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There was no doubt about it. The computer was running slow. Data files kept disappearing from the ‘My Documents’ folder.

His machine had a virus – the electronic equivalent of plague.

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The dinosaur print on his son’s pajamas mocked him. How could his little boy grow up to become such a monster.

How could the kids in the purple and yellow pjs with dinosaurs have grown up to eat people? And was it his fault somehow?

It haunted him. Those dinosaur pjs and the horror that his son had become.

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He reached up to the bookshelf without looking, feeling the spines of the books as we went.

There it was. The third shelf of the bookshelf, third book in from the left.

As be pulled out the title, a key feel to the floor. Hidden under the book on the bookshelf, the key to his father’s Corvette.

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He had the thirst. He saw her throat and couldn’t help himself.

The thirst.

It was everything. He needed to slash and mutilate.

He was Jack the Ripper.

He had the thirst.

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Plan. I had plans for the weekend.

But what was it that Eisenhower said, ‘Battle plans go out the window as soon as the first shot is fired’?

The man knew a thing or two about plans.

That’s how I wound up in the emergency room on Friday night instead of going on that three-day holiday…

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He was what the coach called a ‘hugger’. Not good enough to ever break the starting line-up and relegated to the bench game after game.

But when they won a close game, he was never sweaty so his coach hugged him.

God how he hated being on the bench.

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He threw the wrench into the crowd, hoping it would hurt someone. It was the only projectile at his disposal. But after years of oppression by the government, it felt good to throw something – even if it would cost him a day’s wages to replace it.

One wrench – the symbol of this this plumber’s revolution.

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Reports! Where were the damn reports?!?

We’d spent months compiling the date, typing up succinct and meaningful reports and then, an hour before the hearing, nobody knew where the reports were.

That’s why you stay in school and get a good job and not one in public service!

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Sure, visiting his mother in-law was a drain. She was a life-energy vampire.

The kids complained. His wife complained. Hell, even the dog didn’t want to go.

But he held out hope that when she died, they’d get a nice piece of the estate. Even in death, she proved to be a drain – a vortex of life-sucking energy. They didn’t get a dime.

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It was the blotches on his hands that he couldn’t hide.

The expensive suit, the revamped vocabulary and the high-priced education – but when you looked at his hands, the blotches gave him away as a blue-color guy made good.

He hated it and wore gloves wore gloves whenever he could get away with it socially. But the blotches remained.

His past. It defined him.

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The flannel shirt fit him. It made him comfortable. Even though his girlfriend accused him of living in the past with the rock t-shirt underneath.

He’d never give up his flannel.

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Which club to hit?

Faced with an impossible shot, he decided that getting it into the air would be the best course of action. He took his wedge with he greatest loft and swung through the ball, only to miss it completely and cost himself an extra stroke.

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He was in a pit. He knew he was in trouble even before the water level started to rise.

Grabbing desperately at the sides, he only pulled down earth and roots on top of his head.

There was no escape.

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That’s how much of a chance she told him he’d have with her.

But of course that was before the lottery balls were pulled. Then it was just the opposite she couldn’t get enough of him.

He liked her better when her answer was ‘None’.

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The vase sat upon the shelf beside the photo of the family vacation from Disney.

When the truck rumbled past the house, it fell off the mantle shattering on the hardwood floor. The pieces of great-grandmother’s vase made a sharp, jagged mess waiting for him to come home from work.

» Posted By JamesXavier On 07.21.2010 @ 10:07 am

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