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my nails keep breaking
chipping and peeling and my fingers are aching

» Posted By ines On 02.10.2017 @ 6:45 pm


internship, not doing any work, never doing any work
nothing significant no recognition
where am i going to get a job?
i’m afraid of being homeless
i’m afraid of everything
i’m afraid of a lot
i don’t need guidance i need a fucking favor
do me a solid don’t give me advice
do my homework for me

» Posted By ines On 02.09.2017 @ 11:36 am


Someone who holds all the power. Someone wise, maybe a master, a king, someone in charge. One who detains the control over something enormous, or a big number of people. Someone you can look up to, that has a lot of history of corageous acts. Powerful. Great. A king, perhaps.

» Posted By Inês On 06.01.2015 @ 4:48 am


bowtie is a verb
when used particularly
you bowtied yourself
around my neck
for all to see
what a dashing bowtie!

» Posted By Ines On 02.27.2014 @ 4:07 pm


confide in me, love
and gone will be the days of
forgetting memories.

» Posted By Ines On 02.09.2014 @ 6:18 pm


derby derby run run get it all out of your head and run run derby run run roller derby is a gay thing to do if you feel like getting pushed to the ground so can we make it into an olympic sport please that would be great i feel like putin would love to see lesbians on roller skates pushing each other to the ground ok.

» Posted By Ines On 02.08.2014 @ 6:15 pm


discoes are happy but i’m not.

this has been a brief account on the love life of a fifteen year old lesbian.

» Posted By Ines On 01.21.2014 @ 2:11 pm


beaming through the dark
she provided her own light
when there was none else
to be had.

» Posted By Ines On 01.20.2014 @ 1:19 pm


biblical men try
shooting love, but hearts
do not grow that way.

» Posted By Ines On 01.16.2014 @ 8:46 pm


–the waitress–
empty orders fill
me up like coke does
bubbling, bubbling inside,
i need one more line.

» Posted By Ines On 01.14.2014 @ 6:31 am

order of business:
1. work until the sun goes down
2. thrive into the night

» Posted By Ines On 01.13.2014 @ 4:13 pm


hijacked my heart
not really, i guess.
i gave it to you
that’s just the bitterness
coming out.

hijacked me is how i like to think of it
but __ me is how it really went.

» Posted By Ines On 01.10.2014 @ 4:04 pm


bourbon whiskey, ahahaha. Just like the good ole days when we would steal my papa’s Chevy and head down to the beach. It was just you, me, and bourbon. And we fared pretty well together there, blacking out the rest of the world. Just you and me.

» Posted By Ines On 01.09.2014 @ 9:02 pm


drag the body. I know it’s heavy, a lump, lifeless but still too weighty.
drag it into the freezer and keep it there, so it can turn into a hard lump.
it’ll stay there for ages.
and keep lumping, and keep harding.
until one day, the exit wounds freeze over
and leave smooth, clear skin behind.

» Posted By Ines On 01.07.2014 @ 9:26 pm

freezer looks above
to find a glimmer of sun
hidden between clouds.

» Posted By Ines On 01.07.2014 @ 1:28 pm


tracking the progress
looking back at how I’ve grown
since that first question.

» Posted By Ines On 01.06.2014 @ 8:49 pm

tracking in the snow.
i tracked in the snow in search of what went wrong.
back tracking.
why are all of my writings always sad.
tracking back through the tundra
to find
when snowflakes turned into ice
the icicle that stabbed me ouch that sounded painful

» Posted By Ines On 01.06.2014 @ 1:39 pm


Greed consumes us.
Makes us monsters.
Corporations are not people.
People are easily manipulated by greed.
All for maximum revenue.
All for maximum revenue.
Don’t let it get to you.

» Posted By Ines On 01.06.2014 @ 8:33 am

sometimes you don;t know what a word means. i thkn i’m gpoing to revenue this haunted house into a marirage parlo because that mkes loads of sense. reinvention isi intenresting because ow much of that thing it maintained and how much is lost when you change it. kind of like artists, too, when they come out with new art. interesting.

» Posted By Ines On 01.05.2014 @ 3:19 pm


Me gusta viajar en tren. Libertad, sosiego, aprovechar el tiempo. Me recuerda a momentos de paz y sobre todo a sensaciones de inicar una etapa, algo importante. Como una nueva oiportunidad. Para lo que sea. Es algo genial.
No es más que una sensación pero me gusta mucho,lsmxclksamksamckasmcskmckasmclka

» Posted By Inés On 09.06.2013 @ 3:46 am


The procedure of the things is maybe the most complicated about it all. We worry too much about it and don’t really care about what really matters: form, beauty. We just search the formal perfection and do not realize that the best artworks were written from the heart.

» Posted By Inés On 12.24.2012 @ 7:03 pm


A place in the street where you can find people, usually in the center of a city or village, with shops and life and very traditional somehow, I guess, reflecting a culture.

» Posted By Ines On 11.23.2012 @ 4:47 pm


I knew as soon as I woke up that there was going to be major problems in the day ahead. Something about the look the children gave me todl me not all was well. Amy was covered in porride and Thomas had paint all over hime. And that was only the begining of the day. Major dissaster written all over their faces.

» Posted By Ines On 11.08.2012 @ 1:23 am

I was stuck in a major traffic jam. I could not moveeven an inch. Baby was screaming in the back having a major tantrum. My husband was shouting at the man in the car behind because he usta wouldn’t stop pressing on the horn. I knew we were heading f

» Posted By Ines On 11.08.2012 @ 12:28 am


All this steps must be followed for the sake of the most ancinet of all laws, that is Love it self: Steps of a dancing heart they are thus.

» Posted By Ines On 11.01.2012 @ 6:22 pm


i voted once in my life, it was the worst decision ever. we went under the heat of August sun on a week end to my home village in the mountains. millions of people were waiting but not in line. a complete anarchy… it turned out that the people i voted for created a complete anarchy in my country as well.

» Posted By ines On 10.01.2012 @ 7:17 am


Something that does not function. It can be an object, a person, a family, an animal.

» Posted By Ines On 09.13.2012 @ 9:24 am


fire lol queestupidez fazer gosto duh telemovel po de arroz chato amor isto little dragon musica mala quero mais

» Posted By ines On 09.11.2012 @ 2:31 am


Gum is really difficult to chew when you have braces. I don’t really chew gum that much anymore unless it’s mint or peppermint because I like those. Also, it’s sort of sad too because I liked gum a lot before.

» Posted By Ines On 07.26.2012 @ 6:38 am


oneworld. it was not separated. the words. right? they were glued together. right? i don’t know. it seemed so. What to say more. it reminds me U2’s song.

» Posted By ines On 06.12.2012 @ 5:20 am

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