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everything changed when she opened her eyes. She couldn’t see anyone or anything.

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this is a machine that it used to lift heavy loads stored on a a wooden pallet. It is designed to fit into the base of the pallet and be able to lift he load and pallet up about 20 feet. This

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It’s been a century since I’ve last seen you, and for that, I’m shamed. I miss the way you held my hand, and the way you looked at me after we finished our extracurriculars. I don’t miss the lies. This century has painted my horizons a new shade of orange-restart.

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“What do you wanna do?”

Adam shrugs, kicking a rock along the cracked concrete. “It’s not like we can go home.”

They were kicked out. They don’t go and ‘enjoy the great outdoors’ enough, apparently. Faith laughs at her brother’s pouty face.

“What? Do you think this is funny?” He pouts some more.

“You’re acting like it’s the end of the world, Adam. We can explore or something.”

He grunts, and kicks at a large chunk of displaced tar. “If we explore, we’ll probably find someone who wants to murder us.”

“So dramatic.”

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“You think this is funny? Hey! Stop laughing!”

“No. It’s not funny.”

“Why are you laughing then?”

“It is quite humorous.”

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The idea of yoga is nice…until you actually have to actually do it.

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Oh heck I really like butterflies. The are honestly lovely creatures and the fap flap flap and only eat like,, fruits unlike moths,, moths are weird

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I’m always out the moment the sun rises, the brisk wind of dawn tangling my hair in knots and stinging my face red. The rays always gradually creep up across the grass, like a snake slithering to its prey, and casts shadows on the crumbling remains of the stone ruins.

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I thought about being a rebel. I thought about not writing a thing. I thought maybe I could just watch the timer roll. Watch the blue lines slither like a snake. I was never a rebel, so I wrote.

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doing dirty deeds dancing with deity’s. Living lavishly untop mars sowing my seed

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She holds the infant in her arms, clutching it with trembling, awkward fingers. She looks behind her, eyes the hospital nervously.

“It’s now or never,” she whispers to herself.

Taking a deep breath, she takes one step forward and throws the newborn over the edge of the cliff.

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He made an orbit around the room, looking for that one girl to keep him company that night.

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The woman was an absolute horror. She had the hair of a mutant orange, and the soul of a reanimated cadaver. Nothing in her house could be out of place, or the whole neighborhood would hear about it. She was mean, nasty, and ugly to boot.

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I braided my classmates hair when I was in highschool. That’s actually what I was most popular for. That and dating a football player boyfriend who loved to hug and flirt with everything moving. lol

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i used to do this in highscool. i was damn good at it. now my fingers hurt like an old lady with arthritis lol thats corny but what the hell!

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I’ve been an inept when I’ve failed to identify the signs others send my way…

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She left headquarters at appoximittly 7 am. I saw her duck down and take out a gun. A seven caliber to be exact.

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I wasnt at headquarters when it happened. It was a shock to not only me, but everyone else as well. Why did it happen? Why did all of those innocent people have to die?

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This home knew no nationality. It welcomed children of diverse colour, mindset and backgrounds who had nowhere to go. It was peaceful. If only the world was too…

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He first noticed his hands. Looking down at them, he realised what a translucent colour they were. Then his arms, his legs, and the rest of his body. Eventually, he realised that he was going to fade away, and there was nothing he could do possibly do about it.

“Well, that’s unfortunate,” he thought to himself. “But if there’s nothing I can do, there’s nothing I can do.”

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William took his blue pocket watch out in order to check the time. Half past four, he saw, the wife should be back sooner. What’s taking so long? Turns out, she never existed. He saw himself in the mirror and he was four years old.

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The was a show on TV named charmed. My cousin used to really enjoy it. My sister was not pleased that she enjoyed this show. However, in the past few months I have turned on this show and I have enjoyed watchi

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Are a pain in the ass. They are over priced if you get them from a flower shop. They are a tedious waste of time if you make them yourself and when people make them, they always look like shit. They always have some burch bark, with gingham nonsence all strew about in a way that is a fire hazard on the table and are really only appropriate in a trailer park. So, whether it is for a wedding or a corporate event, centerpieces are a pain in the ass. Especially since the colors will never match what the decor of the room.

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Alex was the underdog in this fight. With no training and little experience in professional gyms, he was completely out of his league. He was, however, determined to win. His personal Apollo Creed staring him down before the bell rang, he felt the nervous sweat drip into his eyes, threatening to deter his false calm.

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The ship was sinking. Fast. Lifejackets dipped and flung from child to adult, bouncing off of clumsy hands and faces, burning cheeks as they were pulled overhead and jerked tight.

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High school seemed like 5 years of being coiled up like a spring waiting for a fight waiting for a moment of excitement. Waiting to leave this all behind. Waiting to escape. When the day finally came for me to leave it was as though all the tension of those five years just left.

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It was defined as ‘sadness’
It was defined as ‘depression’
but there was no true definition.
It was a shadow, a curse
A thing that consumed me
and ate away at my bones like bread
and drank my blood like wine
Shielding my eyes and covering my mouth and ears
feeding me lies
that I thought were truths.

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disciple to a fandom, fighting over “shippings” and couples, buying all of the items and becoming obsessed with a tv show, or movie show, or anything along those lines. girl in room surrounded by teddy bears with tshirts, cups, posters, having a heated online conversation regarding a specific fandom and her ship. headphones on, and streaming illegally a tv show she follows.

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Baby’s black balloon makes her fly? Thinking of Goo Goo Dolls’ ‘Dizzy Up the Girl” album for some reason. Damn good album that came out when I was in high school and I played the crap out of it.

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The man named wrath came knocking on my door. I felt fear, and anger raising from my gut. Never again will I let the past happen again. When I answer there

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