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Hearing the sounds of the wilderness comforted me, made me feel safe, and like I wasn’t in the arena. I felt that if I tried hard enough, I could bring myself back home. The thoughts of Rue came back to my mind making my good thoughts taste like blood. I knew she would have wanted to go back home too, and feel the warmth, and comfort of her own home. I wish I had done more to save her.

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Rosey splashed in the newly formed puddles on the sidewalk. “This is soo fun!” She exclaims. I nod, and carry on with our afternoon walk to the park. We laugh as a huge truck comes by, soaking us down to the core.

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The two little kids splashed and played in the water for hours, until day turned to night. “Mommy why am I a prune?” The youngest one asked. She just laughed and carried him in.

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It was shortly after I was born, that my Parents decided that they loved having kids so much that they were going to adopt another one. She was going to be older than I, and I wanted her to be kind and to love my parents, and I with all her heart.

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We walked into the pet store. All I had on my mind was finding the best pet. I was going to adopt the cutest softest sweetest pet I could find! I was determined.

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Her long apron flowed down to the ground, she tripped over the string as she walked, as she fell her mother ran in a caught her before she hit the ground. “I wuv woo mommy,” she says. And all her mother does is take the apron off.

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What is an estate? I mean, I am only 12!!!!! GRRRRR

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