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Tears streaming, cutting through the dirt of months of travel. His bitter words tore at his throat, threatening to consume every last shred of hope in him. “What is it that I lack?” He pounded a fist to his chest, the blow echoing in the near darkness of the clearing. “Why am I never good enough?”

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The ford was a steady stream of activity this time of year. It was clogged with merchants and families alike, all trying to get to the capitol in time. The ferry was overcrowded, the stink of human bodies packed together cloying.

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His wicked grin spurred on the demons riding in my own veins. It was nauseating how his recklessness lit a fire in my belly. His hands were deft as the can spun towards the door. A small flick, molten flame casting the dark room into shadows that caught in his teeth.
“Careful,” He breathed, letting out a hiss from the can that ignited the night into screams of manic death.

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I have both white and black gloves. These are for playing bells in the church choir. I also have cycling gloves – some are really old, and I use an old pair when I mow the lawn.

I think of Michael Jackson, too – glove. Just one glove.

My children often wear mismatched gloves…and socks. I think that’s just a children thing.

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Single – alone. One. Dollar bill.

I don’t believe one single word that you say.


Not married.

I am not single – struggling to contemplate just one of anything.

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ice cream
more than friends

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Steaks are amazing. They can range from t-bones to chopped. You can cook them with little seasoning like a true meat lover or use all sorts of spices and sauces to increase the flavor. I love steak. Truly.

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I think we all want answers….but maybe what we really crave is explanation…understanding…to be heard….often we get answers that we don’t really want…living with ambiguity in your life can be a beautiful thing, but how does one embrace that?

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“But it’s family tradition!” Sam exclaimed.
“You’re acting like I care,” Ruben remarked, as he swung his stubby, brown tail behind him

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Christmas used to be the best time of the year for our family. We’d always draw numbers and pick whatever gift matched that number. It was quite a fun tradition for us. However, over the years, things changed. People changed. Christmas became somewhat, boring.

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THE individual in the photo is elated.

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what happens when you find out you are going to jail, do you panic do you look for escapes do you go into denial ,,, what are the emotions one feels at the moment they hear they are going to jail …I thi

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yesterday I changed my perspective. I stood on my head and looked at the world upside down. It was funny. then I got dizzy and my head felt like it was going to explode. I laid on my side and looked at the clouds! the end

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Maybe the way in which we return to each other only because we are battered with arguments. Maybe it’s in how we scream at each other, only to console one another’s frustrations with tender hand holding and growing resentment. And yet, I’ve only known our bellows to be softer than the empty spaces between our legs and hands when night dawns and we’re without each other once again. Unhealthy love, unhealthy lovers. Lovers all the same.

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I wish they’d picked a better word than setup because I’ve already been setup by the entries of a 16 year old possessed by love and intimacy and poetics. Gimme a word like haze and I’ll tell you with the same degree of naivety how a twenty one year old mirrors herself, in better sounding words and sneakier prose.

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Listening to Maccy D, waiting for your Skype call, wondering what kind of set up I’ve wandered myself into.
Perhaps it was planned.

I hope not.

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Thade glance over his shoulder, the rhythmic tapping of the knife didn’t stop as he did so. He watched as Faolan stepped into the kitchen, rolling up the sleeves of his button up while scowling at the flat owner. A grin parted Thade’s lips, a childish thing. The other man grumbled wordlessly, a low tune pressing from his throat to express his annoyance. The Thayline general ignored him, continuing to chop potatoes. Quietly, the two of them worked on dinner. Faolan quieted down eventually, and to fill the silence and small tune trickled from his lips. Soon Thade was humming along and the two of them worked out a beat. Whisks laps in time with their rhythm, pans were set down to accentuate a note at the end of a line. Their movements set to music of their own creation added the percussion and baseline to their melody.
Thade’s golden eyes glanced sideways as he found himself next to Faolan at the stove. The white haired man didn’t meet the gaze so carefully flicking in his direction. Their tune slowed as dinner was almost ready. Despite himself, the barest hint of a smile ghosted across the dragon’s lips.
“I hate this domestic melody,” He protested quietly. Thade, having seen the twitch in the corners of his friend’s mouth, laughed.
“You love this domestic shit, Faolan. Just like you love me,” Turning on his heel, the dragon hunter padded off towards the dining room to clear the table.

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The elm tree stands alone in its existence lie each individual person it has a purposse. It has meaning. Though it has no sense of belonging it surely has its greatness inquest to itself. It is beautiful strong yet shy. It has a peer unique to itself.

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An elm tree sits alone with its uniqueness as each person is separated by their own unity.

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I am accountable to my word surrender! I will experiment and live this word out this new year in 2016.

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Being about to be trusted, knowing you are responsible for others and that others can rely on you. Not worrying about what will be done but know it will happen. Something you want in all your friends and loved ones. Something I am not always and I would like to be better about. I would like to be that person people can rely on and know I will be there for them.

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A smirk laced its way across her lips, tugging on the corners of her mouth like an excited child. Her eyes lit up with ecstasy and in that moment she became the madwoman he remembered. In that moment, she was completely in control yet so close to spiraling off into the abyss. With blood streaking its way through her hair, dripping into her eyes– she was soaked in the life of her victim and for an instant he saw the doorways to her past life. He saw the gory trail of mangled bodies she’d left for him. He smiled fondly at the warmth her gifts had always brought him. She was his muse, and Death would follow her anywhere. In this life, the next and whatever else followed after that.

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A fortress is like a base. It is a safe place that is locked up tight to keep out bad elements. When one thinks of a fortress, they think of the past. It is not a word that is used in regular speaking or writing today, except for the phrase tight as a fortress.

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Head tilted, her level gaze bore into the dog. He watched, silent but questioning none the less. She had seemed distracted, unable to converse further with the dog whining in the corner. Finally, she’d given in and turned to the pup. What happened after that was truly weird.
“I didn’t think humans could make that noise.” he muttered, listening to the pitches straining out of her throat. She grinned and shrugged.
“You’re not wrong “

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Her eyes calmed, their color returning as her thoughts slowly settled. he could see the rage ebbing away in her, gathering away like clouds to prepare for a storm tomorrow. He sighed happily, glad to at least have a moments’ peace. Surely it would happen again, but next time he would make certain it was not the last cookie.

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She folded her arms in protest. “I’m not going with you,” she indignantly challenged her parents. She couldn’t stand to move for the fifth time in two years.

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I’m such a lightweight. Or at least I used to be. I can’t drink much, but I definitely drink more than I used to. Many reasons why, probably. College definitely started that trend. College has definitely been interesting. Here goes another year of cluelessness you know? I’m locked in

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i want to be a gardener. This year my friends and I are building one of flowers and I am having a personal one with herbs. I’m really looking forward to cultivating my relationship with plants, and sharing love with them. I see a woman bent over flowers with a smile on her face, a watering can in her hand. For me it will likely be a garden hose (house hose) that I use. I hope it’s a place of bonding and connection and relaxation.

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Dazed and tired, she stared into the streaked window of the dimly lit diner. It had been the longest of nights, yet the morning was still out of reach. What would she do, with no place to go and no desire to get there? There was no hiding from the gaze beyond the glass. There was no answer in her stare.

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People really want an owner. We’ve been taught to.

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