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She met her date at the movies. He was handsome. They decided on a horror movie. But after it would be over she would land in a horror movie of her own.

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He had been an over achever all his life. He never settled for the B in class, or the cornerback on the football team. That’s how it has always been for him. Win or go home. But that was all about to change for David.

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She could see into in his mind and it scared her at what she saw. He was a psycho. All the evil he had done she could see it.

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Today is the day we honor the man who lays before us. For if it was not for him than the battle with the Army of Dover would have been lost.

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The stall door in the restroom was hanging off its hinges from the attack that occurred earlier in the evening

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If she could she would undo the spell she cast. But it was too late and she could not find a spell to udo the one she had cast.

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Her perspective on the situation was different from the others in the room.

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The dual compartment of the car had a leather interior and was cherry red in color.

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The staue stood atop the building watching the people below go about their daily lives. He had been up on the roof for 200 years.

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She had the proof she needed to show the king that she was telling the truth. Now the only question was how was she going to get it to him

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She peeled the layer of skin back like you would an onion. It hurt like hell but she had to do it to survive.

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