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She tried to combine the two mixtures into the flask when our teacher stopped her hand.
“What are you doing?!” He shouted with a bewildered look.
I wasn’t exactly sure why we tried this experiment in the first place, but I didn’t think it was that big of a deal; however, I didn’t consider the consequences of this impromptu experiment. I guess I’m not getting that A this semester.

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There were many signs detailing the sharp pain of stress stabbing at my nerves. I spent most of my days preparing for that measly little essay that could determine the rest of my future. Although I had many things to worry about, it was the little things that infuriated me to no end. How could I worry about bills, expenses, and other debts when I had my future on my hands? I felt as though one mistake would cause it to shatter; this is what keeps me up at night.

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She claimed the earrings cuffs and didn’t look back after leaving the store. Considering all of the gas spent on this trip to the mall, this purchase made it all worth it. She knew that her friend, Michelle, would be especially appreciative; it was a Christmas gift for her.

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I felt fried after last night. Although I enjoyed myself, I’ll miss my friends when they leave. I hope these moments will last me until the winter, and I won’t feel too alienated.

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I felt very strange after getting stabbed in the heart with two pencils. It was a miracle I could even recollect this memory after gaining consciousness two minutes ago. The hospital bed didn’t suit me at all. I could feel the aches throughout my body. I’ve been here too long.

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Although she had covered him with her mother’s blanket, he still shivered until the next morning. The presence of the wildlife was no stranger to them in the next few moments…

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She felt especially dehydrated after the mile run. It wasn’t fair. If all the popular girls could fake an illness, why couldn’t she do it? It shouldn’t take much to stage a stomach flu. However, it would take more than a silly idea to get her out of this class. She took a quick turn to her coach and shouted.

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I felt as if I was left in detention with all these thoughts racing through my brain. If only he knew that I could help him. How could they mistake me for such a harlequin? I am nothing less than a hero.

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She took out a flask with green goo and presented it to Jazz. “This is real! Proven facts, Jazz,” she yelled. He gave a yawn and walked back to his living room.

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Oh, Saturday! A long day awaited for the young Sophie. It had struck fear in her parents for years, and the excitement contained her little heart could not contain sudden squeals of joy. She was moving out! Hello adulthood.

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The distributor at the factory had a terrible comb over that was not fooling me or anybody in the company, however he had my package. Everyday for the past two weeks I have waited for it. Now is my chance to ask him! Hopefully he won’t forget this time.

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The married couple went to the restaurant, as usual, for their Sunday dinner. The man asked the wife, “What do you feel like having darling?” This surprised her. Often, they would regularly order soups for the two, but today he felt differently. “Could you say that again, dear?” She asked.

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She took hold of his hand at the last minute before he lost control of the wheel. Steadily, they reentered the road and made to their promised destination. One minute sooner and they would have been erased forever.

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So, I have heard that fractures feel worse than broken bones. I wonder if this is true, but I’d rather not experience something so tragic. Maybe I could ask a friend!

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