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She always felt like there was something closing in on her. They were different things every time – deadlines, dates, the arms of her lovers, one after another. But inside she knew they were all the same, something dark and black looming in on her, and she could only hold her breath and still the quivering of her mind as it passed.

She longed for something different, some sort of closing in that she desired and savored. The only thing she could do was to draw her curtains and wrap herself up in her many layers of sheets and comforters, another stifling thing closing in around her, and think about what she could have been.

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she danced in large swooping circles as she painted; rather, she painted as she danced. you wouldn’t have known that she was even dancing in circles unless you viewed her from above, maybe in an aeroplane or a bladed helicopter, or if you were flying on one of those – contraptions, as she danced herself into colored contractions (fin).

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by the time he’d submerged himself fully in the cold water, his fingertips were already beginning to numb and tingle. it was okay, though, because he liked it. it made him feel clean and full of straw and sunlight and warm sunny mountain slopes. it made him feel like he was right in his existence. it wasn’t like there was blood on his hands or anything, he told himself.

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he swiped, tapped, dragged, scaled. there were a million things he could do, and a million things he could do without doing them. he looked up, and in the sky (the color of a raw fish, in trefalgar) he could see the harpies doing their erratic dance. he sighed. the signal had died again, and when he pressed “reconnect,” nothing happened.

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she rose up from the ashes of the old city, with curving passages and blacking marbled on the sidewalks, the city that was built around the fleeting woman who barely existed. in every corner she was there (and ought to have been), yet she was not, but she was embedded in the heart of the city, yet she was not.

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she snuggled up with her orange cat named roark and her macbook and she’d type away on long grey afternoons that faded so quickly into nights, with the laptop propped up on her stomach and roark pawing at her socks (the old thick fleecy ones that she really should wash).


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in her straight gray skinnies and that sort-of-loose-but-mostly-tight jacket she looked anything but. inside, though, everything was rainbow, and sometimes she could hear the echoes of her soul, at night, when the moonlight sliced through blinds she’d forgotten to close, onto her bare feet.

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he smiled and drew more circles. was this what it felt like to be a god? he built chess-boards that weren’t really chess-boards and moved the pieces at will, without law. (with law, he’d later revise it to say, but by his laws only.) it took a while to remember his name, and even then, he still felt indecent naming himself. he shouldn’t really have existed. he was only there to be a divine mover, indeed.

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her eyes narrowed in a delicious way. first the only thing he could see was the movement of her eyelashes, which weren’t long or feathery but simply fine, and the very slight shadow it cast on the soft skin beneath her eye. then he could see the lightly speckled tinge of her eyelid move in a precise and even movement, without jitters – only down.

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she fluttered lightly in the murky air but all he could focus on was the tips of her wingfeathers – the long broad ones at the very ends of her wings, and the tips where the fine fibers branched out from the slim frame. it was almost like the way she looked at him, when her eyelids were so near-closed that her eyelashes drew winglike impressions on those cheekbones.

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when he asked her she responded without actually saying anything. the brush of her mahogany hair, the way her lavender eyes sparkled in the morning, the little cooing noise she made as her head just brushed his elbow. it was endearing as hell.

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she rose up and there were leaves on her pillow, and in bare feet she pranced around the meadow, cream silk swaying in the warmest of breezes. flowers tickled her face and small robins chirped. instead she got up and put on her slippers, then stripped and stepped into the streaming shower.

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they rose up above him, the city growing in the midst of his body, and he twirled with folded hands because it made him feel beautiful. to climb the streets by night and the buildings by day, that was his dream. to read each paper and sign in the dimming light of the streetlamps while eating the dragonfruit bought off the street vendors, well that was the love of his life.

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they danced intertwined like swans. the light fell on his small pretty ears just as it hit the hem of her dress, where the coquettishly ruffled collar was arranged carefully to hide and hint at anything below that point. this light came from an outlandishly butterfly-like aperture in the ceiling, where the moon shone directly overhead, a mystery and a love.

