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The scooter scooted on the scooting chute. The boy fell down afterwards.
Why, of course, the entire skating park laughed. Not entirely due to the incident – no. He was riding a scooter in a skate park, after all. How quaint. I’m not entirely sure whether or not I can game the system and make a sentence so long that there will virtually be no limit – of course I can – why must I be constrained to a word limit; scooters are not limited by an arbitrary set of how much data you can input through your computer and into this server and neither should I; but of course scooters don’t engage in meaningless philosophical soliloquies either, so I believe I am guilty in some sense; not guiltier than some scooters, though, I’ve seen some downright criminal ones; but not as criminal as I am in how I am abusing these semicolons.

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