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She was.
She really was.
Very very.
I thought she was a movie star when she walked up to me in the restaurant.
She stopped at my table, and smiled.
May I ask you a favour? she said.
I looked up at her and thought, wow.

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She never knew how to weave time like her mother had. She came from a line of time travelers that had lasted hundreds of years, and she was the one to break it. “You have to weave the strings of fate,” he mother was fond of saying. It made no sense.

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My tuгn, my turn.? Larry stated eagerly wiggling too get a chance to talk.
?I beliеve the very Ƅwst factor aabout GߋԀ is thаt he
can beat up the satan as a result of the ѕatan is horrifying and mean and ugly and bad and Goԁ can beat him upp so the satan can?t hurt us like
he did these demon stuffed folks in Јesus day.

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Sometimes the best way to truly grasp where you are is how you remember it when you’re far away. It’s what makes you go “Oh, damn, that’s not the same here?” or makes you miss your favorite cup of coffee from a crappy diner that gets knocked down after you’ve been gone. And you wish you could have gone for one last Blue Ribbon Special for less than $5.

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Drawing the distinction between happy and content can be everything. And it all depends on what kind of life one wants to lead. The one that is safe and reliable or the one that makes you work for it. Content sounds nice but I want happy.

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She dove in. no breathe holding at all. it was intense. everybody looked and stared she started to drown, what was happening, something was in the water. it was a snake

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She has been activated for quite some time, and yet to this day, she does not fully understand her function. What mode is her most suitable for any given situation? What should she do when there is no set pattern to follow?

She clasps her hand, wondering which tool to summon for the task at hand.

She wears many faces, but she doesn’t know which one will work today.

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what is so hard to understand about not being able to comprehend an idea, thought, catalogue, or even object. Minunderstanding is a way for studpid people to recall that they in fact are stupid however they do not want to admit that they do not know, instead admitting they misunderstand. cop out.

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I stepped into the room, feet padding tenderly on the rugged carpet. As quietly as I could, I slipped out my headphones. In a hushed whisper, I began to mumble to the small audience I had acquired over the years.
“Hey. It’s me, Jack. I realize this might be hard to hear, but I’ve decided it’s been long enough. Tonight, I’m turning for them.” I heard a little gasp sputter out of my mouth. It was all too real now. I was really doing this.
I suddenly stood up and ripped off my headphones, immediately tripping on my chair and crashing to the ground.
“Shit!” I yelped.

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I stepped into the room, feet padding tenderly on the rugged carpet. As quietly as I could, I slipped out my headphones. In a hushed whisper, I began to mumble to the small audience I had acquired over the years.
“Hey. It’s me, Jack. I realize this might be hard to hear, but I’ve decided it’s been long enough. Tonight, I’m turning for them.”

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The sun glows and so do lights. Light bulbs are florescent but LED lights are more energy efficient. What if a glow bugs poop glowed to.

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The schools were separated into certain districts. Students would go to these different schools to try and get an education to preform different jobs when they are older.

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There’s a tree on a hill and it shakes in the wind. It’s been there for ages and there’s no real rhyme or reason to it. People sit underneath it. They take their lovers and their friends, they take their dogs and their aging parents. People get engaged under that tree. They live there. They want to die there.

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It would be amazing to watch down from a tall building’s rooftops. There we can learn. We can learn about how an abstract view would look like. How a decision could be made in a wholesome way.

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Friday night, opening show and there’s no fucker here and I don’t know for the life of me why I am crying because that bitch Michelle put glitter under my eyes to make them pop but there’s nobody for them to even pop at.

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Once, there was a masked villian hiding in the slytherin dormatory. when draco was asleep, the villan turned him into a death eater. THE VILLIAN WAS……………………. VOLDEMORT!!!!

short poem:
Griffindor is red
Ravenclaw is blue
Insult harry potter

Hufflepuff is yellow
Slytherin is green
Interrupt my fanboy moments
And never again youll be seen!

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Jackee untied his shoe

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She has a point. It didn’t have to go this way. As we rang the bell, the end was near. We all knew. All of these years we spent gathering a team. It was for nothing. They would overtake us. Our efforts would be for nothing. They would win the war. The end is near. Beware the undead.

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It was round. That was all that Felix could tell.

“Hey, what’s that?” called a friend of Felix’s, Hermione.

Felix had no idea, and he signed that too her. Felix was mute, and he couldn’t talk. After the explosion, he lost that sense.

At first, he was appalled that someone would leave a stone lying around, littering the ground. It had been 90 years since nature has eliminated and all natural things were banned. Leaving a pebble on the ground was like lighting a building on fire.

Once the explosion happened 2 years ago, and Hermione was arrested, he ran away from the city, and stumbled upon New Alcatraz, when he freed the prisoners. Since Hermione was sympathetic of those who got injured in the explosion, since she accidentally caused it.

“Get down, Felix!” Hermione yelled at him, tackling him to the ground, causing him to throw up, he heard a sharp creak, and a boom. He was free falling, in the same part of the last explosion.

Horrible memories came back, and then he fell asleep.

For the rest of time, he could only remember his childhood. Him screaming as the kidnapper pulled him back. Of course, he escaped the next day. All well’s that ends well, except for when there are round objects involved.

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It was a circle. Not an ordinary circle, though. This was magic circle. As Alex went up to the round object, he tripped on it. As he rolled it, he had an amazing idea. This could pull their chariots. He would call it the wheel. When Alex introduced it to the rest of his tribe, they called him crazy, except for one. She knew it would work.

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i added the sum of 35 numbers to ad to 5 and I truly have no idea how I did its my god. Jimmie must be so pissed that I don’t know how I did it. But man it could be all right! there isn’t a high chance of that, but I used my lucky pencil which could put me ahead.

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Look over there! The woman with the book is looking at you. Go over and talk to her. Look, this may be your only chance in this life.

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As he gazes out past the desert, he sees bodies lying around. Dead bodies. A war happened here. How could this happen? He instantly had a thought. “With a bomb or cannon or something.” He is so wise. So wise indeed.

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The human race is very good. We are Homo Sapiens. We were astrolopithicus, then homo erectus, then homo habilis, then homo sapiens. Or something like that. I never know. I am a human. SO are you… I think. You could be a time travelling shape shifting lizard.

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formula is an equation that equals the volume of a giant ostrich that loves bacon and eats humans named Justin.

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Recovery. There is active and passive recovery. Passive is the recovery made without intensive movement, while active is done at low intensity exercise under 40 percent.

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Making cool ideas is fun, but the real fun is when you develop those ideas. Then they turn into wonderfully spectacular masterpieces!

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It’s a thing where people learn about different parts of the earth. Scientists are famous people, but do they really deserve all the claim to fame they need? I don’t really think so, but unfortunately I’m not every person in the world, so that’s that, okay? Okay…

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