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He’d imagined his death a thousand times.
But none was so cruel as the one he dwelled on most: a lifetime spent living the hardest of truths. Reminders of divides is he who lives the most deprived of the contact and affection he derides. Any plot he decides is better than none at all. Except it’s not. And therein lies the cruelty.

Thus he would plunge whatever of himself remains into that dream more times than he could bear to admit if it meant just one more moment with his marked intentions.

» Posted By Gray On 07.24.2018 @ 9:03 am


I swerved my car to the far right as fast as I could to avoid the careening truck. It wasn’t enough and the sound of crushing metal filled my ears as I was jolted forward. Oh god was I dead? No I was in pain I couldn’t have been.

» Posted By Gray On 12.31.2013 @ 11:55 am


The dings that marked the arrival of the elevator sounded, the mechanical doors screeching as they opened. She looked remorseful if only for a second before stepping in.
“This is it.” Her words left a terrible taste on my tongue. I would never see her again and that tore my heart in two, and even if I were to ever see her it would not be the same. She would be with some one else, someone who would make her happier then I ever could, and while it hurt, I knew it was for the best.

» Posted By Gray On 12.30.2013 @ 10:45 pm


BOOM! That’s warfare for you. You don’t know what hit you. That’s what makes you the most interesting. You can sit, and talk, and rant, and chat with almost everyone that you mean, usually in a stained wooden chair with a stiff back. And having gone through warfare, you will find that your listeners will be intrigued. It is not a casual conversation, they will have been through it to. Never fret, they will listen. Ears or not.

» Posted By Gray On 10.17.2011 @ 7:57 am


It wasn’t severe enough. I thought the cut had gone way more than skin deep. Turns out Jake was surviving, and surviving easy. I wouldn’t have guessed that from a blade so sharp and so long, I could have just nicked him. Second time’s a charm, and I had been preparing for this moment for months.

» Posted By Gray On 04.14.2011 @ 7:10 am


Success means achieving your potential. Making the most of what we’re given and fulfilling the potential that God has given us. It won’t be equal across the board, across humanity, but giving everything you have and maximizing your talents is the key to success.

» Posted By Gray On 04.05.2011 @ 7:49 am


when you mean something exactly how it is, or one certin even with out any other information on the side. you want the main part of something. i guess.

» Posted By gray On 03.02.2011 @ 2:33 pm


You deserved the black stem pointing at your lips
You deserved the On button switched.
You deserved knees bent below your hips.
You deserved the twitch.

» Posted By Gray On 02.14.2011 @ 6:47 am


That’s just disgusting. And disturbing. There should be a new word to describe both feelings. Disgurbing.

The armies of them all are calling. They’re yelling at your shoes to hurry and you can barely straighten your tie.

» Posted By Gray On 02.11.2011 @ 7:45 am


Being secure is hard to come by. When you feel the security and safety of someone’s arms stay there, don’t move. You’ll lose it quick.

» Posted By Gray On 07.11.2010 @ 9:57 pm


Living a life as a child, no real friends around. They all say I’m not good enough for them, they cast me aside like I’m a piece of trash. But I know who my real friends are. I know who really cares about me. And while some may say they’re not real, they don’t have what we call “feelings”, to me they’re everything – they’re my dolls.

» Posted By Gray On 04.27.2010 @ 7:32 pm


Grapes are heavy, pulsing in the sunlight. They are the beginning of change. If you leave them there, under the harsh light, they will shrivel and become concentrated, but still palatable. If you take them down, crush them, concentrate them, ferment them, they become the source of so many decisions. They alter the mind, allow you to spend hours in the company of the forbidden. And not care. You do care, when you get home, but not until then.
Which path do I take? Do I want to become a small, shriveled ingredient, or do I allow myself to be completely altered in state, and in turn alter the states of those around me? I have already fallen off the vine. And I feel the crush, and I embrace it.
N – you’ve brought me to this.

» Posted By Gray On 01.17.2009 @ 7:53 am


Where the sidewalk ends by shel silverstein. I loved this book as a child. This word also brings bad memories of falling and getting hurt as a kid on the sidewalk. Also, someone getting their teeth knocked out on the edge of the curb. Overall not a good word.

» Posted By Gray On 12.12.2008 @ 12:16 pm


like a bird, cloud, feather. Floating over the dreams of the looker the seer, the thinker. Beautiful, yet awkward. Impossible. Defying gravity, and staring at you whether it be a person, object or creative thought.

» Posted By gray On 12.02.2008 @ 12:55 pm


My Habitat, Shops, Uncomprimising paople, Violence, Regret, Lovelesnesss, What a place to live! I wish i was a badger.They know what lifes all about. I love you all and noone is above or below me. :-) Peace.

» Posted By gray On 08.24.2009 @ 3:35 pm


hidden is what happens when you are scared and hide from people it is what happens when you hide from yourself. it means to remain invisible or unseen. Being hidden is a bad thing because it means both good and bad people can’t see you or find you.

» Posted By Gray On 05.01.2008 @ 7:14 am


surrender the little self to spirit. stop the ego from directing our actions, instead we open our hearts to spirit and be directed from within, for the good of all.

» Posted By gray On 12.07.2009 @ 8:42 am


The tree of christmas. The smell of needles in the crisp snow is all that fills the air. The prick of one of the ends on the tips of your finger as you make an attempt to bottle that aroma of green. The forest is imminent and the charactersistics of the weather are all that you can think of. Pine is the word that flashes before your eyes and that’s all you are able to focus on.

» Posted By Gray On 12.15.2009 @ 6:19 am


It is the building block of existence, without the triangle there would be no planes, no dimensions. It is what is required pinpoint a location. It is also the primary symbol of inner and outer being, being the first form that allows for inner and outer space. To have 4 points is to have one too many, that is to say to be a heap, to begin again, to enter into excess.

» Posted By gray On 03.01.2010 @ 10:47 pm


I will just clip along typing random thoughts

» Posted By gray On 11.01.2009 @ 4:30 pm


thinking about what to write i really don’t know what aspect of the topic i want to take. i don’t like this word.

» Posted By gray On 10.22.2009 @ 9:35 pm

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