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Trapped in a cage, I can’t see. Where am I? There’s many cages around me; I can hear the prisoners, clapping the bars and screaming for freedom. The smell is heavy with bodies and caramel. I can’t see, but I know I am in hell.

» Posted By Jessica Williams On 02.05.2017 @ 12:08 am


The word “medical” reminds me of the time when I was considering medicine as a college major. I was in high school and in love with the ER show, specifically George Clooney’s character; the pediatrician. So I took tons of bio and anatomy in HS ready to be on the pre-med track in college. Once I started college, I decided medicine was not for me and went to the business/technology track.

» Posted By Jessica Williams On 02.22.2012 @ 8:27 pm

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