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In many ways he was like a watchtower. Not just in physique, but in spirit. He was a rather solemn man. He chose only to talk when he felt was necessary, other than that he was find standing above the world observing others make fools of themselves.

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She was defined as a prune by her grandchildren. They didn’t understand the glory of who she truly was. The soft wrinkles embedded into her porcelain skin were battle scars of the life we had lived. Story upon story unfolded as I reached out to touch her cheek, tracing the lines as I moved along. One was for the time our little girl crashed the car, another for the first time our crazy George said “I hate you”. But the deepest, was when we had to lay our dear, sweet Maybelle to rest in the clouds and stars above. Please do not think of our time together as only sadness. The hard times have made us cherish the brighter days like no other. I now bring my hand to the brink of her lip, and cannot help but smile. What I feel are no longer battle scars, they are the remints of love. I cherish my ‘prune’ as well as the life we have lived, I only hope that when my grandchildren are prunes themselves, they will have gotten to experience what we have and more. Prunes and all.

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He tasted of taffy.

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He was sweet like taffy. The moistness of his lips always seemed to leave me exasperated. They took away the pain of tomorrow and rose the goodness of the past. In all simplicity, he was a sweet escape that opened my eyes to a land I never knew was possible. We were each others saviors, and after years of facing the demons alone, knowing I had finally found him was my heaven. I did not need the eternal glory of an afterlife as long as I had him. So here we stand, forevermore, you and I, are Bonnie and Clyde.

» Posted By Isabella Jade On 01.25.2014 @ 5:51 am

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