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as we walk on the misty covered street we meet this very strange young man. He was covered in seaweed and smelled of beer and fish. He told us that he is selling fish for his family and that he is very poor. My husband of course didn’t believe the man and thought he was just playing tricks to earn money. I on the other hand was very worried and gave him 20 pounds for his troubles. I told him we needn’t no fish and that he just take the money. He gradually excepted and walked off. I felt as though I had brung the poor mans hopes and faith up today.

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feel the warm gentle breeze just swaying on your body. Feel the wind going through your hair. smell the scent through your nostrils. The trees are swaying in the breeze with their leaves gliding down in the autumn air. Enjoy this feeling because it is just a dream.

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The cassette tape played as they drove down the highway, the wind blowing through the windows as they sang a long to the old songs. They weren’t even particularly good songs, just songs that brought back the feelings of their youth — of their childhood. When days seemed to go on forever and things were so much simpler. Back when their family was whole. Their dad’s old tapes in their mom’s old car… There was a feeling that made them want this moment forever.

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I went to Starbucks and I was in a line a mile long. I just wanted my espresso so I could go home and watch Gilmore Girls on the couch. I wasn’t in the mood for people right now so I just got some cheap espresso from McDonalds drive through.

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I am just scrolling through Netflix and find this show. I say to myself this is gonna suck, but put it on anyway. I am wired. man its been 3 hours since I started and I am sucked in so deep I don’t think you could pull me out. It’s easy to get wired into TV especially if its Netflix. I am so wired into this show I think I am part of the TV now.

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They took a tour of the castle. It was one of the first stops on the beginning of their world tour, the one that Chrysanthemum booked for them before she was called away by her parents. Zacky was minimally impressed with the layout of the place. It was just like he expected to be, typical, boring, and completely unoriginal. He didn’t understand how their girl, their manager and his best friend had come from this place. Their girl was so much better than this. She had become so much more.

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She cut the corners off of the square sheet cake, the four sides becoming eight. It was an experiment, perhaps she was trying to see if she could make the cake round instead. She kind of had lost her round cake pan a couple of weeks ago and hadn’t gotten around to buying a new one. She was being a bit picky this time, she bought a cheap one last time.

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in my own little corner in my own little chair i can be whatever i want to be. in my corner i read and read and read.

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He told her to steer clear of that area of the forest. Steer clear of those people. She didn’t see anything wrong with them. They were unnaturally beautiful, sure, and that made her a bit uncomfortable, but the forest creatures weren’t dangerous. She wished that she could make her brother understand that. But she couldn’t. Instead she snuck out in the middle of the night and joined them in their moonlight dances.

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I was in a car and found everything to be perfectly normal. I steered my way out of the driveway and down our old dirt road. On this dirt road were beautiful green trees and horse poop. I found my self driving for hours not knowing where I was going, but I guess that is how life steers you.

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Well, I’m sure that I already wrote for this word in the last twenty-four hours, she thought to herself when she opened the webpage. But it’s a holiday, so the site runners might be a bit lazy today. So she glanced out the window, gathering her thoughts. It was a hailstorm coming towards her. Not outside, not literally, but figuratively.

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Oh. this started.

It was raining. Well, it was supposed to be raining. That’s what the weather report had said anyway. But that wasn’t what they got. What they got was ice. Large, hard, rock-solid balls of ice that shattered as they fell and made horrifying tapping noises on the windows. Ellen shivered listening to it.

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a circus is a great place for me to go and get my mind off things. When I was little I got to ride an elephant at a circus for my birthday. It smelled awful but me and my brothers had a great time anyway. I really hope I get the chance again to go to the circus with my whole family some day. I will always remember the sights and smells of the circus.

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a circus is a really colorful and imaginative place for kids and adults to spend quality time. A circus consists of clowns, acrobats, elephants, popcorn, cotton candy, dancers, and animals.

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The railroad path was long. Cut through a forest just outside of town. It marked the end of the city limits and the beginnings of where she was told very specifically where she could not go. If she wandered too far, she could end up lost to the fey.

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The wagon was large, brown, plain wood. It was a bit old, splinters snapping off the sides, the inish not quite as smooth as it might have been when it was first built. Chris looked at it skeptically. She had never ridden in anything so dingy and unsophisticated in her enitre life.

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He touched her and it felt nice. Words workds workds marked marked marked i have not words to say about tis particular word, but I do like the word marked. Marked is a nice word. I have a series about marks, demons marking humans as their own, a thing that had initially started to protect human lovers but quickly corrupted into a game to taunt one another.

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She made the executive decision to run away. It was the best choice, really. she didn’t want to become what they wanted her to be, but if she stayed she wouldn’t have any other choice. It wasn’t quite what her best friend was telling her to do, to deal with the situation. It was better. If she ran away, it all just disappeared, right?

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so this won’t be a story or anythin like that, more like a rant about feeling like I’ve downgraded my life or something. I had a lot of things going or me at some point. Like. Seriously. I was doing well.. But I’ve always had to rely on other people, and now I see where that’s gotten me. But I’m still doing it, huh?

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She continued to pound away at the wall, with no care for her fist or the flesh that was being scraped and bloodied in the process. Let it hurt. Let it bleed. Hell, let the wall DIE, she just wanted to stop feeling so HURT. She didn’t want to feel so frustrated or scared or upset or angry or ANYTHING.

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The institute was large, way larger than any school had the right to be. The lawns were large and bright green, a stark contrast to the dark brick buildings. It all screamed money and prestige, but all Ami really saw was pretentiousness.

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Hiding among the stars. Being capable to shine just as bright. But why be average when we all know you can be much brighter?!

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It was an accidental relationship. She hadn’t meant for it to turn out like this. One mishap, and suddenly she was head over heels with this woman she hardly even knew. Hell, she hadn’t even known she was gay until a few months ago.

“Georgia, Georgia…” She thought to herself. “Why do you always get yourself into problems like these?”

It had all started about three weeks ago. Georgia had painfully pulled herself out of bed towards the kitchen, with one thought on her mind.


She lent against the kitchen bench in her pajamas, loving the feel of the early sun on her freckled face. She twisted a single strand of curly hair around her finger as she waited for her coffee to brew.

The pot finished, and she half ran towards the tantalizing promise of pure caffeine that was sure to wake her up.

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I slowly strolled down the hospital ward only to find what I had been afraid to see for so long. It came gushing, like a river current, unable to stop yet with the hope to prosper.

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Roast is my favorite simply because I love meats.

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Roast is my favorite kinds of meat simply because I love meat.

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We drove street to street watching for houses with a for rent sign in the yard. We saw none. We went back to our grandparents house disappointed. Tomorrow we would find a house.

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“Marco!” My friend called. “Polo!” She walked a little towards me. “Marco!” She called out again. “Polo!” I called back. When she moved closer I moved away. She kept calling out and I kept responding. We kept going until she tripped. She opened her eyes and we laughed together.

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I’m impressed by all the YouTubers out there makin this moneyyyyy. I would like to make just as much money as I can as well and be comfortable. Maybe then, people will be impressed by me…or maybe they already are. Who is to know? Whatever they feel is none of my damn business anyway.

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