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The force is strong with this one, he thought, as he showed the new kid how to use the cash register. As if realizing he was thinking about her, the girl looked up, her blue eyes bright. If she had an aura, he thought, it’d be bright green.

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It was strange, she thought. one minute, living a life where she barely thought of this type of thing at all…and then, bam! On the way to the corner coffee shop to get her daily half venti mocha, everything changed.

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It was the way she pushed her hair out of her eyes, glancing sideways while nibbling a lip-glossed bottom lip that stuck him as childlike. Certainly not what he’d expected from a woman who’d…

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Colors she’d never imagined existed in nature obscured the sun. Vivid teals, emeralds, cobalts and golds, fluttered around her, bathed her in fluid light not unlike that of stained glass. She blinked, rubber her eyes. The peacocks had nested in her windowsill again.

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Building was the fun part. Discovering the perfect sand to water ratio for building. Constructing the turrets, digging the moat. The discovery that, though yards away from the sea, if you dug deeply enough, water would magically appear.

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