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She placed the ladle across the kettle, like a rickety bridge over a brewing chasm.

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On the fir branch, in broad daylight, stood the snow white owl. Carson handed the binoculars to Mr Finch who had demanded to know whether it was a male or female. “See for yourself.”

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They were probably from the same background as the officers; farmboys, far away from the fields and hearth where they had grown up, now thrown into ‘the real world’, which was what Sergeant Compton called the sandy lawn outside the barracks.

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The had got rid of the old theatre, Manny’s books, and the drugstore, so that the street could be widened into its present state.

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The mast lay broken on the beach, little crabs inspecting it sideways. The girl was draped in white.

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A drizzle of snow magic; crystal, reaction, solution.

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This was a person for whom she shouldn’t be responsible. The blues were nothing like her pieces of hazel; the big batch of tow on the little bugger’s head was a gift from someone else, some other woman still revered and dreamed of.

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He was not certain. It was something else. A sense of his eyes darting around, never settling within hers. Always elsewhere.

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