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I don’t know what elegance means but I am going to guess that is means like preaty so I will use it in a sentence. My dress is very elegance then everybodyelses. My dog is very elegance with her shiny fur.

» Posted By Hailie On 10.16.2014 @ 5:36 am


Montage’s are fantastic. In movies I like it when they are there. Montage’s usually have music along with them and it shows good or bad times. Bella swan had a Montague when Edward left her she just sat in that chair.

» Posted By Hailie On 06.07.2013 @ 10:42 am


I really don’t like sports for no reason at all. Markus talks about sports all the time, he really likes the team Auburn. I don’t see why people obsess about sports, they’re not an important factor to everyday life. If more people would go outside instead of watching sports on the television I think the world would be a much better place. Sports are in every city and every country.

» Posted By Hailie On 01.17.2011 @ 1:31 pm


This kind of sounds like transpose which I recently found out meant rewriting a musical composition for another instrument. I found this amusing since that is not what the boy did where I read it. I also found it on stumbleupon which has transported me here
Transport reminds me of aliens.

» Posted By Hailie On 12.01.2010 @ 6:43 pm


One day while riding my bike, I was observing the road and noticed a speed bump. As soon as I hit it, i was PROPELLED forward and splattered across the road in quite a mess. Needless to say, it was awhile before I got back on my bike again.

» Posted By Hailie On 04.18.2010 @ 1:39 pm


Labor unions suck because they help people who want to be helped but they lack social structure. They like to corrupt the everyday good hardworking person. Labor in general is a driving force for everything in the world, including social and political affairs.

» Posted By Hailie On 03.10.2010 @ 9:47 pm

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