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It wasn’t that obvious to Ian and myself that we had a lot more presents than we thought; or that our combined families actually went out of their way to take care of our needs this year. But with the medical bills and everything else (plus the wedding earlier this year)… I am so thankful for both sides. Now, more than ever, I think it is obvious how much we are blessed.

P.S. Yay, I got a vacuum!

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It’s not practical to cry about things one has no control over, it is true… I tell myself that, anyway. But I’ve never been a logical creature, and that’s why I cry. Because for all my creativity, I can’t heal the hurt done to logical people. And I don’t understand why that is, and why the logical people accept that. That shouldn’t be practical at all.

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“Bunny! Bunny bunny bunny!” My six-year-old grabbed my hand and shrieked in that way six-year-olds do when they discover something new, and they’re obviously excited over it.

…was I ever that excited? I must have been at one point, to be able to continue my life as it were.

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“That’s all I want, really. At the end of the day, a giant bonfire. And around that fire, are people who just succeeded and also failed. And around that fire they tell stories. They drink, eat, and tell stories. About my plot. And how it changed their real lives for the better. That would be serene.” “I think you mean picturesque.” “…shut up.”

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“Every once in a while, I wonder if cats aren’t just being the World’s Biggest Jerks to us. I mean, I stick it to them, of course. What do they need their whiskers for, anyway?” …and that’s when I hailed a cab and went home.

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“What kind of costume are you going to be wearing for the Black & White?” he asked. “I don’t know. Alex is making my boa… so maybe that’ll be it.” “…aren’t you married?” “Oh, right. I should go in a sack.”

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“No good. I can’t reach the table,” he grumbled, sitting back down with his back against the chair leg. “I told you not to drink or eat anything in Faerie!” she scolded him. “It said ‘Drink Me’! What the hell did you think I was going to do?”

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“Octopus? Really?” “Well, it’s more like a giant squid,” I tried explaining to Pavis. “Listen, there are too many tentacles in the Realms; we have to think of something different?” And that’s when I slapped him with sushi.

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“Put on a sweater if you’re that damn cold.” I shivered under the blankets… I wasn’t cold. I was just sick. But I couldn’t let him know that. If I did, he’d never leave. And quite frankly, I’d had enough of ‘over-bearing relatives’ for one week.

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“Really? Sunlight again?” …I’m growing tired of this word. Not sunlight itself. I love that one. But twice in one day for oneword is weird. Three times is *ugh* in my mind. That’s right. I typed *ugh*.

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I wish the sunlight would stay in your heart after we part. When you’re alone and suffering, and then make it sound like its no big deal, you inadvertently take all the sunlight from us as well. But you don’t use it to warm your heart… you lose it. Drop it. Fumble it. Do you need to be taught how to keep sunlight in your hand, in your head, in your heart? Why did nobody teach you that sunlight loves everything it touches, even you?

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The sunlight shone ribbons through her hair, and he drew her down upon the mossy hill. “Did you ever think this would happen?” he asked breathlessly, burying his face in her long, auburn hair. “No… and I think that’s why I like it!” she smiled back.

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She kept up with her useless chatter for hours during the excursion. In the back of the line, her obnoxious voice carried forward through the small army. So, I asked her what her name was. “Prattle!” she exclaimed.

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“Uh…” he looked up at the kitten in the courtyard. “I’m pretty sure most of our animals are bred, born, and home-grown here in Achoria… but that? That’s not normal.” The lord backed up into the wall, face startled when he realized there was nowhere to go. “You can fix this, right?!” his head turned to face the younger gentleman.

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“You’ve… got to be the tallest Achorian I’ve ever met,” said the gray elf, staring up into the man’s eyes. “Everyone around here is… well, at least five feet. But you–” she fell silent. The man chuckled. “Not only am I intimidating, I’m also a side-show. Good to know.”

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“Hey, want to go for a walk with me? Talk about our days and go into the evening?” “Not tonight!” He rushed past me. “I have a date!” and he cheered a little bit and ran down the sidewalk to catch the bus.

It was then I saw the first sign of being replaced.

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“Want to go swimming?” “Dude, it’s October first in New England.” “Yeah, I know, but it’s raining so hard that the truck down the street’s on our lawn.” And that’s how my evacuation story started.

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“Could you jazz up this story a little?” And I looked at her as though she had asked me to make the Mona Lisa more modern and in-line with today’s pop culture. “…no,” I replied. “No, I can’t.”

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“Watch me @^&@ this guy’s birthday,” Atticus chuckled, raising his wand. Iawen arched an eyebrow, and looked back to Valas. The guy claimed to have come from another world… so clearly he was a quack. Right?

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“With or without youuuuuu, with or without you. I can’t live–” “Dude, Janna, get the !%!@ out of the shower, people have to get to class!” …and that’s when I quieted down, making the mental note not to renew my lease with college kids.

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” ‘Greetings’? That’s what you have to say? Why are you being so formal?” she asked him. He ignored the question, and simply pulled out her chair for her to sit, then slid her in closer to the desk before crossing around and sitting down in his chair.

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He left the motel. Got in his little black car, and drove away. And he knew that the Senator would never proposition his daughter again. It was a bad year to be a Republican.

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“How do I get involved with the five counselors?” they asked me. “Simple. Say you want to be involved. I’ll write some quests, you can ask people questions, advance plot by your actions, and basically learn alongside them.” “…yeah, yeah, but I want to become ‘involved’–not interact with other people, and I don’t *really* want to be a counselor myself. How do I do that and still have fun?” And that’s about when I nearly gave up on the whole damn project.

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“Hey, Chuckles! Get off the computer and get me a damn Pepsi Throwback!” “…my name is Caliph Mehndi.” “Yeah, like I said, ‘Chuckles’.” “…I hate my freshman roommate…”

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“Just the one?” “…yeah.” “…and she went down?” “… yeah.” “…dude, let me shake your hand!”

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She smashed the contents of his pouch against his upper leg, and followed it up with a higher kick to his chest. The lord fell, bewildered and in pain, as the assassin stood over him, and drew a finger across her throat. He was going to die.

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” ‘Only a dream, I know, thinking you’d never go’…” she sang from the den, quieting down for a moment or two. “Dude, you’re not getting the next lyric from me,” I replied, typing away. “I know your game, and I’m not going to play.”

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Upstairs, I have many people in my house right this second. My husband among them. And all they’re doing is talking about stuff they love. I light candles. I’m slow cooking chicken and dumplings. And you know what? Upstairs, life is good.

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“Wild horses, do they really keep dragging me away?” “No,” he replied, “but you know what will? High blood pressure. Being entered into a hospital. Last rites and all that shit.” I was silent for a bit, then turned back to my keyboard.

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“So many hats do I have to wear,” she complained to me as she turned away from her monitor. “Why?” I asked nonchalantly, not really caring. “…because it’s the only way to look fabulous.” “…really?” “…really.” And she turned back to the keyboard, typing away.

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