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he winked and pulled the bird out from beneath his jacket. the feathers fluttered a little bit (not gracefully, but instead in weird and sideways directions) and the small mean beady eyes flickered like a dying lamp. at once she felt something strange and eerie come over her. what was this supposed to mean? she shivered and walked away, not knowing what to think.

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he wove the fabric out of threads of plot, each one shining vibrant hues, some more dun than others. they formed something glowing and lacewing-fine, with small holes and loose threads, neatly knotted ends and skeins of string the precise color of autumn.

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her eyes were narrow like a fox’s. green fire and knifing glances, she darted to and fro, but only in her mind. she smiled, and sprang. the fox inside her burned with glee, and her long lithe legs danced in a blur of motion.

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they were the ones who jumped the line: in black and white and no uncertain shades of gray they lounged on the border and smiled little blackbird smiles at the ones crossing over. they’ve always been there and they’ll always be there as far as we know. don’t worry about being quiet when you cross. they always wink and say, “i did it long ago, and i did it yesterday, too. good luck, love.”

and you cross.

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“suppose,” she says slowly, tapping her perfect lips with a perfect finger. “suppose you were me?”

you feel a redness in your cheeks. with your dark hair and your dark eyes, you’ve never felt so out of place. “what – why?”

she winks a perfect green eye at you. “because you’ll have to. and maybe because you are.”

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when he fell, he took her with him. her dark hair and his dark hair blew in the wind. the mountain smiled. one by one, their shoes fell off their feet – her gilded sandals, his canvas slippers; finger by finger, their hands unraveled too, and suddenly the air was the only thing that connected them.

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she swings around, blond hair whipping in the alpine wind. “you didn’t expect me to do that, did you?” the basket of eggs still balanced precariously on her shoulder, she takes off like a bird around the mountain, thin hard legs lifting with the precision of a magician. the world quivers, and you know, for the first time and the last, that you have just fallen in love.

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the air sizzled, like potatoes in the fryer. there was pink in the trees and pink in the roses and pink in the sky, and the winds were full of fire. their lips never touched.

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the ship sailed into the cove; there was love and a half moon overhead. they splashed through the shallows onto the shore, and they lay in the folds of the land and climbed the mountains to look out on the bay. when they went back they built a village with little blond girls hanging from the trees and little blond boys playing hide and seek in the forests, and they smiled.

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they ran and jumped and dove off of the towers. there was war: sharp swords that sliced the steaming air so swiftly you couldn’t even see, strategy on the fortress while the lava monster roamed below, seeing if you could free the prisoners of war without getting tagged by the enemy. there were dreams made there, that disappeared, puff by puff, into the summery breeze.

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she sifted through the rocks, all fine fingers and fine dust. pebbles, and rocks, and sand coarser than her husband’s hair; the lights were off, the canvas curtains drawn, so that when it turned to dusk, she couldn’t even tell.

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i’ve written about this already. akajsdlfajsdkf bye. now i have to stare at this screen for another 54 seconds whyyy.

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she clutched the edges of her desk, flailed with her words, swung her legs, the legs that wouldn’t quite touch the ground. she stretched out the edges of her mouth, smiled her dazzling miss-multiverse smile, minced her words like she minced her steps. still he paid her no attention. she cursed loudly and flew up into the sky.

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her dark mahogany hair quivered as she nodded her head, green eyes wide. her lips, pulled down in a convincing pout. her voice was clear and strong, and when she raised her fingers in protests, the world fell before her feet. four foot eleven, she stood in the center of a revolution.

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they sailed in smoothly, the deep rocky water of the harbor far under them. by night the water was dark as wine. as they unloaded their goods – gold from the shores of east africa, heady-smelling blocks of tea from the deep east in canton and cathay, obsidian from the depths of asia. in the night the boxes were put on the dock, in the morning they were gone.

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he bounced higher and higher. “I’M FLYIIIIIIIIING,” he screamed, flapping his arms and losing his balance. he fell to the floor. “I’M FLYING!” his hand flailed weirdly, a mirage of a butterfly. “MY WINGS. MY WINGS!”

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