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Wow, thats a typical way a kid would react to an iceream. Squeaks, laughter and screams of “I want it”. What made it different was his grandfather seemed to react the same way.

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It was so typical of him to remark like that. She knew masculinity never changes easily . She will was determined to become a big actress and show to the world.

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The baby cried. “Not again”, said the mommy. She pinched the cherubic cheeks and said smilingly ” If you keep pretending to get hurt, I will not check on you next time”. “Wooolffff” said the toothless 2 year old.

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“Two more steps”, shouted her friend from downstairs. She looked down from the rock climbing wall. She felt a bit dizzy hanging from a rope after touching the top of the wall 20 feet high. She let herself down and landed on the ground. She had overcome the fear of heights. With a smile, she reached out to the bottle of water from her backpack.

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She looked at the wall. ” I need something new and refreshing to make my art show a success”, she thought. She opened the windows, looking at the green pasture, birds flying and up at the bright blue sky to get the inspiration from the greated painter on the world!

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Discipline, Perseverance, Time for self. It takes all these to become a writer. Make sure you write every day, each book and article she read has said the same thing. She was so upset that she could not pen down a single word for a whole week !

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Her tongue aroused with ecstasy as it felt the sweet , smooth , cold icecream. Next, came a scoop of crunchy chocolate chips. She smiled and licked her mouth.

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As a child, I used to wait every year for Jan 28 evening. That’s when the bands from 3 armed forced play in front of the President of India. The music is always melodious and upbeat. I am not aware if any other country has “beating retreat” after their republic day.

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They had been together for 12 years. It was a hard decision for her but she had to let go. She had tried to hang on as much as possible but now the time has come. She remembered how they got both her babies home together, the innumerable soccer and swim practices that they attended. Now it had to be a fresh start. The door bell rang. She opened it and greeted the new owner of her van.

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Her mind was racing, trying to open the front door. Hope her two teenagers were fine inside the house, did they leave for their friends’ house early? Why are they not answering their cell phones. She forgot the house keys and was locked out. She was almost ready to dial 911, when her teenage daughter opened the door : “Hello Mom “. Bliss of summer vacations…

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The best part of Halloween is to sort the candies. Keep the best for yourself and donate the rest to the dentist office to gain some goodwill !

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He could hear the party noise from miles away. As he entered the room, he saw his friends dancing, eating and drinking merrily. As a gym enthusiast, teetotaler, who loves to meditate, this place made in alone in the crowd.

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Her heart was racing. “How’s my child going to be in the week away camp all my himself”. She pulled her car into the drive way as the camp teachers were standing to take the kids. They both gave each other a tight hug, smiling knowing they will enjoy their week of freedom !

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I started collecting the coins since I was a kid. Today, I have 200 different coins from 15 different countries. I looked at the 5 paise and 10 paise Indian coins. These used to give us toffee in elementary school. Now, no one knows its value!

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I was awed by the structure. Standing 3000 feet tall, Burj Khalifa was a wonder in the world. “Wait”, my son asked, “how do they clean the windows” ?

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She was finally home! She sat down in her favorite couch with her baby next to her in the cradle. She looked at the instructions her doctor gave her. She threw them in the trash and held the baby close to heart. She knew babies don’t come with instructions.

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She sat down in her favorite couch. Finally, its so nice to be home. Her new born baby was in the cradle in the next bed room. She needed some space a

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