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Thomas had no sense of humor — Uncle Joe said it first. Then it went on to Aunt Esther and Cousin Brian and finally to mother. But the 13-year-old boy took it astride. He would go to school and play baseball just like the others; however, afterward, he’d dance ballet.

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Teresa didn’t have a major yet. She looked over her schedule once more — biting down on the tip of her index finger.

No, I can’t choose that, it just doesn’t seem right, she mused.

The clock ticked away on the wall.

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The spot stared at me; its color light at the edges, but darker in the middle. I wish I hadn’t had that last bottle of wine before dozing off to sleep — yet the evidence was there. It must have been one wild party, I thought. All I remembered was stumbling through the door, laughing raucously, with Tom and John holding me up. My stomach twisted: nausea. And I was on the verge of hurling.

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The spot grew wider and wider and stronger winds swept through it, blowing over plastic cups on the table, toppling them over, and rolling them across the floor. The kitchen kettle whistled. But the spot now turned into a hole, threatening to cover the entire living room wall like a cancer; and the lights, dangling from the ceiling, swung to and fro; the wires close to snapping.

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The cloud burst and torrents of rain came crashing down, droplets exploding on impact with the sharp blades of grass. As for the others, they came in contact with wood, concrete, umbrellas, and the human head as the students ran for cover. It smelt moist and the air was heavy.

Sarah panted, head down, jogging and making sure not to bump into anyone. The brick building came into view.

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The confusion swept over the crowd as a small din of murmuring issued forth and lights flashed, then it turned into yelling, and the smoke began to clear. A looming figure, great in size, stood in the distance. In addition to its red eyes and jagged teeth, it took an inhale that sounded like hissing as it surveyed the townspeople who pointed and stayed frozen to the spot.

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The tower rose high into the air as the thunder and lightning went on with its chorus. But the townsfolk were afraid of it — ever since it was constructed fifteen years ago — and wouldn’t dare walk past it. They would just find an alternative route because of the fear of bad luck happening to them, and then there were those who thought that even taking a glance at the glass windows that imitated the environmental surroundings would shatter, and the shards would cause an unfortunate death.

But not for Thomas. He scoffed every time he heard a hushed utterance, a wives tale, or an exaggeration from the respectful and pious people; even if they meant well, it wasn’t enough to make them stop looking stupid to outsiders.

One April, the mayor of Bloomsberg: Michael Keaton, visited to make an offer to Mayor Bill Gatson for produce and was astounded by the peoples’ behavior. An old lady upon seeing the good-nature man, gasped, and quickly rushed across the street to give him advice on avoiding 5th and Main.

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The ship tossed back and forth on the sea as it ragged in fury, and the crew ran, struggling, to get into position. Captain McDrew yelled out orders. But Perry, who was in the crows nest, had trouble hearing and tilted his head down as much of his neck would allow without falling. The only thing that reach his ear was the shrill cry of the wind and thunder in the distance.

Yet the captain, standing with his feet firmly planted, looked about him at his men; some were getting tossed across the deck and others gripped onto something steady. But the water crashed, leaped, and pounded against all sides; and the salty foam sprayed everyone in the face.

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The shift ended, and I was so relieved. Now I could go home, relax, finish up some things before tomorrow and check my voice mail. Work was really starting to get to me: I think my hair is starting to fall out. But no matter — a toupee has caught my eye for the last month or so. You can’t go wrong with that.

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I hung the coat out to dry as the smell of burnt firewood drifted throughout the house, and the sound of the tea kettle going off made my stomach growl. It was around lunch time. And I was finished chopping the rest of the trees. So I walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa, picked up the remote, and flipped through the channels.

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There wasn’t any discreet information left. The public now had access to everything: mass communication: newspapers, internet, t.v. — nothing was hidden anymore. But the animals feared this new uprising. If humans were able to do this, there was now no stopping them from destroying their habitat.

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The clasp came unloose. But the lid was still on tight, which was only what Karen was concerned about. However, its contents were valuable. Nobody within the house was allowed to look at them; they weren’t dangerous, but it could harm someone if it was in the wrong hands; this including family members with good intentions.

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As Aurthur stood looking out the window, the timer went off. He reached for the lid of the washing machine and opened it: all of his clothes were now damp, heavy and bundled up.

“I wish Margret was here to fold clothes.” he grumbled.

But she was away to go and talk to her friend, Betty, over flower arrangements for a wedding on Thursday at the Harrisons.

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I looked at the pamphlet again to make sure I read the sentence correctly — yup, it had the word cello. And I didn’t have that much understanding of the word, whether it was an instrument or a type of Styrofoam. So I turned it upside down and scratched my head.

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The slipper slid on Sal’s foot as she reached for the doorknob to go take a walk outside. But many would wonder why. So I’ll go ahead and tell you: she wanted to get away from the craziness of the day.

“Sal!” her father called out. “Where are you going?”


“Make sure you buy a cartoon of milk.”

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The slipper slid on Sal’s foot as she reached for the doorknob to go take a walk outside. But many would wonder why. So I’ll go ahead and tell you: she wanted to get away from the craziness of the day.

“Sal!” her father called out. “Where are you going?”


“Make sure you buy a cartoon of milk.”

