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Alice slid into her favourite armchair and pulled her blanket tighter. The days had been slowly getting colder and today seemed to be the day that the clouds would break and snow would come falling down. She always preferred the winter months because they carried about a stillness to the world that could not be found in other seasons. However, it was only made better as it gave people an excuse to cuddle, wear comfy sweaters and drink hot chocolate.

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The light bulbs pulsed on and off violently as the moaning zombies consumed their screaming prey. The little girl next to me rocked back and forth crying as my hands firmly cupped her ears. I told myself repeatedly not to look out the window where the bulbs flickering light gave short glimpses of the zombies newest snack who just happened to be my husband and the little girls father. I should have never left him behind. I should have dragged him away, fought the zombies, tried something… should have. could have. but didn’t. And now I was all alone with my daughter in a world consumed by zombies.

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She assisted the man of her dreams to his seat and gave him his menu, however today was different, though he was always friendly with her, today he was not alone and able to chat freely. She could not sit down and speak to him like she normally did, she could no longer fend off his loneliness because he had a girl with him, a beautiful perky little blonde, something she could never be. She gave the blonde her menu and offered to assist them with anything but instead the man who she had slowly fallen in love with for the past year turned to her and said; “Annie, I’d like you to meet my sister Nancy.”

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He gazed at her with an intensity that made her turn around. She searched for the hidden gaze but could not see the man hiding so well within the shadows. Her pace quickened as the feeling of someone watching worsened but the man simply followed from one rooftop to another. He would have her blood tonight.

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It felt great to feel the air swoosh past her legs as she swung them back and forth from where she sat quietly on her ledge. She had come here many times before just to ponder everything in the universe including her love for flying and yet how terrifying she is of it and of course it was also the most comfortable place to sit, but today it felt cold and unfamiliar, the clouds had begun moving in and a storm was brewing, she could tell by the cold win and the way the leaves curled to protect themselves in the trees far below. As Rachel stood up from where she had been sitting, she felt the slightest presence within her personal bubble and turned around to face her intruder who stood far too close for her liking. Suddenly his hand shoved outwards forcefully making her lose balance over the edge. “Embrace the wind as you’re on the way down.”

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Her plaid skirt swirled around her legs as she raced towards her school in a panic, how could she wake up so late on her first day of school, now the kids would surely notice her and that would totally ruin her plans of staying inconspicuous for however amount of time she would be staying. The plaid skirt and buttoned top she wore were merely a disguise she needed to fit in, do what she had to and then leave.

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She was barely sixteen and had no idea what a real witch was but somehow she found herself being accused of aiding a witch and that gave her a one way ticket to the burning infernos of the stake. They would torch her and her mother for witchcraft yet as she witnessed her mothers burning she suddenly felt the words flowing from her mouth, nothing that could be heard over the cheering of the crowd and the painful screams of her mother but suddenly it began to thunder and lightning was striking all the buildings till the whole town was set ablaze. She had torched the town and just about everyone inside it. Including everyone who had done her and her mother wrong, they had all died in that fire but somehow she had survived, unscathed.

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The telephone booth was small and could barely fit one person comfortably but they both managed to squeeze in, unfortunately she was stuck with the person she loved. She hoped he didn’t feel her heart beating so quickly against his chest as they both hid within the booth and she desperately hoped to get out before he realized how dirty and sweaty she had gotten from running through those large fields. She met his eyes and looked away trying her hardest not to show just how much she loved being that close to him and yet as she met his eyes again she found herself kissing him.

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The thief was a tall dark handsome man with a kind mannerism that proved time and time again that he could be trusted until that one day when all that womans money would magically disappear from the bank. He was such a sweet, handsome gentlemen the woman would say until of course, they would find themselves alone and poor with not a penny to their names. While he laughed it up in a new town, ready to spend till he had to restart with a new woman.

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