glass. Stretching on for what seemed like miles in the sunlight, they carpeted the world with a glittering delicacy, catching the glow and holding it within their translucent hearts as if it had been born there. There were thousands– a sea of jubilant fragility.
Moved to silence, the traveler knelt to inspect a single rose more closely, awestruck by the hues. The perfectly-formed leaves were a luminous green; the petals were richly red, glossy and deep. Other flowers shone just as gloriously all around him– here, a blue to rival the sky; here, a yellow as vivid as joy… here, a triumphant violet, a stunning pink, a white as glossy as the moon on water.
He gently brushed his calloused brown fingers along an emerald stem, smooth as an ocean stone, and a tender smile crinkled his face. What wonders. What a beautiful place.

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“Dude, your family’s got the weirdest shit in the kitchen,” Deon commented over the television’s background chatter. “Never even heard of half that stuff. Can’t even tell what half of it even is. Glad I don’t live here, man, imagine my looking for lunch in THAT Pandora’s Box of a pantry.” He good-naturedly elbowed Santiago in the ribs. “I’d probably end up opening a literal can of worms, am I right?”
“That or a can of wormholes,” Santiago mumbled from where he was sprawled across the motheaten couch, eyes locked on the TV as he rubbed his side absentmindedly. “We’ve got enough of those too.”
Deon let out a huff of laughter. “Psh, yeah, that would be a nightmare! Imagine: You get the munchies and end up halfway across the galaxy.”
Santiago glared up at him through a curtain of rusty dreads. “It’s no laughing matter, bro.”
“Dude. Chill,” the bro in question reassured him. “They don’t even make canned wormholes, except maybe in bad sci-fi films. You’re not gonna end up stranded on Alpha Centauri for misreading a label. That’s literally impossible.”

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The syringe glittered like a prism in the sunlight, strangely glossy and luminous, unlike anything he’d ever seen before.
“What’s that you got there,” a young scruffy man with a shaky voice inquired from where he sat, fingers tapping, on the side of a patient bed, as the doctor lifted the needle to squint at it in concentration.
“Very potent healing serum,” he replied matter-of-factly, pushing the plunger until the strange liquid dripped from the needle like dew, “very exclusive, very rare. We derive it from unicorn tears. So as you can imagine, it’s–”
“Oh please!” The patient scoffed, with a laugh that was half jeering, half hysteric. “You can tell me what it is, doc. I’m not a kid you’ve gotta make up stories for. I can handle the truth.” Yet he swallowed hard even as he said it.
“I just did,” the doctor responded with unusual gravity, and the man’s insides shook. “Better learn to handle it better, I might suggest, or it’s going to be much more difficult for you to adjust to your sudden transition.” He lifted the needle like a single horn. “I understand the shock, but keep this in mind… some worlds are more magical than others, and this is one of them.”
He smiled, showing a mouth full of teeth no human had any right to have.
“Now hold out your arm. This might tingle a little.”

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She had heard of leaving a trail of breadcrumbs, sure, but this was something else– a line of floury white footprints leading from her kitchen’s back door into the deep woods.
The girl stooped down to look closely at them, puzzled. They weren’t even shoe marks, but impressions of bare feet, and they were surprisingly solid, as if every step had been freshly powdered. Even curiouser, there were tiny brown speckles dusted through every mark. Hesitantly, she dabbed a fingertip to one and tasted it. Her eyebrows arched as she identified not just the obvious flour but also cinnamon, nutmeg, and– was that a hint of clove? Had to be. She’d recognize that flavor anywhere.
The girl stood back up, furrowing her brow and humming a low note of consideration. This is the sort of thing they write fairy tales about, she mused. I’d best be careful…

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“You’ve stolen my heart” was the sole speechless thought on the mans mind as he fell shakily to his knees, woozy with euphoric shock, hands clutching his sodden red shirt with all the ardor of a bridegroom. You actually stole it! How–?
But the creature before him– and what better word was there for you than creature, beloved created thing, breath of God wrapped in bones– was silent. Blood was murmuring in rivers down its velvet arms, black as night, black as the centers of his eyes. Black as love. God, what–
He watched and breathed as the being moved, blinked, lazily shifted its cradled arms and the man gasped as raw flesh met new starlight. There’s something that should be inside of me touching something that should be outside of everything, his mind flickered like confetti under a stage light. God. If he ever got it back he knew he’d never be the same, he’d have the fingerprints of angels under his ribs, butterfly-dust of galaxies in his veins, a rush of wingbeats in his ears–
You stole it, he laughed again, then sobbed. Did not. I gave it to you. Everything. How could I not?
The beloved thief sighed in its sanguine rapture. The man felt every atom of it.

