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I have many keychains. Keychains come in many different colors and shapes. They are so cool. My favorite keychain is purple!

» Posted By Jaycey On 02.28.2011 @ 8:04 am


When I’m sick I take pills to feel better. Also, I take pills in the morning/evening to stay SUPER HEALTHY! Pills are so good for you!

» Posted By Jaycey On 02.07.2011 @ 8:08 am


My dad uses a wrench when he works on projects. The wrench sits in the toolbox.

» Posted By Jaycey On 02.04.2011 @ 7:59 am


My good friend named Jeff always is boosting my confidence. I LOVE booster seats. They are so fun, but I’m too big for them! :)

» Posted By Jaycey On 02.03.2011 @ 7:57 am


I love fiction books. Except I like non-fiction books better because they are true facts, and I get the learn new things while I’m reading.

» Posted By Jaycey On 01.06.2011 @ 7:57 am


I want to be a successful person in life. Success is a great thing, that anybody can have. People that aren’t successful usually don’t go to college, and work at gas stations…

» Posted By Jaycey On 01.04.2011 @ 7:59 am


I like poking people with sticks. Sticks are pointy and long. I use sticks to make arms on my snowman. Sticks are super fun to play with. I have never tripped on a stick… I like sticks.

» Posted By Jaycey On 12.17.2010 @ 8:05 am


I’m never wrong. Sometimes my mommy makes me say: “I was wrong and you were right,” but I’m pretty sure that I am usually ALWAYS right. I don’t like it when people say I’m wrong! It’s not fun.

» Posted By Jaycey On 12.16.2010 @ 7:58 am


Sheets are very important for beds. I like to sleep in soft, and comfy sheets. Oh, and they have to be super warm. If they aren’t warm, then I just cannot sleep. I love sleeping so much that without my precious sheets I would be really sad! :(

» Posted By Jaycey On 12.15.2010 @ 8:15 am


Stamps are pretty. Sometimes they have pictures on them. I love stamps. They are cool. Stamps go on letters. Stamp sounds like stomp! I want to stomp on something right now!

» Posted By Jaycey On 12.14.2010 @ 8:18 am


There was this child that had a temper tantrum. It was crazy! They had a really bad temper……. Crazy child.

» Posted By Jaycey On 12.13.2010 @ 8:00 am


I’m a believer in a lot of things… I believe that children are the future..uh oh that might not be good. I also believe in Santa Clause because he gives me presents!! Go Santa!

» Posted By Jaycey On 12.10.2010 @ 8:14 am


In the movie Pocahontas I remember seeing Grandmother Willow. She was the talking tree. I love that movie. A willow is a tree, that talks to Pocahontas with good advice!

» Posted By Jaycey On 12.08.2010 @ 8:06 am


Without teeth, you wouldn’t be able to eat. I have braces on my teeth. Teeth are white and shiny (usually) I love my teeth.

» Posted By Jaycey On 12.07.2010 @ 7:54 am


I’m a happy bunny, you’re a happy bunny, we all live together in a happy bunny world. My friend sang that song in 4th grade, but she moved to Texas. I used to have a pet bunny. He was very cute, and his name was Snuggles! I loved that little bunny!

» Posted By Jaycey On 12.03.2010 @ 8:23 am


I wish that i could transport myself anywhere in the world. Just like… SNAP im there. It sounds like the word sport. I loves sports. Right now i want to transport to Hawaii or Jamaica or somewhere!

» Posted By Jaycey On 12.02.2010 @ 8:17 am


Spike is a dogs name. I guess it can be a persons…. pointy, spikey, sharp, leather jacket, spike your hair.. whoop whoop spikey. i love that word. spike, it ryhmes with bike spikey!

» Posted By Jaycey On 12.01.2010 @ 8:31 am

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