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I was expecting nothing less from such a prompt. Usually it’s some vague, or a noun that makes you go “wait, what, what am i supposed to write about that?” but the prompt “expecting” is quite easy. I simply write about what I was expecting from a prompt. Oh, God, I think I’m running my brain into a circle. Is this the part where I see forever? Or is this the part where I just get up and go get some cookies because I broke my brain again and it’s time for cookies? I dunno. I wasn’t expecting that.

» Posted By Hildred On 07.10.2011 @ 9:46 am


Antlers. Antlers everywhere. On the wall, on the floor, on the table, and in the other man’s heart. Gary stood over the man and sighed. Who knew that what was supposed to be a simple hunt between brothers out in the backyard woods would end up with one dead on the ground with antlers on his head.

Gary was quite impressed with his work. Then again, he always was.

» Posted By Hildred On 06.26.2011 @ 8:18 am

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