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Again. Can i get a differenet word? Perhaps this is a pawn itself. Only giving one word to use and then some will dfine it, some will tell sotries as I did perviously. And now I can not type correctly. If other words are given because of purchase i choose nah. no jose. no.

» Posted By HEY On 02.13.2017 @ 9:38 pm

I was wondering around the pawn shop looking for my missing piece. Could it be they lost it and some wander in the street found it? Browzing through the sets of glass and plastic. There is stood. My missing piece. An old leg.

» Posted By HEY On 02.13.2017 @ 9:35 pm


There are wasted buildings on the outskirts, collapsed like a chest caved in. There was life in there, there was hope, there was loveliness. There is debris, there is rubble, there is despondency.

» Posted By hey On 08.26.2016 @ 5:39 pm


Everyday is the beginning of something. You wake up and begin your day, but then it slowly comes to an end. Remember every beginning comes with an ending.

» Posted By Hey On 01.12.2016 @ 12:05 pm


Luxury. It’s a word that Could mean different things. Like one man’s trash is another man’s gold, it could be the same way for luxury. Kids see luxury as sweets and chocolates but adults see it as money.

» Posted By hey On 06.18.2015 @ 8:41 am


i knew somebody, they use to mean everything to me. they still do but they are no longer in my life. they once were my everything. The heart within me. My heart was within them. I was kiss that somebody lips. One shared moments with that somebody. Once felt ever touch from that somebody. a

» Posted By hey On 11.13.2012 @ 1:46 am


Whether or not i will believe on your statemente, the truth in your acusations, the dishonesty of you look. Whether or not i will ever be able to love you again, to hold you again without disspair

» Posted By hey On 09.05.2012 @ 9:40 pm


I get the chills when i see Andrew Garfield’s face oh my oh my that boy is the most perfect thing to ever walk the planet.

» Posted By hey On 06.30.2012 @ 10:49 pm


everyone has a belief, some are right while some are wrong, how to find which one is right which one s wrong it is impossible. each belief has it’s own position and it’s own righteousness and telling which is wrong is not right.

» Posted By hey On 03.12.2012 @ 5:32 pm


how to show someone something,

if you separate it, demon…reminds me of the devil. and that aint good. stration…like menstruation…so devil and periods. that sucks hard. especially periods.

and demonstrating something when you arent comfortable about it aint fun at all. soo its the devils work and causes periods. i hate it.

» Posted By hey On 03.07.2012 @ 6:53 pm

I demonstrated my ability to perform CPR on the hot guy that collapsed of heat stroke during the lacrosse game. Now he is my boyfriend. He gave me his Crabs lacrosse sweatshirt CHICKA CHICKA YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

» Posted By hey On 03.07.2012 @ 4:29 pm


Scout like from To Kill a Mockingbird she was the only one who could see right and wrong but yet she was also the youngest! Funny how that works out. It makes me believe in reincarnation and the idea of souls. Scout was an old soul.

» Posted By Hey On 10.14.2011 @ 7:55 pm


Dude, my room is totally brick. It’s brick as shit. Apparently brick means “cold and windy” in black guy speak, or so my black friends tell me. It’s not something I’ve ever really understood. A bit like the whole “OD” thing; “yo, that’s OD!” Not sure what else to write . . .

» Posted By hey On 08.09.2011 @ 5:22 am


i thnik beliefs can destroy a person or save them it all depends on who you ate of course. but whatever. i love to believe that one day i willl be a better person but i also like to believe i am a better person. i like to belive i dont need god to save me and that i can do just fine on my own who cares.

» Posted By hey On 06.18.2011 @ 10:42 pm


sex hostility violence it over comes you like the fear burning in your soul of the unknown only inches from your face. You can’t breathe, the darkness suffocates your thoughts with hate and discontent. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

» Posted By Hey On 02.02.2011 @ 2:58 pm


its quite treacherous to judge people… It’s also quite scary… does everything scare me…. That’s quite boring and wrong… And sad… I should be less scared about every freaking damn thing…

» Posted By hey On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am


on to the big buildings that have become one with the lord. keep everything in sight of what you have decided to lay hands upon. You’re sick and can’t be meddled with and that is why we must kill you tonight. goodbye

» Posted By hey On 01.11.2010 @ 1:37 pm


when i think of flavor, i think of starburst. i havent had one in almost a year and i remember when i ate them, the flavor just burst into my mouth and the taste was so good. i love starburst :)

» Posted By hey On 01.07.2010 @ 12:23 pm


I don’t live here. Sometimes I see people I once knew. They never met me. They never cared. I always wanted to hug them. And it would be okay if they didn’t hug me back. But now they’re here. Too late.

» Posted By Hey On 11.13.2009 @ 4:17 pm


let love in, let love be, let life go it’s own way.

» Posted By HEY On 10.06.2009 @ 9:44 am

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