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Icarus whimpered as he collapsed under a tree. He was exhausted. Weeks of trying to run and fly away were finally catching up to him. He just wanted to sleep, but he knew he couldn’t. Looking up at the sky, Icarus whispered, “Odysseus, help me, please. Save me. I can’t go much longer.” He looked down at his hands, feeling the exhaustion taking over his whole being. Seconds later, he was asleep.

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When you think systems, what’s the first thing to come to mind? For me, it’s math. Systems of equations, systems of linear equations, systems of lines. Systems, systems, systems. And to pass you’ve got to memorize all of them, over and over and over again. But, when are we going to use them?

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Jack had always tried to get into the North Pole, he’d been trying for three hundred years, and every time he’d been thrown out by Phil or another yeti. But now, now he was accepted in, now he was a visitor at the North Pole, allowed to go where ever he wanted. And it made him more happy then ever. Him being allowed in meant that he had a family now. And that was all he’d ever wanted.

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