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solar, meaning something related to the sun. maybe you aren’t my sun, but maybe you are my solar, you relate to the sun. the one who i need everyday. i need you, maybe, to light up my world too. you may not be the sun. but you are a “solar”.

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its a form of wisdom, not always defeat. most things were won in retreat. You tire out the enemy, hoping they will stop, and then that is when you attack. retreat is important, and never should be frowned upon.

» Posted By Jaimie On 09.25.2014 @ 4:11 pm


I have a little amount of money in the bank, it sucks that the amount of food in my house is junk. I really need to find an amount of energy to get the rest of my house done before the move. the amount of sanity i have is zero and it sucks. The word amount usually is zero these days i wish i had a larger amount of boobs lol then maybe the amount of time my husband spends with me would be more more.

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the game is crazy, like a one-time thing that you can either win or lose. who knows what happens after that???? I don’t. and what does it matter? what is a game? I like games. my boyfriend doesn’t. does that describe some sort of our personality? does it change us? can somebody grow to like games? Ive always liked games.

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criminal, jail, lawyers, prosecutors. You go to trial to determine your fate. Sentence, judge, questions, defence, jury

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the beauty of the world is so wonderful, that I can’t help but feel that it’s exquisite. the pain in the hearts of the hurting is but one facet of this world. the love in the minds of lovers

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I think of the board game that filled up much of my childhood. I have a big smile on my face thinking back on those years.

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When I drive to work you would think I would enjoy I nice glowing sun to lighten my path…but no…instead I get blinded my this “ball of joy” and my hour on the 401 is torture. THEN on the way home the sun is on the other side…and therefore in my eyes again.

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I am absolutely terrified of bees. A bee landed on my brand new white tee shirt in gym class when I was thirteen and it was huge. It scared the living shit out of me and I screamed and made a huge fool of myself amongst my snotty peers. I hate bees. Fuck bees.

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I almost lost you. You almost made me lose you. I’ve almost lost my mind. I’m almost satisfied. Almost is an interesting word. You’re almost an idiot but I love you anyway. Almost crazy, but I’m not. :)

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Once upon a time there was a frog with eye lashes. Everyone was afraid of him so they caught him in a cave and stoned him to death. It’s really too bad because most frogs are bald anyway. The end.

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Much like the song…a few of my favorite things I have many favorite things. Without favorites, how would one make decisions–about toothpaste, bread or condoms? Everyone has a favorite or a preference as it were.

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In houston it gets crazy hot and humid, even in places like Waco. I sometimes feel that I am inhaling water as opposed to actually breathing air, it can become pretty tiresome sometimes.

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i try to be level headed and it works for a while. But when i get mad and start stressing about something then my anger shows. I don’t mean to but sometimes the stupidity of the world is just overwhelming.I think level headedness requires a certain amount of zen.

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The wildflowers were in view across the prairie. Jenny knew she couldn’t stop. She had to go back home if she wanted to make it to work on time.

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flower white green grass lawn fence mother mother’s day anniversary wedding weed pollen seed bees yellow colorful pretty nice sunlight photosynthesis roots stem water science basket cut bouquet plant oxygen carbon dioxide

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Mute- luckily I like to write. Without it I could never communicate. Not because I don’t try, but because people are so uncomfortable dealing with REAL people that they have become incapable of reading their body language.

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I pour the milk over the cereal and crammed it into my mouth before it got a chance to get soggy. It was going to be a long day, and soggy cereal was not going to get it off on the wrong foot. I wouldn’t allow it.

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but for some reason I think of palm trees
ironically, not about actual bombs
that would probably make more sense
but yeah, first thing I thought of was a tree
vacation like scenery

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Clip clip clip. Clipping our way through the woods, as we walk through the underbrush. I hear the clipping and I love the noise.

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