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What does it truly mean, to “tame” a beast, she thought? What does one expect of such a creature? Surely the wildness in their heart has not abated. The creature sleeping and sighing under her hand was no less fierce than he had been before they had met, a terribly passionate thing running unfettered through the leagues of green around her home. Yet now he was content to lie on the floors of the same castle he once spat upon, suddenly shockingly gentle as he snored.
The princess smiled, softly, tenderly. Perhaps that was what it truly meant, to “tame” a beast. Perhaps it simply meant that here, with her, he felt no desire to bare his fangs. Here, there was no war, no danger. With her, he could afford to be tame… and so could she.

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Like a flower, like a book, like a great ream of silk, it opened– it rolled, like a wave of sea water. He felt it collapsing within his ribs; opening, closing, opening again… a great roiling truth that had been loosed, never again to be overlooked or forgotten.
The future had been unhooked. The possibility of tomorrows had been promised, all at once, in a rush like something gold and rich and sharply cold. Life was unfolding, unfolding, like a toy in a child’s hands, like a heart coiled up into itself, like a butterfly burst forth from the womb of death.
There was a glow on the horizon, a great crescendo of jubilant roses, and it would never fall again.

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He ran along the side of the train tracks, gulping air in great mouthfuls. The air was beginning to chill with the onset of night. He had to hurry. Once darkness fell, he would not only lose visibility, but what he was looking for might not be findable anymore.
The man’s feet kicked up gravel as he skidded to a sideways halt, hopping a little to regain his balance as he immediately shot forwards at a right angle. Three seconds later he collapsed to his knees, laughing breathlessly, excitedly.
Before him was a great silver train. It was oddly futuristic, all curves and sweeping edges, its gleaming metallic form brushed to a shine that was still unblemished. Its impeccable structure stood in stark contrast to the position it was in: it lay in a haphazard jumble, tangled and twisted upon the rusty tracks as if it had been thrown upon them by a particularly large and angry child.
Most notably, though, was the fact that this entire mess of locomotion was only visible from a certain spot on the railroad tracks.
The man reached up from his awed position, suddenly tempted to run his hands over that beautiful wreck. He was dying to know whether or not it could be touched, but the ghostly nature of the engine seemed to loom over his own corporeality and he could not help but hesitate. The thought of flesh and bone meeting that strange metal was undeniably disconcerting. What sort of reaction would that trigger? Would the train disappear from view for good? Would he? Would something even worse happen? The man didn’t want to risk it, so he lowered his hands and stood resolutely back up. His curiosity had been dampened, but his sense of purpose was not. He had sought out this strange machine for a reason, and he would have to trust his eyes rather than his hands for now, no matter how bizarre this situation appeared to them…

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In the crook of his arm the shepherd held it, like a glossy sort of egg, like a too-large marble, a globe unhinged and placed there as gently as a child. It hummed like a midnight tune as he rocked it softly. His eyes glowed as green as its lush surface, as blue-swift as its rivers and oceans. It was his world, his darling blessed world, his beloved sphere.

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She had woken up without her plush rabbit, and rubbing her eyes, was surprised to find him missing from both her bed and bedroom. With a small, exhausted stretch, she stumbled out into the hallway, tiny fists scrubbing at the corners of her eyes, ears ringing dimly in the unnatural silence. Peeking into her parents room, she whispered for a reply, but received only a snore. Tired and a little miserable, she shut the door and padded further down the hall.
Then, turning the corner to the living room, she saw him.
Moonlight was streaming in through the curtains, painting the familiar room in hues of alien silver, washing everything in secrecy. And there was her rabbit, sitting on the couch, his little black eyes brighter than any buttons had the right to be.
She stood still for a moment, holding her breath, as her toy glittered in the dark. Was she dreaming? Was she awake?
Lifting a tiny paw, her rabbit waved.
And smiling, blissfully ignorant of time, the girl approached.

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She was an instigator, she always had been. Dropping matches into teapots. Leaving spice jars untapped. Searing bright promises across plaster walls. She sang like a kettledrum with sequins in it.
Every step she took brought flowers. Every name she touched burst into light. Every day she walked into was enraptured, left topsy-turvy and jubilant.
Her eyes could instigate a revolution of the heart. Her name could change your life.

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“So I just learned that, I’ve got this extended cousin I never knew about, an’ everyone calls him “Bagel.” She laughed, running tiny candlestick fingers through her cotton candy hair, flashing a silver-studded smile. “An’ I said, if his name really is “Bagel,” why the hell haven’t we been introduced yet? Gotta be an interesting guy with a name like that.” She giggled again, like a kid at a birthday party, and shifted her perpetually shoeless legs. “Seriously! Who names their kid after breakfast food?”

