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Watchtower… a dog becomes concrete and large enough to house men. An ocean is its reign. The is n say what will rise with the waves, what will suddenly appear across the horizon, pirated treasures or monsters of the deep.

» Posted By Harvinder On 06.12.2014 @ 9:19 pm


The power of your presence, like breath too long, too short, too loud, but essential to living. The grip of your gaze, the smile that spills the secrets of the heart even as it tries to hide them… you influence me in so many ways.

» Posted By Harvinder On 07.12.2013 @ 1:20 am


It is not adorned, my heart. Vulnerable and fresh like a delicate flower, it dares to open its petals towards you.

» Posted By Harvinder On 06.21.2013 @ 8:20 am


The rocks folded holding layers of secrets, calcified moments, who would reveal their stories to only the deserving. Those who could un-code the language of history not written in books, not whispered or shouted, but hangs silently, waiting for the ripe mind.

» Posted By Harvinder On 02.10.2013 @ 10:49 am


Will you keep me in that trial box till I rot or plead guilty..? I didn’t know it was a crime! I didn’t know it was possible even – till it happened. You look for a noose, I’m a two timer after all. Wrong. It was not just another I loved along with you – I loved the world and all in it. Now the noose will change into a garland… will it?

» Posted By Harvinder On 09.22.2012 @ 9:20 am

It must have been ice – thin, transparent treacherous, like a cunning lover who wants to hold onto you, trapping you in his web or intrigues only his spidery mind can weave…

» Posted By Harvinder On 09.22.2012 @ 9:12 am


They whisper in the night, tickling the stars to laugh away their light. Words – hums without sound. Saying nothing, saying all. They float in the air and if you breathe right, breathe deep, they’ll dissolve in your blood. Quietly they float like feathers and land in your dreams… the whispers of eternity, landing on the plateau of Time.

» Posted By Harvinder On 07.22.2012 @ 8:21 am


It’s the power that comes from a focus, knowing where you are going. Having fuel in you and someone to navigate so you don’t go off the path… but above all it’s driving force that comes from having a goal, that makes you an engine, that can lead others.

» Posted By Harvinder On 05.16.2012 @ 2:30 am


They crawl in my head, sometimes I’m tickled and laugh. Since no one can see them crawling inside, they think I’m mad. When they sink their cruel fangs and bite my brain, groans burst like window panes in a hurricane, they think I’m mad. They cannot feel what I feel. How did they get there?

» Posted By Harvinder On 05.15.2012 @ 8:25 am


He’d plucked the two blue flowers with the delicate petals, carefully avoiding the thorns so that the hint of white in the center of the flower wouldn’t tear. He gave them to her with a quiet look, she smiled and went into the kitchen, leaving them on the sofa. When she returned, she didn’t notice she’d sat on them, sinking her teeth in the sweetness of a piece of plum cake.

» Posted By Harvinder On 05.14.2012 @ 8:46 am


Your face, a perfect poster. Chiseled, planned, meant for an audience, for a response. Cunning. I’m waiting for it to peel off.

» Posted By Harvinder On 04.27.2012 @ 2:48 am


I know only the sync that my heart finds with the universe, it requires no conscious obedience. It is simply things falling into their right places, no rebellion, no struggle, no sacrifice. A cosmic harmony.

» Posted By Harvinder On 12.04.2011 @ 3:05 am


The rain drop trickling down the leaf, like sculptor’s eye over the stone. Blue mountains on a dewy morning, like your dreamless eyes..

» Posted By Harvinder On 11.23.2011 @ 11:06 pm


The acid in stomach that becomes a growl, that’s not abstract!
“Love is” you say? Watch your breath, it writes love stories with vapour on cold windows…

» Posted By Harvinder On 11.14.2011 @ 7:24 am


I have none of it, except the question marks my eyebrows become when you spread your words out like medals, or the curve of the hip perhaps as it swings under your sly gaze, I have no talent, my voice is a guileless wave, if you are swept you are ready.

» Posted By Harvinder On 10.26.2011 @ 11:39 pm


Your eyes turn away icy polite, denying a bridge of fire its rope between us. I let the trap down on my heart. We are in our glass houses now, sealed. You can’t make love through glass.

