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It costs too much, but freedom is worth fighting for.

» Posted By Haneenx12 On 10.24.2018 @ 1:00 pm


The majority of women in Saudi Arabia don’t have full rights due to the guardianship law that restrict them and don’t allow them to make the simplest decision without a man’s permission; of course, unless the woman is lucky and privileged to have an open-minded and supportive family.

» Posted By Haneenx12 On 10.22.2018 @ 12:40 pm


I was standing at the metro station after midnight alone, and there was a strange man looking at me in a weird way, giving me the impression that he is about to rob me, then I saw someone else passing and I was saved by the bell.

» Posted By Haneenx12 On 10.20.2018 @ 5:35 am


It was sweet of her to offer all of this food. She is a generous person.

» Posted By Haneenx12 On 10.17.2018 @ 12:34 am

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