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Reams of paper crashed onto the floor in sun-bleached waves as I struggled to swim through the thoughts that threatened to drown me. A burble of strangled speech reached my ears but I was preoccupied with clutching my sandbar of a pen, praying that I could pull myself to shore. But the tide, the unrelenting tide, swept over my shaking hands and spilled incomprehensibly onto the shore, leaving great black stains that threatened to swallow what little I had left to hold on to.
The pen slipped from my fingers and I dived madly at it, choking on the saltwater that had suddenly slammed into my lungs, when I was suddenly yanked from the waves and tossed onto warm sand. I looked up, dazed, and met eyes like seashells.
“Why must you always overwhelm yourself with work like this?”
I wiped the ink from my shivering hands.
“It’s either that or drown.”

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2AM. A dying yellow cathode buzzed above my head. The sick light slid down into the grimy bathroom mirror and sputtered backwards to catch in my hair like spiderwebs, painting my skin the color of last week’s obituaries.
I stood perfectly still. The mirror couldn’t see what my hands gripped desperately, shaking and white-knuckled, below the rim of the cracked ceramic sink, and although I would never admit it I was glad to not see it staring back at me.
My heart was flailing like a dying insect. I mentally told it to shut up, to stop making me sicker than I already was, but its frantic throes persisted.
The buzzing light was swallowing even the silence. It felt as if time had keeled over sideways. What was my name again? Did it even matter?
Cold metal shivered between my fingers. I closed my eyes.

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Twilight, deep and heavy as the ocean, collapsed upon the barren land. A lone violet shadow rippled across waves of stone, parched white monuments that had not tasted rain in years.
Tiny pinpoints of blood marked his footprints like dying stars as his eyes desperately swept the heavens for familiar constellations. He found nothing but blue– terrible, gasping depths of blue, flooding his eyes and lungs with smoke-thick shade.
The only spark of life for miles trudged on through the suffocating night. He imagined the thick clouds cracking open, pouring sweet light and rain down upon his dusty face, but the air was silent as a tomb.
Morning would come again, eventually.
Another step. Another. Once more…
The landscape of bone was dusted with rubies.

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Flashes of red and pink were dancing in the corners of her eyes, filling her with a strange and impossible hope. For too long, she had simply stood and watched like this. How many years had she spent, praying and wishing and trying until her bones ached, looking to the skies for an answer? But now that the moment was here, was it worth taking a chance? Or was she really going to spend another lifetime waiting?
No… she refused to wait any longer. If there were going to be any miracles today, they would be wrought by her hands, clenched in determined fists.
I do belong here, she told herself. I am worth something. I can do this.
And this time, as diamonds sparked to life within her, she believed it.

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I stood at the threshold of the Cathedral and watched in serene silence as tar-blade shadows wound about my feet. I did not resist, nor would I fight back when its imminent onslaught crashed into my bones. Its seething rage sunk metaphorical teeth into my veins but I stood fast, ignoring my trembling hands. I had survived our first encounter, had I not?
Two months had passed since then and my blood still beat within these walls, silent but strong, deep red within white, an invincible truth that this tainted shade could never defile. This atrium had not ruptured, despite the scars that lined my arms… indeed, it was only my virtue of their agony that I could now breathe, clear and faithful, in the shadow of death itself. Its devotion to my ruin had instead brought about a rebirth… a miracle manifested in the small child now entering the Cathedral behind me.
The tar rose up then, frenzied and screaming, utter destruction its only thought, but its loss was already guaranteed. In that moment, as the first blow rushed towards me, I knew that we could not lose. No one would die here tonight, not in this holy twilight. This was our atonement; we would not be forsaken.
And now, it was time to begin…

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And then the city was alight.
Reduced to nothing, burning away.
Then sparkling, glowing, reborn.
Destruction healed.
And you and I, together, above it all.

We had our wings, our stellar bodies, and you smiled.
Too weak to stand, we held each other,
never wanting to let go again.
You were crying and smiling, as clear as the light.
I’ll never forget the conviction in your voice.
“I can’t wait until I finally see you.”

Whatever the future holds,
As long as I remember this truth,
I will never fall.
We will all see the stars again.

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Something was wrong.
Those three words, unsettling as they were, could never describe the way his very presence sent spasms of dread through my veins. And yet there he was, sitting across the room from me even now, sepulchral eyes staring into an inner world no one else could perceive. I wondered if he even knew I was there.
He was indisputably, irreparably divided, that was evident. Not conflicted, disorganized, or alienated, although those were indeed true as well: no, he was split in half to a depth I could not fathom. His heart had been dimidiated, and he had been left with nothing but sinister scars, memories of wounds suffered for the sake of a love not forgotten, but denied in agony.
The algorithms of his existence were all wrong, I decided. No matter how many times his shattered mind was plugged into the system, an answer could not be found. There were no solutions to his madness, only a sole hope of restoration, the impossible dream of a long-dead counterpart and the ashes of tortured faith.
He stared on, seeing nothing. It was all he had left.

