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“oh God.”

It was a small prayer. A pleading voice to power she didn’t believe in.

She had tried so hard.

She looks at her hand, disbelieving. The red gouged marks in her palms evidence of a life trying to hold on, to live.

But she hadn’t been able to hold on.


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The cave was cold, too cold for this time of year.

She tentatively walked out through the opening and was greeted by a harsh, bright light.


Snow everywhere.

This wasn’t right, this wasn’t home.

She was wearing shorts, sandals and a tank top.

And she was freezing and lost and mystified.

“Where the fuck am I?”

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She tore up the letter that had been given to her.
Words full of longing and love and emotions that meant nothing to her.
He said that his love would be everlasting. Everlasting?
It all meant nothing to her now.
Her dress blew in the wind as the bits of his letter whirled down into the hole by her feet.
Everlasting meant nothing to a cold grave and a cold heart.

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Never never never never never did I ever know that those words could ruin my entire life.

“I didn’t do it! I swear! You have to believe me!”

“We don’ have to and we won’t.”

There was a sigh and a silence and then…”We have proof.”

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I like to bow. I think it is a show of respect and should be used more frequently. Ever since I learnt Japanese and became immersed by the culture I’ve bowed more often. Not really on purpose either but just to show respect to the person who served me. I would like more people to bow and I would never think that it would be used as a subservient thing. Kneeling and head to the floor – that I don’t like. I will kneel to no person.

Also one has to think of a bow when they see this word ‘bow’. Tying up little blue bows on my teddy bears when I was a child, then taking the bright idea to put them in my own hair. I thought I was very cool.

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I never understood not knowing etiquette for a very long time. It was rammed into me when I was younger and it was understood that if you did not use the etiquette that you were brought up with then I would shame my mother and no one would want us to come over anymore. My children will definitely use etiquette – even if it kills me!

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I always used to get the word plague mixed up with ‘plaque’. When I was a child there was plaque all over London in the 1800’s and millions of people died from it. And then there was the plague on your teeth if you didn’t brush enough. I still have to double check myself.

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She waited there day after day, never really understanding the tick in her leg, never understanding the drum of her fingers and the need to stand or walk or run or sprint. And she never would have if the stranger hadn’t opened the door of her booth and told her to go, make a break for it. And she did, make a break for it. Ran as far as she could and never once looked back to that dreary prison of solace called booth, called work, called normalcy.

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They all steal from you at some time or other. Stealing is one of the worst things you can do. You can steal a life, steal someone’s pride, someone’s honour. You can steal most things. To be called a thief is the worst thing someone could call you.

They stole from me the power to fight back with words when they lay guilt on me for something that I did that I thought was the right thing for them. Should I always sacrifice my own wants and needs so that others aren’t inconvenienced? Should I be a thief to myself?

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I hate forgetting things, but it always seems to happen. And that feleing you get, you know what I mean, the feeling that you’ve forgotten something important and then write it off as nerves but then, when you’re away somewhere you remember what it is and that you’re going to miss your flight because you were too stupid to remember you’re license that is currently nestled in the back of your jeans pocket. I hate forgetting stuff, I really do.

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I don’t like vodka. Never have. It’s the first drink that I ever got drunk on and I’d never had alcohol much before that, just sips here and there. They told me to drink it from the bottle and that the taste would go away after a while. Well it did. But only because all of my taste buds died. Horrible night and I’ve hardly touched it since.

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I was glowing. I mean, I hoped I was. It’s what I felt like, like I was glowing. As if the light inside me would soon burst from me and everyone would be left speechless by the giant supernova exuding from me. I turned on my side and looked at him but he was already asleep. I can feel it already dim.

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Why oh why did it have to be bones?! Skin he could deal with, even come to appreciate, muscle, tendons, ligaments – anything! But bones. They just… He looked down one last time at the crime scene of a unmarked grave. They scared him with the thought of everything unexplained.

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The old bones lay underneath our cellar for so long that the dry musty smell would rise to my bedroom and bring nightmares of skeletons to me every night. No one seemed to know what I was talking about till the night when the skeleton came to our door and asked for sugar.

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