» Posted By Harvinder On 10.19.2011 @ 1:27 am


I am convinced you are there – as surely as I am there – as empowered, as helpless, as eager, as hopeful. I am in the body, you’re not, that’s all.

» Posted By Harvinder On 10.12.2011 @ 8:55 am


There they are. The sock with the hole from where our secrets slipped through. The shawl, still stained with your acid tears. The bra with the lipstick, telling scarlet tales. All there, even the ribbon that braided popcorn memories of childhood, in funny patterns. The wardrobe is a secret door to Wonderland. Come, let’s snuggle again under the soft blanket, like we used to, before love became a gash.

» Posted By Harvinder On 10.11.2011 @ 9:13 am


Go. I’ve parked my heart – for a while. I will not sail – for a while. The wind has howled too loudly, the waves have licked with poisonous tongues, the moon has enticed and misled, like you, like you. I will let the gentle lap of the water at the shore rub against my body, like a faithful dog licks his master’s hand. I will rest my heart – for a while.

» Posted By Harvinder On 09.23.2011 @ 10:13 am


It doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as ‘average’! It is mind’s ‘maya-creation’ – we think it’s real, but it doesn’t exist. The average student, the average housewife, the average age… a figure that points to a nebulous space that we can’t pin down, except by coming to an imprecise figure.

» Posted By Harvinder On 09.16.2011 @ 9:11 am


The confining ones of iron, the loosening, boosening ones full of spirit… leading to delirium. The mind is always entangled in bars!

» Posted By Harvinder On 09.09.2011 @ 10:18 am


It entices, ensnares, traps and then finishes you off. You as you know yourself. It yawns – with or without you, it laughs – with or without your voice, it ripples – with or without your dance. I exist? The ‘I’ gets in the way!

» Posted By Harvinder On 09.08.2011 @ 8:33 am


Invent me. Weave my eyelashes from the thread of your thoughts, a brush stroke for the red rage of the heart, put me on the pedestal of your dreams, nudge, nudge to sweep over your hopes with eagle wings… Invent me. Discovery means facing the truth – of me, of you.

» Posted By Harvinder On 08.13.2011 @ 6:37 am


No. I’ll take the questions. You can keep them your question-less answers. The full stop befits you, my mind hangs by an upturned hook… a question it is!

» Posted By Harvinder On 08.12.2011 @ 2:03 am


Not my father’s mind. You can’t stretch it beyond a point. If you try beware of the snap! Ouch!! Girls are girls and boys are boys and don’t you get confused. Biology decides who’ll be in the kitchen guys can try after 60, girls after 16. Nobility lies in acceptance. Nature isn’t elastic he says. Like his mind!

» Posted By Harvinder On 08.11.2011 @ 6:33 am


It’s the dream aspiration of man, a brick is. Deeply sexual. It entices with the dreams of tomorrow, of a home, of continuity, promising to protect from the ephemerality of life, it says, “I’m small, but put together many of us and you’ll get a home, a taste of immortality; it’ll ward off death, it’ll give warmth, house relationships and love that will make it worth everything.”

» Posted By Harvinder On 08.09.2011 @ 10:34 am


A curl of tender shyness opens, the heavens pour!

» Posted By Harvinder On 08.06.2011 @ 9:08 am


My mind, boiling, just short of the hundredth degree. Death is a sweet oasis. Mindlessness is sweeter or perhaps sweetness no longer matters.

» Posted By Harvinder On 08.03.2011 @ 1:36 am


They become voices in my head, voices without a cause. I hear bells from faraway temples and in me a wave ripples. I see a cloud, and find myself standing on tip toes. Dreams are mine, as the sky is mine, the wings are ready.

» Posted By Harvinder On 07.31.2011 @ 10:43 pm


The steps I took in line with my destiny, alone steps, have made and unmade me. Not measured by logic or convention, but directed by the unseen light that only the heart can know when it is quiet.

» Posted By Harvinder On 07.30.2011 @ 9:12 pm

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