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Clothes sticking to me, hair curling wildly this way and that. He brushes a lock out of my eyes and smiles, tells me how lovely I am. We resolve to spend more time here, in the humidity, the moist air and the heat between us.

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It was there, as if it’s existence was unquestionable… Meanwhile, I was left to stare blankly at the creature, wondering if I could possibly be dreaming… How was this possible? This makes no sense… However, instead of asking myself about the possibility of the creature in front of me existing, I began to consider my own place in this world… Maybe the being in front of me was shocked to see a phoenix like me.

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People. There were so many of them, everywhere, all around him. He couldn’t stretch without smacking a shem in the face. It set his nerves on edge. Gwydion had never felt so out of place in his life. He prayed to all the gods that his companions wouldn’t notice his nerves– however, the gods could not answer, nor did he suspect they could help if they could. Gwydion was not a tactician or gifted with a silver tongue. Ashalle had always laughed at him and said that all of his thoughts were plain on his face. It might have been a charming quirk then, but times had changed. He wouldn’t look weak, couldn’t look weak.

“Is there something wrong?”

Gwydion twitched with surprise. He really out of it if he’d been startled by Alistair. How pathetic could one get?

“No. Of course not.” He snapped. He turned around, meaning to make a dramatic getaway, but a maid had been following close behind them. He promptly ran into her and spilled her basket of laundry.

Alistair quirked an eyebrow, unconvinced. “Riiiight.”

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cold, shiny, constantly moving machine
living a life so completely serene
never having the chance to ‘be’
only alive in a hazy dream
one for only a mechanical being

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ji my names jayde and i like playing netball and stuff like that. Im 12 turning 13 in november. I go to eaglhawk secandry college and my best friens are Tayla.m Taylor.Ks Emma.d so yeah thats a bit about me!

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