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» Posted By Haze On 11.06.2013 @ 9:34 pm


Must? I must do it? Make me. Try. This is my life. Not yours. My life. My dreams. I create my own destiny. Take that away from me. I dare you.

» Posted By Haze On 01.07.2013 @ 6:12 pm


Half of me is made of fire
The other half is made of ice
When I look in the mirror I see myself twice
Passion and flame yet aloof and tame
At times I’m afraid that my reflection is not very nice.

» Posted By Haze On 08.23.2012 @ 9:29 am


I guess usually an event is something significant, but technically, and event is just every moment. Every single thing that happens is an event. Maybe that means every single moment is significant, and that agrees with the kill a fly in the past, kill a species is the future thing, but I don’t know if I agree with that.

» Posted By Haze On 08.19.2012 @ 6:27 pm


Well, I have to start classes in a few days and I still don’t have my camera fixed. I was supposed to go today to that little yellow shop but I didn’t find the time or energy to get out of my house and go. Bummer. But then again, I was the one who chose photography as the darn extracurricular activity. I somewhat regret it, but then I think: Do I really picture myself in the sports, folklore dancing, or arts club? Cus if I know myself good enough, my single talent is chasing my friends, family and boyfriend away when I get in that neutral and depressing state of mind that my own insecurity causes. That talent, I’ve been practicing a lot in these last weeks. I guess I have to stop unless I want to be a complete loner by the end of this month.

» Posted By Haze On 08.02.2012 @ 2:14 pm


She conceals her heart, She conceals her soul. When she’s in the mood she bares herself. All of her, she will reveal. But in the meantime, she hides. Better luck next time.

» Posted By haze On 01.12.2012 @ 4:34 pm


She was a princess waiting for her prince. Bored and restless, the princess waits. And she waits. Don’t you know, good things come to those who waits?

» Posted By haze On 12.12.2011 @ 9:04 pm


Rules scmhules. Gives stability but it doesn’t let you think outside the box. Oh, what a curse you can be. Rules

» Posted By haze On 11.20.2011 @ 4:43 pm


Nostrils flare as her muscles worked. Pulling, pushing, her body screams for her to stop and yet she continues. Exhaustion hits her like a ton of bricks and then… she collapses. She breathes a sign of relief.

» Posted By haze On 11.19.2011 @ 6:28 pm

There was flare out in the sky. Flying as if it was a comet gone awry. Wait for me, I want to see. Just flying, flying, free. Goodbye.

» Posted By Haze On 11.19.2011 @ 6:17 pm


I waltzed with him under the stars. It was a beautiful night and I wished it would never end. He and I were made for this. It was at that moment that I realised Anna had been right, nothing else mattered. So long as I was happy and in his arms, everything would be ok.

» Posted By Haze On 04.28.2009 @ 10:22 am


i am a princess everything is fabulous i live in a pink castle up on a hill where no one can get to me except the people i want to see. i get to pick and choose these people as i please. i make sure they are all beautiful, as beautiful as me.

everything in my castles is perfect and pretty and pink
and nothing bad ever comes in
i make sure of this.
very sure.

» Posted By haze On 01.24.2009 @ 1:10 am


magnified. be heard. a little voice becomes a powerful force.

sit and listen to what they say. be captivated.

magnify your voice.

» Posted By haze On 10.27.2009 @ 8:53 pm

magnified. be heard. a little voice becomes a powerful force.

sit and listen to what they say. be captivated.

magnify your voice.

» Posted By haze On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am


she wanted opals. those translucent pearls.

she wanted understanding. a little bit of magic perhaps

she wanted color trapped inside a shell. it was worth it she thought.

» Posted By haze On 10.26.2009 @ 8:21 pm

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