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Pumpkin Pie, what next? I thought. It was Saturday, and my aunt invited me over for dinner — I never could turn that down. So I dropped everything planned for the day; took some time off and spent it with family.

Believe me, I loved them with all of my heart. But sometimes they annoyed me to no end, especially Uncle Fester. His jokes were off color and at time upsetting…only a WWII vet could posses it. Then there was Jared, my little cousin, who would rattle on with his fascination of monster trucks.

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I don’t like giving cards away

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The kids loved sugar. Pouring it in great amounts over a pile of cereal that they decided just wasn’t sweet enough, despite the objecting of their parents. Afterward the stomach ache would come, but was well worth it; and the high was equal to none in their little minds.

Just that morning, Jimmy was giving himself a generous helping before his mother screamed, “That’s enough!”

He pouted. “But mom, it’s nasty.”

“You’ll eat it, and you’ll like it.”

There wasn’t any arguing with her. So he stopped and began eating.

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“Acting” yelled Mr. Dupue to the drama class, “is what we’re strive for!”

Some of the students jumped from the roar of his voice as his mouth curled into a grin, and he leaned on the podium.

“Make them come alive people

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Growing up, I knew I wanted to do acting, not in Broadway, no, but in Hollywood. As soon as opportunity knocked, I was going to grab it and run with it. But I needed money to do so. I went and got a newspaper, browsing the classified ads.

“Perhaps a stand in?” I said to myself, scratching my head.

Then I shook it. “A double or an extra.”

I picked up my piece of toast that sat next to me on the kitchen table. And the smell of strawberries and apricot filled the room from the open jam jar.

The phone rang.

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I walked through the mall, looking at the different displays in the window and decided to go to the food court to get a snack. With my virtual hologram on, nobody would know that I wasn’t human. If anyone saw how I looked in real life, they would freak out; and it has happened before, back when I was fighting Henry VI as a solider. An enemy hit me in my neck with the butt of his rifle causing me to loose concentration, and my disguise flickered on and off. The man was petrified.

What stood in my place was an android

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Virtual reality was a vision back in the 20th century, but don’t be fooled — I believed it was dreamed up by the forefathers such as Issac Newton and Aristotle, but they dared not utter them. Plato wrote down his deepest desires of a far-off land were information and people connect. Or at least, I get that hunch from grandpa’s stories; his narrative style was just so interesting.

I once again flipped through his journal. The pages turned yellow and there were several rips and tears. But the words legible.

I cleared my throat, read aloud a passage that I found useful, stopped, reflected and continued.

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I held the ice-cream cone in my hand as I sat on the park bench watching the children play near the swings and slide. The heat beat down upon my head which was covered by a straw hat. And my feet were clad in sandals.

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As the horses galloped from the ranch house, storm clouds began to blot out the sun, and the chickens caused a commotion with their clucking. A cloud of dust formed under their feet. As wings flapped, Farmer Williams burst from the back door.

He had a gun in hand.

“Darn wolves keep coming on my property and eating my livestock.” he said, cocking his gun. “Not today, no sir. They’ll have a bullet waiting for them.”

Just then, his wife came to his side.

“What’s the matter, Scott?”

“Them wolves. They were here an half an hour ago starting trouble.”

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The horses galloped through the open prairie towards the lake as their hooves struck the lush, grass and their nostrils flared. And the wind swept past their manes. But the leader, Thunderbolt, had other plans then to take the straight way. He turned to the right. Those who were behind began to wonder what was wrong.

“Where are you going?” called out one.

The leader didn’t respond; there was no time to with being in the moment.

His lungs burned, and his tail swished in behind him as the smell of barley hit him.

A young colt looked over at his mother. “Why are we going this way?”

“I don’t know why, honey. Just keep following.”

Up ahead was a small hill and over it was another lake with much sweeter water that the others were unaware of.

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He wrapped the headband around his arm to show solidarity and support for the anti-war march downtown. Since that morning, the news station vans were parked outside at the front and end of the street with cameras in tow, and reporters preparing to go live. That including Bill Russel, who worked for channel 5, fixing his tie and clearing his throat. He already had in mind the basics of the event: college students holding rallies on campus and handing out fliers to march up to Capitol Hill and have their say.

“This is Bill Russel.” he said to himself, practicing.

“Scott, how do I look? Is my hair fine?”

The cameraman gave a thumbs up in approval.

“We’re going live in 3…2…1.”

The tape began to roll.

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I ring the towel around my neck as I walked along the path towards the meadow. It was another hot day. As I approached it’s outskirts, I could hear loud music a ways away, and then, it got closer, and I could see a truck heading my way. Should I panic? I don’t know anyone with that type of truck, nor of that color.

Now it was fifteen feet away and came to a sudden stop. I could see a short male jump out, and a dust cloud engulfed him; it was a good sized one. After it cleared, he ran in my direction.

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I turned the oven on, and walked over to the counter to check the directions again. I’ve never seen anything so complicated in my entire 5-year-old life. Dr. Conrad told me it would be simple, but to adults it always is: they have bigger bodies, and their motor skills are fully developed. While I

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Zeus laughed at the frog who sat on his pedestal. He was always amused by the animals and mortals that lived down in the land. And sometimes, he would leave Mt. Olympus just to visit them. Whenever the mood struck him, he would change his form into a man. Feeling adventurous, perhaps a hunter.

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