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Her heart was worn out from the lies and pain he had inflicted on her from the first time they knew each other.

Now, she felt like an emotionless robot.

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Beneath the starry sky, they both laid on their backs.

Wind blowing mildly, caressing their skin.

Nothing were said between them but everything was just enough for them

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It is a unfounded allegation but there was also truth behind it,

He knew she hated him now but he also believed that the love she had for him was still there inside her heart. She couldn’t see it because of the baseless accusation made by those people who loved her.

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At first, he never did believe in love. What’s love? A question that he always pondered upon. It was a mythical feeling that was an alien to him.

Most of his friends were engaged in that particular emotion through out his collage and university years and yet he preferred to be spending his time reading and gaming.

That was his life.

Until he met her.

His best friend, his partner-in-crime, his wife.

Now he understood why. Dammit. Love was like a myth to him until he finally experienced it himself

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How many pint of blood you need to lose before you lost your conscious?

That was the last thought as the huge gash on his stomach continued staining the carpet underneath him with his own blood.

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One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Etcetera.

Simple pattern. Sometimes they aren’t so simple. Most of the time people spend their time doing one of two things: blindly following patterns, or vainly attempting to decipher them. Unfourtunately for those chaotically-inclined, patterns are efficient, and you’ll need them to do your precious deciphering.

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I walked for miles and miles, screaming your name. You didn’t know what to say to me when you left. You just kind of shrugged and backed away. I stood in the alley way and gaped, trying to find the words in the oxygen around me. I couldn’t breathe with the smog in my mouth.

» Posted By Hawkeye On 07.30.2010 @ 2:40 pm

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