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I was told that there would be blood; there would be tears, and sweat, and disaster beyond knowing. I was assured of our total failure, of catastrophe, of defeat.
I did not doubt this, when I saw the blade pressed against your throat, burning cold with inexorable sacrifice. I did not question this, as you screamed into the unfeeling night with an anguish no mortal soul could fathom.
I prayed for sleep as the shadows danced about my feet, dripping tar-pink fever dreams and bile. You never tired as you pursued them, hands stained dark beneath old bandages and scars, every last thread seared with bitter fury.
The years dragged on, and we followed suit, white and red and violet rage beneath a sunless sky. Our death had been guaranteed, but in spite of eternity, an impossible life dripped from my arms, leaving breadcrumb hopes in the soulless dust. You watched them wordlessly, as great black stains crept across your body, hidden by the void pulled tight about your shoulders.
It was a strange comfort, to know that I could gaze unafraid into your blazing eyes.
After all, promises were made to be broken.

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It was one in the morning, and yet time had ceased to exist.
True, the reality of space still lingered within my worn-out bones, but even that was tenuous now, slipping away in the morning hours like blood into a drain.
My eyelids fluttered under the weight of exhaustion, adamant in their refusal to welcome sleep. I had been surviving as a mote in the threads of society for the past twelve hours– an eternity now, a tick of the dying second-hand now– and I had no intention of escaping this transient state of being. This freedom from existence itself was all that mattered.
The sparse few souls around me slept, sprawled out across hard carpets, collapsing into unfeeling chairs. I sat alone beneath a symphonic fractal and breathed, forgetting what it was like to be somebody, and smiled.
Time had ceased to exist, and so had I.
And within that impossible cosmic event, I was infinite.

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A few seagulls careened past my window, casting fluttering shadows across my perpetually catastrophic work desk. I sat alone on my bedsheets, rumpled from another restless nights sleep, and listened intently. I wasn’t quite sure why I was suddenly struck by the typical silence surrounding my life, as I usually put great effort into shifting my attention away from it. Still, I guess you can only go so long before the understated gravity of such things broadsides you.
The sudden sound of birdwings was oddly comforting in light of those resurfacing thoughts, reminding me that benevolent life still existed outside of this lonely place I called home… outside and close enough to touch, which was more than I could say for the few other lives I treasured. I was at least close enough for the birds to seek solace in. As for my source of hope, well…
I let out a sigh, trying to sound nonchalant about it, but the sudden ache in my ribs spited me, too sharp and real to stay hidden in there. For a moment I frustratedly considered running to the window and telling those damn seagulls about it, but that would’ve been criminally uncool. True, the puppets scattered around my lonely room had heard about this a hundred times before, but I didn’t feel like repeating myself, even for the sake of alleviating this recurring melancholy.
See, shouting into the void wasn’t an issue. The ocean depths beyond these four walls couldn’t respond, and didn’t seem to care all that much anyway. The real problem was that I stored my secrets in my fingertips, and maybe I was secretly too used to this silence to risk forever shattering it, even if I’d never admit that, not even to the gulls.
The problem was that you can only live under such pressure for so long, and I knew that my heart had already started to crack.
What irony.
Sometimes it really sucked to be the last man on earth.

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I’d often wondered what I would sacrifice, just to experience immortality at her hands. She was a goddess of creation, terrible and wonderful; she was a sunbeam, turning the dust of the world into gold, and everything she gazed upon was transformed.
She made it look so simple, so elegant… but I knew better. I had tried to imitate her magic once and the beauty had nearly killed me.
And yet I knew, with absolute certainty, that she could take my broken bones and weave them into a masterpiece.
It would only take a moment, and my soul would be forever illuminated.
A smile turned the corners of her mouth ever so lightly, and she raised her camera once more, preparing to bring beauty into the world anew.

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The evening sky glimmered far above, bruised violet and starlit red, wrapped tightly with fishing-line threads of cloud. He thought it looked like a dying god; some great, magnificent thing, bleeding to death in the twilight of the world.
Kind of like me, was his next thought, as he weakly shrugged a pair of bony shoulders. The wires pulled tighter in response, scattering another layer of bloodied scales to the dirt floor. They lay in a pitiful mosaic around his feet, glittering like dying stars.
He did not look at them. He was trying not to show the pain that seared along his freakish spine, burying itself between his temples like a parasite.
Still, a being like him could bear the pain, the solitude, the shadows. The humiliation of being trapped was but a splinter. Yes, it would have been useless to keep him here, bound in the bowels of the earth, under any other circumstances.
But his eyes were locked on the wounded sky.
This, indeed, was the cruelest torture.
His shoulders moved again, in the memory of stolen wings, and the wires cut deeper.

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