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Being someone’s darling nowadays is a myth. Our grandparents were lucky enough to have them, and some of our parents. But in today’s age? It’s a joke. People don’t take love seriously, they’re only out to “get some” for the most part. Wouldn’t it be great if that wasn’t true though?

» Posted By Izzi On 08.31.2012 @ 5:22 am


The configuration of stars amazed Lucy as she stared up at them. How are there so many? She thought to herself. Why haven’t we discovered anything else besides our own marker in space?

» Posted By Izzi On 06.27.2012 @ 11:30 am


across the folded bedcovers
her form imprinted in the mattress
she has awoken,
she has changed,
she has gone.

» Posted By Izzi On 10.23.2011 @ 4:11 pm


A long braid of grass descended from her hands, still moving quickly, intricately weaving the green shoots together. Her hands were pale and fingers long and thin. She was intent upon her work, her own hair (brown) was hanging down her back, a constant reminder that she was to be forever braiding.

» Posted By Izzi On 10.02.2011 @ 9:57 am


Romantic- psh. This doesn’t exist. At least, not in the way they think. But /I/ know what romance is.
Romance is making soup at ten thirty on a rainy friday night and sharing it with her.
Romance is going to the park and playing on the swings.
Romance is holding hands with her, just because.
Romance is not caring when they stare at me cause I’m holding hands with another girl.

» Posted By Izzi On 09.30.2011 @ 3:49 pm


The spongy mass of flesh lies in front of me. I see it and I want to throw up, or die, or both.
Instead, I pick up what is left of my father with white plastic gloves and I put it in a bag. It will be burned, and my sister will keep the ashes.

» Posted By Izzi On 09.01.2011 @ 2:40 pm


She kills me every day. Every day I look at her and she smiles.
“Go on, Katy.”
And I do. And I have to. And I have no choice but to.
And today, I decide I hate her. And today, she says, “Go on, Katy.”
And today, I say, “No.”

» Posted By Izzi On 08.26.2011 @ 9:52 am

“She forced me, Storm! I swear I would never!” I beg.
“No. Not again,” he says. My stomach plummets and I hold back the tears.
“Storm, please-”
“You killed my sister! You killed her and she’s not coming back! Can’t you understand why I hate you?

» Posted By Izzi On 08.26.2011 @ 9:47 am


its what you put in cars…makes thing go…smells funny…is expensive…is not that fun to write about…is hard to think about…is oily…is not used to slick back hair…like cum is…like in that movie about mary…like my boyfriend…santi…who is fucking hot…i think i love him

» Posted By Izzi On 04.15.2011 @ 6:15 pm


road to a journey. seek what you want in life. take you somewhere nice and special. lead you somewhere bad. rocky and obstacles, over come them! excel in walking on the path.

» Posted By Izzi On 10.24.2008 @ 4:13 pm

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