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She was not there for charity. She needed help, but she was willing to work for it. She wanted to prove her bastard father wrong and make it in the world. But she did not forsee what she would have to become fornthat to work

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He deserved to die for his crimes the state had decided. For that he would die by hanging.

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He was entitled to a fair trial with a jury of his peers. But the the prosecution had other ideas for David.

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The radius of the planet was much bigger than expected by the scientist. He was astonished at how big it was.

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The one time he allowed his son to walk to school by himself, was the worse day of his life

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He was gazing off into the horizon, remembering of better times in his life. When suddenly he was jolted out of the memories by a loud bang.

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She calmly sat in the chair smoking the last cigeratte, as she watched him flail around on the floor dying

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He would venture to guess she did not know what it was like to be poor. He would show her what it was like

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He sought her out. She was the one, the one who would complete him. Now all he had to do was convince her.

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They huddled together in the corner of the darkened house. They were scared.

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The Randall Azbury was mounting their getting ready for the attack to come from Czech fleet. Hey had been at war for six days now.

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She quilted the blankeet and hung it on the wall. It told the story of her familys history.

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She was so frazzled that she dropped the gun, thankfully it didn’t go off for she forgot to put the bullets in it.

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The earrings hung from her lobes, sparkling in the sun. He enjoyed seeing them on her.

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Airport security has drastically changed in the years since the war

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She could not handle the lonliness anymore. She was going insane being cooped up in this room.

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The cutest guy in class asked her out and she was excited

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Dusk had come and the friends were having a good time.

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The withered old man sat there remebering of his past conquests. How he reveled in them.

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Level thirty one was one of those places you never wanted to go. It was haunted by the ghosts of the people who had lived there

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He had been in a coma for twenry years so it was no suprise his legs were lethargic

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It was the single regret he had in his 40 years of life. He should of married her, and now it was too late

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She fell down the stairway and when her body got to the bottom her head hit the floor with a sickening thud

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She declined his invatation to the party at the Grand Markview. She was glad she had or she would be dead with the rest of them

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She was a welcoming sight. When he opened his eyes, after being knocked to the ground, she wasstanding over him with a smile. Man is she gorgeous.

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She was interested in the book on the top shelf. She could see the title on the spine. It said “The Encyclopedia of Demons and How To Summon Them.”

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In her opinion her boss always acted like a adolescent. One day he came into the office and she him and laughed. The scene was so kafkaesque. He actually had turned into an adolescent overnight.

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The security system was easy to bypass and break into the office

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She did not support this crazy idea of his to pack everything up and move to Sirius 1. 6 hundred liht years from earth. No way in hell.

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He inspected the gold piece. He looked up and said to the kid behind the counter “son someone sold you fools gold”

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