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My hands are tied. I don’t have feeling in my fingers anymore. The rope binding them rips at my skin as i try to wriggle free from their power. I’m stuck. I know that now.

» Posted By Halle On 09.10.2012 @ 4:15 pm


I feel like my heart is punctured in many different areas. By you, by the drugs, by the noise in my mind at all times. My heart has been bashed in bit by bit, piece by piece, and at some point, there will be nothing left but dust.

» Posted By Halle On 08.07.2012 @ 10:35 am


I once lost my DS but then I found it deep inside my junk drawer. It was really depressing when I lost it because I had just bought a shit ton of games and I was excited to use all of them. Sigh. Well I have it now so it doesn’t matter anymore. Woo. That’s it.

» Posted By Halle On 07.31.2012 @ 5:08 am


As i sat in the hospital the doors blew open and a swoosh of wind gusted in, similar to how it feels in a wind turbine. i was reminded of days out in the windy meadow with my father when i was six, my father, the one i was waiting for in the hospital right now.

» Posted By halle On 07.10.2012 @ 10:29 am


There was once a little boy walking down the street with his grandfather. His grandfather told him that bhe would always be happy if he kept his eyes above his cap. The little boy didn’t understand, until one day, when Hitler led his parade down the street. Then, the boy knew he could never be looked down upon if he kept his eyes above his cap.

» Posted By Halle On 06.03.2012 @ 12:54 pm


petitions are good. they bring people together for one good cause. they make people have to agree on them. some people hate them. some love them. i like them. they make me feel like i’m a small part of something huge. even if they are small. i once made people sign a petition to get my 6th grade class to get a dodgeball court on the playground.

» Posted By halle On 03.13.2012 @ 8:23 pm


conviction makes me think of convicts. how little I know of that world. I’m sheltered all I know about convicts are the things I’ve read in books. Two very insignificant books in fact. Still conviction is a word I’m familiar with because it means to frame someone for something; which has happened to me often

» Posted By Halle On 10.11.2011 @ 6:42 pm


My life is a mystery with no evidence, i live without questioning or explanation.
you should do the same.

» Posted By Halle On 09.26.2011 @ 5:22 pm


Deer are absolutely beautiful and an interesting species. They are rare to find, however when found, very complex yet graceful. More than often a deer is found in the road, which is very unfortunate. However only few people are blessed with the opportunity to find a deer at its natural surroundings.

» Posted By Halle On 08.18.2011 @ 6:58 pm


I was 5. Everyone else was doing it, and I saw my father do it every morning to a man he worked for named Hitler. Little did I now that this man would kill millions of innocent people over nothing but a religion he didn’t believe in.

» Posted By Halle On 07.01.2010 @ 6:53 pm


“Ba dum de dum dum,” my Grandfather hummed as he spun me around the lush gardens of his North Ireland mansion. “Grandpa, what is this dance called?” I asked, curious as to why I was perched so carefully on his feet. “This, my darling, is one of the oldest dances to date. This is called a waltz,” he said, smiling his Grandpa smile. He dipped me back and I laughed, carefree.

» Posted By Halle On 06.20.2010 @ 12:07 pm


Slash! Whip! One by one, flesh is teared. All because of skin pigment. Environment adaptation. All this, just because they wanted a better life. They tried to revolt.

» Posted By Halle On 06.19.2010 @ 5:12 pm

Amanda was lost. She was confused, and undecided. Who am I to go against my own family?

» Posted By Halle On 06.19.2010 @ 4:59 pm


extremely cold. that day, i had to wear ear muffs just to keep my ears all in one piece. i met them on the ski lift. my breath was freezing the air around me. they took one look at my ski outfit, purple and blue with pink stripes, and laughed. “Marna,” they said, “Oh Marna, where ever did you find such a quaint and silly outfit? Now, gt changed and meet us in what you actually brought.” I left to get changed, knowing I could never return, knowing my ski outfit would never measure up, knowing I would never measure up.

» Posted By halle On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am


I have no idea what I’ll be doing for college. What my major will be, my minor. Where I’ll go, with who, how far away from home. Right now, I just want to sleep until I graduate, with nothing to worry about. No homework, nothing. Just sleep. No stress. I’m scared to leave home. I am safe here. Not in the real world.

» Posted By Halle On 01.15.2010 @ 8:46 pm


The sunlight draped over the kitchen on this warm August day as she poured a glass of lemonade for her husband cutting the grass. She smiled and wiped her hands on her floral apron. She was happy with him and with her life. She picked up the glass and headed into the backtard.

» Posted By Halle On 01.18.2010 @ 6:12 pm



» Posted By Halle On 02.08.2010 @ 12:32 pm

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