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Super, trooper lights are going to find me, but I won’t feel blue. I’ll feel green with worry, grey with fear. I duck, weave and stumble my way around, avoiding the huge spotlight but to no prevail…I’ve been spotted.

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Katherine approached the Salvatore brothers, fangs bared.
“My darlings,” she coaxed, “it’s time for a …change”. A flash of teeth and it was all over for Stefan and Damon.

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Spyro bro. With the little lizards and the mice. Bro.

» Posted By Jenevieve On 01.01.2012 @ 5:33 pm


As Harry stood at the Burrow’s fireplace, he heard Mrs Weasley rousing Ron. He smiled to himself before yelling, “Diagon Alley,” and stepping into the green flames.

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As I hurry along the dark alley, I glance backwards, wary of my stalker. My breath is escaping me, my lungs are deflated. I can’t run forever.

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The thunder crashed above us. I concentrated on the spell, the wind sweeping my hair into my face. I stood on the peak of the cliff. The rain pelted onto my face, stinging slightly. Blue sparks erupted from my hands, dispersing themselves into the eye of the storm.

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There I stood in front of the mirror, my hand absent mindedly touching my scar that rippled across my stomach. It still hurt to touch. Bruises swelled beneath the white, lumpy skin. I cannot believe he would do this to me.

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Her gown fell onto the floor, as white as snow. She looked extravagant, beautiful. Her soft pale skin, her thin, pink lips. She smiled as the guests stood to welcome her down the aisle. She flushed faintly as her father accidently stepped onto the hem of her gown. And there he was.

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That sneaky bastard, he went behind my back, and slept with that filthy slut. I thought he was my friend, maybe even more than that. But not anymore. He is disgusting. Evil. Foul. Repulsive. Sneaky. Cunning.

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And as I lay in my bed contemplating my life, I thought, ‘Does he really deserve me?’ Derique had never treaten me right; he’d flirt with others, he’d lie about where he had been, he would ignore me. And now this. He cheated on me with Monica. You know, now that I think about it, I know now that he does NOT deserve love.

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I gave in. I admitted that he was dead. I obeyed Lord Sharthil and killed him. It was my fault. Sharthil is cunning, rude, and ambitious. No one will ever dis-obey him. Not unless they want to live.

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A home for horses.
Two feet planted firmly on the ground. Not dizzy, not falling. Safe.

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A place you can go to see amazing things. There may be many different exhibits in a museum, a lovely place to learn about history.

» Posted By Jenevieve On 11.26.2011 @ 11:15 pm


To burn with a sudden intensity, A sudden brief burst of bright flame or light. An SOS

» Posted By Jenevieve On 11.20.2011 @ 2:13 am

I’ve already done this word bruz!

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A flare is a warning, a signal, an S.O.S. A large shot of sparks like in The Goblet Of Fire. It is used to alert people that someone is hurt or is about to get hurt.

» Posted By Jenevieve On 11.19.2011 @ 8:43 pm

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